Jeep Wrangler Models That You Should Avoid

For off-road adventures, a jeep wrangler is probably one of the best and most suitable vehicles. It is due to the reason that they provide the most excellent features to cope up with all terrains. But a common question that arises while you go for purchasing a jeep wrangler is what are the bad years for jeep wrangler?

Yes, though the jeep wranglers are highly suitable for driving both on and off-road, there are a few models that have some technical faults recorded, so you should think prior to investing money in them. The three common models that have significant issues making them the worst choice for buyers are 2012, 2007, and 2008 models, respectively.

If we look at the ranking, the 2012 jeep wrangler is the model which is an imperfect choice for the buyers. When it comes to durability and reliability, jeep wranglers are undoubtedly the perfect choice for off-road adventure out there, with the exception of a few models.

The jeep wrangler 2007

The most common problems with the jeep wrangler 2007 that 80 percent of the users face are the vibrating steering, brakes issues, and engine failures. These issues are definitely unavoidable and cannot be left without resolving.

This dramatically decreased the popularity of the jeep wrangler 2007 among the buyers worldwide. To fix a new jeep having these issues, the average cost price is between 5000 to 6000 dollars. It is a common problem reported by many users even to date that 2007 model jeep wranglers are good on-road and are safe, but while you choose it for off-road terrains, its performance is pathetic.

jeep wrangler 2007

It is a preferable choice for those who want a jeep kind vehicle for safe on-road driving. It is a loud vehicle, as expected in most of the jeep models above 2010. But according to the specifications that it offers, that it is one of the best off-road vehicles is not fulfilled with this model.

Users interested in purchasing a decent on-road jeep have a large space for choosing the right type of comfort and interior or exterior designs with specific seat and window styles. But on-road drivers also faced this issue of vibrating steering and engine failure.

The jeep wrangler 2008

The jeep wrangler 2008 is notoriously famous for many issues, the most common being it extremely loud even when driving on or off-road. Also, the company failed to solve many issues that occurred with the jeep wrangler's previous model, 2007. The engine needed an overall treatment or replacement with the jeep wrangler model 2008.

While you categorize a vehicle according to its driving abilities, the first thing to consider is its engine capacity, stability, and noise of the vehicle. The jeep wrangler 2008 can exclusively be classified as the worst models for producing sounds both on smooth as well as bumpy roads.

jeep wrangler 2008

Even if you do not have noise issues, the off-road problems it has cannot be ignored. But thankfully, these issues were resolved by the jeep companies in their later models. The fact that jeep wranglers are most preferable for their smooth functions and off-road terrains cannot be, however, denied.

The jeep wrangler 2012

In terms of reliability, stability, and comfort, the jeep wrangler 2012 is considered the worst ever vehicle. It became highly infamous, and many complaints were made by the jeep users regarding its performance and control.

The commonly recorded issue with the jeep wrangler is its engine overheating. Maybe it is due to the radiator not working properly. Some users, however, consider these problems as unnecessary for complaints and fixable at low costs. But then who wants to treat a new jeep wrangler.

jeep wrangler 2012

Other than that, the airbag issues are also recorded with reference to its security which is a serious issue regarding the safety of individuals who drive it. Various problems were also reported proving the jeep wrangler to be a complete failure.

The jeep wrangler models from 1997 to 2000

The model for jeep wranglers from 1997 to 2000 were the oldest and reported many problems differing in their nature. The first question that arises is about their durability and lifetime. The second common issue is with their repair and remodeling. The process is very costly, so you should think carefully before getting a new one.

jeep wrangler models 2000

Leaking seals is one of the most common issues that occur in these models. It is because of the faulty and low-quality bolts that cannot be fixed properly in the axle. Some issues with the fuel pump seals are also very noticeable with these. Due to it being faulty, the air pressure it absorbs is high, so the system fuel pump experiences many issues.

Malfunctioning in gauge occurs due to the steering column being exposed to the extreme temperature being highly unstable, sometimes extremely high, and sometimes extremely low. It is due to some flaws in the design of the jeep engine.

Fuel tank issues are the most common issues that every buyer of these jeep models needs to get fixed. Fuel leaks out of the gas tank because of some external leakage or cracks in the fuel tank. Various problems like broken seals, property damage, and fuel tank failures are common in all these models of jeep wranglers.

jeep wrangler models from 1997

In 1998 models of jeep wranglers, allegations were made on the looks of the jeep. Leakage was also experienced in the top covers of the jeep models. It looked like an enclosed box with the front side bulging out, whereas the rear side being highly packed in a small space.

What to look for before purchasing a jeep wrangler?

So, before purchasing a jeep wrangler, you should be able to differentiate between good quality working and low-quality non-working models of a jeep wrangler.

a jeep wrangler

It is also very important that you should keep in check the model of the jeep and its features instead of class. The most important feature of a jeep wrangler is its off-road capabilities, so you should check what are the bad years for jeep wrangler.

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