Scraping a Jeep; is it Really Worth it?

Whenever you hear about scrapping a jeep first picture that comes to mind is a worn-off jeep with its metallic body being d-shaped, doors hanging from the hinges, and a rusty vehicle. But it is not the case, and people who don't want a specific car or a jeep can give it off to a scrapyard.

Scrap vehicles are not always rusty and worn off. Sometimes vehicles in good condition are not liked by users as they need proper maintenance, and you don't want to spend money on it. So instead of giving the vehicle away for nothing, you can consider scrapping it and getting money out of it.

The question of how much you can get for scrapping a jeep depends upon the condition of your jeep. Most scrapyards are ready to pay you a good price if your vehicle is in good condition or needs some modifications to work properly. Certain calculations can estimate how much you can get from your jeep.

The fact that why scrapyards are ready to page for your demolished vehicle depends upon their work. The junkyards use all the metallic parts of the vehicle that can be reused or recycled and sell them at cheap prices. The more beneficial your jeep would be in terms of metallic parts, the more they would pay you. These parts are purchased by people who want to make some modifications to their jeeps, so they have a demand in the market.

How to calculate the earnings from scraping a Jeep?

If you are interested in getting some money from scraping your jeep and make sure that the scrapyard is paying you the right amount for your vehicle, you need to do some research and calculations. The most important thing in a vehicle that is profitable is the metallic parts.

Junkyards pay you for scrapping the vehicle depending upon the quality and weightage of the metal parts present in the jeep. To access how much you can save, you need to check the metal prices and make a rough spreadsheet of the total metallic components with their respective prices.

Calculate the earnings from scraping a Jeep

The other step you can adopt is to check the metal sale prices in the market. You can conduct online research with the aid of many phone apps and online markets to check that you are not wasting your vehicle for nothing. Moreover, it is essential to contact the junk buyer to get an exact idea of how much he would pay you.

Making a quick decision

If you don't want to keep a vehicle or don't want to spend any money on its maintenance, you should get your vehicle sold out for scraping. If the metallic parts are strong enough and you feel that a good remodeling can make your vehicle drive-able, then it is better to sell it right now for some money.

calculate the earnings from scraping a Jeep

The more you wait, the less valuable your vehicle would become. Once the deterioration process has started with the metallic components, they become prone to damage and get worn off quickly. So it is better to earn money out of it rather than wasting it in your storeroom.

Checking the vehicle condition

The third thing you must check is the working condition of your vehicle. If you haven't driven your vehicle for many years, it does not mean that it cannot be driven. Before selling it away for nothing, it is better to check whether it can be modified to working condition.

Junkyard workers are very peculiar about the vehicles that can be fixed. These vehicles are generally sold at a handsome amount, so make sure you get your fair share of it. If your vehicle is in working condition, then you would get some extra dollars other than the scrap value.

scraping a Jeep

Besides the driving condition, you should check for parts that can be sold separately or are new. Sometimes the wheels are in good quality and the new tires that you installed are still working. You can remove and sell them separately to estimate their price with the scrapyard worker.

Estimating the price yourself

Sometimes the junk buyers respond to your description that they would examine the vehicle before taking it away and decide a price with you. It is quite possible that they would pay you very little compared to the vehicle's justified price.

Checking the vehicle condition

To avoid this condition, you should be aware of the worth of your vehicle. Depending upon the condition of the vehicle's metal and other components, you should estimate the price and stick to it. If you know how much your vehicle is worth, you will get the right amount from it.

Is the size of the vehicle important?

The size of the vehicle is a determinant of how much you would be able to get from it. The price of scraping a Jeep is dependent 80% on the metal components in it and their quality. More than 50% of the car or jeep is composed of metal, and the larger your vehicle is, the more metal it would have and more price, respectively.

There are different metal components such as steel, aluminum, iron, or copper in your vehicle. So, you need to calculate the price for each metal and then make an average of it to get the exact idea of how much your vehicle is worth depending upon the weightage of metal in it.

a Jeep size

With high vehicles such as jeeps, Jeep Wrangler, or trucks, the price would be high as compared to smaller vehicles such as cars. The average price for scraping a vehicle is between 150 to 300 dollars. However, this price may vary depending upon the condition of your vehicle and its size.


So, rather than giving your valuable vehicle away for nothing or settling for the price given by the junk buyer, it is better that you make your calculations to get the right sum of money from your vehicle. You can also use online scrap calculators for your help.

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