Key Advantages

The LPS Thorium Generator systems is a one-of-a-kind technology whose design can be adopted to just about any application including transportation, cars, aircraft… and is totally safe, green emissions free, scalable from 5 kw to 100 Mw output at a significantly reduced cost to build less than $200,000 per megawatt!!! LPS systems are designed to small (ONE 2.5 megawatt units is no larger than a refrigerator) there for can be place at the end user or local to the end user eliminating massive infrastructural costs, and at an operating cost of under .05 per kw once a manufacturing plant (system) is built less than 18 months systems can be mass produced at the rate of 1000s per week.

Interestingly, its proliferation resistance is the reason why thorium was not selected as the nuclear fuel of choice in the early mid-20th century, when the US and the former Soviet Union developed the first generation nuclear reactors. A 1997 international scientific symposium reported as much when it concluded that the principal reason thorium had not been used more widely to date is that the ore contains no fissile isotope. In other words, because it was harder to make bombs from thorium, thorium technologies were not developed aggressively.