Should You Paint Your Jeep Wrangler? How Much Does It Cost?

Painting a Jeep Wrangler changes the outlook of your vehicle and gives it your style and look. Jeep Wrangler is such a vehicle that allows maximum modifications to be made in it without affecting its price or worth. A Jeep owner has the opportunity to bring maximum changes in his vehicle, including modifications in its tire, lifting it, or painting it differently.

The quality of modification, however, depends upon the money you spend on it. Having your Jeep Wrangler painted is a good idea, but the main question that arises is how much does it cost to paint a Jeep Wrangler? The price of painting your Jeep depends upon many factors, such as the brand of paint you are using, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a technician, and the area of Jeep you want to cover.

Selecting the right type of paint

An average paint price range is from 2000 to 50000 dollars. It varies depending upon the type of paint and desired area of the Jeep to be painted. The price can be high or low, depending upon the process. A general estimate of the total cost price, however, can be made. Firstly, the price depends upon the paint you choose, the company and the type of paint. The number of coats you do also matter. 

While purchasing a paint, you need to consider exactly which color do you want and whether it suits your vehicle or not. Honestly, jeep wranglers look good in all colors. The next important thing is to measure the desired area for paint in square feet. It would give you the exact idea of how much paint you would require and what it would be its price.

right type of paint

Also, keep in mind that the coverage area is highly dependent upon the type and body of your Jeep. If it has a hardtop, it’s per square foot area would be different, and if it has a soft top, its area would be different and vice versa.

Selecting the perfect location 

The next step is to select the place which you think is best to get your paint job done. You should check online your nearby workshops that offer paint jobs. Choosing the right type of service station for getting your paint job done would get you satisfactory results. Having an experienced technician for the job will help get the work done perfectly with the best advice about the type of paint and number of coats you should have.

perfect location

Calculating the paint area

With jeeps, it is much easier to determine the paint area. There is a simple mathematical calculation. Generally, if we say that 100 square feet area of the vehicle is covered by one quart and you need two coatings of paint done, then the number of quarts needed for the total paint job will be 6 quarts. So, you can multiply this number likewise and get your paint job done.

Calculating the paint area

Selecting the perfect paint kit 

Other than paint, there are many other things that you need like sandpaper, body filler, and film or tape. So, these things come in handy when selecting the right type of paint kit for the paint job. A polyurethane kit is suitable because they have nearly everything that you might need in a single kit. For painting the different body parts of the Jeep, you can use a coating of the truck bed.

For a more long-lasting and durable paint style on your Jeep, a lacquer kit is extremely helpful. If you want a quick color change, the plasti dip kit aids it. It has the great feature of being easily removed with the help of alcohol wipes.

Selecting the perfect paint kit

If you are using a paint gun for painting your whole vehicle, then using the proper kind of kit can help you in distributing the paint equally throughout your metallic Jeep body. The cost price is different with every get, and a good quality kit costs you from 200 to 500 dollars.

Labor cost

The other important decision that you want to make while you are getting your Jeep Wrangler painted is that whether you want to paint the vehicle yourself and save yourself the labor cost. But if you are hiring a professional expert for this purpose, he would charge according to the total number of hours required for this process.

This process ranges from ten to forty hours, depending upon the type and coat of paint you require. The label price depends upon every technician and service station, so a general estimate is about 1500 to $2500.

Labor cost

However, there is a simple tip by which you can save your money through your paint job. If you have created some unique color or chosen a contemporary color, you can sell the leftover paint and save your dollars. A thorough cleaning is required before you do the actual paint job, so if you do the cleaning process yourself scratching out mud from your vehicle body and wiping it clean. You can save your cleaning charges.

What is the need of painting your jeep wrangler?

Before estimating how much does it cost to paint a Jeep Wrangler, another question that arises is what is actually the need to paint your jeep wrangler? Other than your desired look to the vehicle, what good will it do? Well, there are many other reasons why painting your Jeep is helpful.

Other than giving it your desired look, it gives the Jeep and gives it a new look. Paint coats also help to protect the metallic surface of the vehicle by protecting it from rust and damage. Jeep Wrangler, if maintained properly, can run successfully for more than ten years. So, paint is required as a part of the maintenance of the Jeep Wrangler.

painting your jeep wrangler

A thorough cleaning is done before painting your vehicle, which saves the Jeep from the damage that occurs due to accumulated dirt and dust. It also gives your Jeep a unique and stylish look.

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