Jeep Wrangler Depreciation – Get To Know In Details

Jeep wrangler depreciates with time, just like any other car. But the rate of depreciation varies from car to car; some cars lose their value a lot faster than others.

So, what’s the Jeep Wrangler depreciation like?

Well, a Jeep Wrangler loses its value at a slower rate than the average car. The ability of this vehicle to retain its value so well lies in its ruggedness, durability, and iconic design. The enduring popularity and ability to take on any terrain contributes to the Wrangler’s ability to retain high value.

In this post, we’ll dig deeper into how America’s ultimate off-road 4x4 machine loses its value, how its depreciation compares to other cars, and so much more.

How much do Jeep Wranglers depreciate?

The Jeep Wrangler is known to hold its value much better than any other vehicle. It gets the top spot on the list of high resale value cars with cars like Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Toyota 4Runner, Honda Ridgeline, Subaru Impreza WRX, and Nissan Frontier ranking below it.

How much do Jeep Wranglers depreciate

But keep in mind that the Jeep Wrangler limited and unlimited models don’t depreciate at the same rate.

This is what the report on cars depreciation says:

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (4-door version) depreciation is 30.9% after 5 years after buying it, according to the report. This is equivalent to a $12,168 value loss. The Jeep Wrangler limited, on the other hand, depreciates at 32.8% after 5 years, which translates to a $10,824 value loss.

From these figures, we can clearly see that the Wrangler can maintain such a high value through a period of five years of driving it.

Jeep Wranglers depreciate

The fact that the average car depreciates 49.6% in a period of 5 years confirms that Wrangler is a special case and will offer you high resale value, even after years of using it.

CarEdge Jeep Wrangler depreciation calculator indicates pretty much the same depreciation rate for jeep Wrangler as the above report. We obtained the following data using the calculator to give you a clear visual image of how the car depreciates.

Jeep wrangler depreciation chart:

Car age (Years)

Depreciation rate























Why don’t jeeps lose their value?

Now that we have seen that a jeep wrangler tops the list of vehicles that tend to retain their value after years of use, you might be wondering what the reason behind this is.

Why don’t jeeps lose their value

Iconic design

Jeep Wranglers are a timeless classic with that iconic shape you won’t find in any other SUV. Even with the manufacturer updating their jeeps every year, they still retain the classic design because they’ve discovered it’s what makes the Jeep a JEEP.

Iconic design

Tough build

Another reason why Jeep Wranglers depreciate slowly is that they’re quality vehicles, made using materials and designs that can’t stand the test of time.

Everybody agrees that wranglers are some of the toughest vehicles in the American market. The vehicle itself looks and fees rugged and durable. It can take on the most challenging off-road trails again and again without sustaining damages.

Tough build

It’s no surprise that Jeep was the most reliable vehicle used by the military to transport soldiers and supplies during world war II.

Great on-road and off-road vehicle

For a vehicle that takes on off-road and normal roads quite well, the jeep wrangler is your perfect choice. Whether you want to plow through snow, crawl rocky terrains, keep you safe on the ice, etc., this is your vehicle!

No vehicle is yet to topple Jeep Wrangler as the king of off-road. It effortlessly tackles the toughest terrains you can think of to give you the authority to reign off-road. You can even take off its top and doors for added outdoor fun.

Great on-road and off-road vehicle

Wrangler will also give you good rides on normal roads. this is the reason many families are going for it as the perfect family SUV car.

Since not many vehicles are versatile enough for daily commute and weekend outdoor adventure, Jeep keeps getting special and its resale value remains high.

Supply vs demand theory

Due to the huge loyal following Jeep Wranglers enjoy, their demand stays consistently high over the years and outstrips the supply.

As a result, these vehicles are limited in number and will definitely enjoy a high resale value. The low supply-high demand means used Wranglers, too, have a high resale value.

How to reduce jeep wrangler depreciation?

While every vehicle is destined to follow the depreciation path, you can put in place some measures to slow the depreciation process and enable your vehicle to retain its value for longer.

How to reduce jeep wrangler depreciation

The tips we have outlined below will help you keep your jeep wrangler value from going down and ensure you get a high resale value.

Keep the miles low

One of the proven methods of keeping your jeep from losing value is putting as few miles as possible on it.

You ought to keep the odometer readings low by avoiding unnecessary driving. If you can keep the number below the yearly average mileage figure, the better.

Keep the miles low

When your car has low mileage, you’ll have no problem selling at a competitive price when the time to sell it comes.

Mods and upgrades

Modifications (mods) and upgrades are a great way to customize your jeep wrangler to improve its performance, drivability, and even looks.

But the problem with making too many permanent upgrades to the interior and exterior of your vehicle is that they can hurt its resale value. As much as possible, stick to the default look of your car.

Mods and upgrades

If you must do mods and upgrades, make sure they’re easily reversible.

Take good care of your car

Another important tip to keep your wrangler value high is making sure you take good care of it. Keep it cleaned both on the inside and outside at all times as a way to prevent damage to some of its parts.

Also, make sure you take your vehicle for routine checkup and maintenance. Have the vehicle get serviced when necessary and be sure to use genuine replacement parts the manufacturer recommends.

One more thing, try as much as possible not to abuse your car. Just because they say it’s rugged and durable doesn’t mean you should torture your jeep wrangler. Don’t be the car owner who tests abuses their jeep Wrangler to prove it's indeed the toughest offroader.

Take good care

Take good care of your jeep wrangler and its value stays high!

PRO TIP: Keep an accurate maintenance report of your vehicle. This will play a big role when you decide to sell your vehicle as it will prove to your potential buyer that your vehicle has had the best care since the day you owned it. A smart buyer will always ask for this crucial document!

Final verdict

Jeep wrangler depreciation is inevitable. But the good thing is that this vehicle depreciates at a much slower rate than the average car. It will hold its value for a long time and you can always sell it at a good price. The good reputation and rugged design of this vehicle are the top reasons behind the vehicle retaining a high resale value. If you plan to sell your jeep wrangler someday, follow the tips we have shared in this guide on how to keep your car’s depreciation low as you continue using it.

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