How to Take The Doors Off a Jeep?

Do you know why some Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator models have removable doors? Because manufacturers are aware of your urge to feel the warmth of nature. 

Driving a jeep with doors off is a great way to get a sense of being close to nature. These jeeps are built to give you such amazing driving experiences. Furthermore, by removing jeep doors, you will get a number of additional benefits, including improved gas mileage, better appearance, and additional space.

How to take the doors off a jeep?

Before we start, please note that the configuration of the jeep wrangler seldom changes year to year. However, you may have to follow a slightly different procedure for some models while taking doors off jeep wranglers. But the instruments will always be the same.

How to take the doors off a jeep

Instrument Needed

There is no need for an additional accessory. Every model after 2015 usually comes with a jeep toolkit that includes a ratchet and a couple of Torx bits. To demonstrate the detailed procedure, we will use the model JL Jeep Wrangler 2018. This task should take around 25 - 40 minutes to complete and is quite simple.

Instrument Needed

Additional Precautions

Before we get into the detailed procedure, a few precautions must be taken to avoid small mishaps.

  1. Bend the door's mirror down.
  2. Roll down the window of a door.
  3. When using a ratchet, be cautious and concentrate on the ratchet’s head to avoid scratching.

For the removal of the front door, a step-by-step guide is provided below.

Step One (Remove the Bolt)

There are two hinges for each door, and there are two bolts underneath each of the hinges. Let’s start our journey by removing the bolts first. 

Remove the Bolt

Each door has two hinges and two bolts. To remove the bolt from the hinge, we'll use a T50 Torx bit and a ratchet. After you've removed the bolts, make sure to place them in the jeep's storage compartment.

Step Two (Remove the New Bolt)

Our demonstration is on JL Jeep Wrangler 2018. An extra door catch was provided in this model. With other models, this isn't always the case. Our task in this stage is to remove this bolt using the same ratchet but a different T40Torx bit. Since there isn't enough room to store this bolt, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is secure.

Since many other models do not have this extra door catch, this step is not necessary to follow.

Step Three (Disconnect the wiring)

To disconnect the wiring from the door,  unlatch the cover plate that houses the connections. Using the gap behind the panel, pull the cover straight toward you. You will have access to the wearing connection at this point. After pulling the red push pin-up, push the white piece outwards. Now easily remove the wearing connection.

Disconnect the wiring

One small last step is to lift the limiting strap up to remove the strap from the hook. Finally, you are all set to lift up your door. The door weighs roughly 70 to 80 pounds, so if you need assistance, look for someone.

How to take jeep doors off?

Now it's time to remove the back door. The procedure is nearly identical.

How to take jeep doors off
  1. We'll use the same ratchet and a T50 Torx bit to remove the bolt under the door's hinge and a T40 Torx bit to remove the extra bolt from the extra door check.
  2. It's time to take off the cover plate and remove the limiting strape. The technique for removing the cover plate differs from the previous one. Pull the cover plate out from the bottom and push it down. There is a tether that will keep the panel hanging.
  3. Disconnecting the wearing is a lot easier than disconnecting the wearing for the front door. Simply push the tap down and release.
  4. Finally, unhook the entire strap in the same manner as you did for the front door.

You are all set to remove the back doors. Simply grab the handle and pull up. You are all fit; Go out and enjoy nature.

Is it easy to remove Jeep doors?

The removal process might not be as easy as you think. But, since You have available information on the internet and the instruction book that came with the car, removing the jeep's door will be fairly easy for you. On the other hand, you can take help from someone who has already handled the situation.

The entire procedure is simple and takes about 40 minutes. Because the door is heavy, you may require assistance. Make sure you keep the door in a safe place after you've removed it.

Is it legal to take doors off Jeep?

Yes, it is legal, and you can drive your latest jeep wrangler doors off. If it is not, why would the manufacturer add such a feature? However, as a cautious citizen and to avoid unnecessary hassle, it is better to know the latest road and safety laws of your city. In the United States, It is allowed to drive a jeep without doors, but you must have adequate side-view and rear-view mirrors fitted in your doorless jeep.

Is it legal to take doors off Jeep

Because a lack of a side mirror reduces the driver's vision of the road and increases the risk of an accident, a certain number of side mirrors is required. It is important to note that rules vary from place to place, but one thing that is common to every law is that a jeep without doors must have a side-view and rear-view mirror.

How do you take a jeep door off by yourself?

We've already gone through how to remove the doors from your Jeep. There are a few factors that will determine whether you require assistance or can complete the task on your own. If the door is heavy and you are a person who may struggle to lift it, you might need assistance. 

But, since most jeeps have handles and many jeeps have new specially designed grooves, it's easy to hold the door and pull upward on your own.

How do you take a jeep door off by yourself

It is important to be organized while working. You must store the locking pins or the door in a safe place in the back of the car after removing them. It's possible that forgetting this will create problems. You can accomplish it on your own if you are not the type of person who forgets everything.

Do All Jeeps Have Removable Doors?

No, absolutely not. The purpose of a jeep without a door differs from that of a jeep with a door. Normally, a jeep with a door is more likely used on the usual road, whereas a jeep without a door is used for off-roading experiences. 

Do All Jeeps Have Removable Doors?

Also, vehicles with open doors are more likely to be involved in an accident. These reasons suggest that all jeeps should not have removable doors. And in fact, Only the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator have doors that can be removed.

Benefits of Doorless Jeep

  • Front doors typically weigh roughly 70 pounds, while back doors typically weigh around 45 pounds. Removing all of these doors will save a total of 350 pounds, and since removing 100 pounds improves fuel economy by more than 1%, removing 350 pounds will improve fuel efficiency by more than 5%.
  • By removing doors, you can create room for more weight. Now you can add back extra 350 pounds to your vehicle.
  • Great Off-Roading Experience.
  • Can be customized easily.
Benefits of Doorless Jeep


We've covered every detail about how to remove doors from a jeep in this article, as well as a few related questions that will aid you in analyzing other associated parts of the topic. 

The feeling of driving a Jeep without doors is incredible, but you must be aware of the mirror glass laws. That's all, be sure to follow these simple steps, and you will be on your way in no time!

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