Is Lifting a Jeep Wrangler Easy, and What is Its Cost?

Lifting a Jeep is very easy and makes your vehicle more durable and unique. For lifting your vehicles, you need a large sized tire and some necessary modifications with your Jeep for the installation of tires. There is a jeep lift kit available to help you throughout this process.

The price variation for lifting a jeep is different with its components. If you lift the body of a car, its price range is about 100 to 200 dollars. Uplifting of a suspension kit is, however, costly; it ranges from 400 to 500 dollars. If you are willing for a great expansion kit ranging from 1 to 5 inch the expected price is over 1000 dollars.

But there are some parts of the Jeep that need to be upgraded before you start the lifting process of Jeep. Some parts may also need to be replaced as they are not a part of the jeep Wrangler lifting kit.

Price varies depending upon the type of jeep lift.

The model of Jeep that you have determines how much cost price it would be lifted? The kit for lifting every Jeep is specific, and the modifications required for each model are also very different.

For a jeep Wrangler, the starting price of lifting is about a thousand dollars. For a Cherokee Jeep, the price is, however, low, starting from 400 dollars. The time for the lifting process also varies with the mechanic and the equipment you are using. An average time of 6 to 8 hours is required depending upon the complexity of the process.

lifting a jeep

The size of the kit you are using is a determinant of your cost price. If you opt for a smaller kit, its price would be low, whereas the large kits are generally high price ranging. But before going into the complex process of lifting your Jeep, you should keep in considering whether it is suitable for your vehicle or would damage it.

Once you have lifted your jeep body, you need to change the steering boxes, tires, lockers, and brakes regularly. For lifting the body of the Jeep, you need to install tires of a large size. You will also need to increase the size of the rim. The space for installing a tire is about 1-3 inches if your vehicle body is raised 6 inches from the ground.

A suspension lift is suitable for your vehicle if you want to increase the ground clearance up to maximum level, but it, in turn, damages your vehicle. The suspension lift actually pushes your Jeep frame to make space for it.

Performing body lift is advisable if you want your vehicle to have risen more above the ground level. The price range highly depends upon the brand of your Jeep and the brand of the kit you are using. Tools used also vary, so it is better if you estimate the total cost price.

type of jeep lift

For suspension lift, the price range is about 400 to 1500 dollars for a 1 to 2-inch lift. It is because the kit used in the suspension lift is very complicated, and the installation process is also very difficult. The price goes on increasing depending upon the limit that you want to lift up your vehicle.

Price range depending upon the type of kits

Exclusively there are two main types of kits used for the lifting process of a jeep. These are a leveling kit and a lift kit. A leveling kit is used to raise the front portion of the Jeep so that it becomes equal to the back portion, which is already raised.

The purpose of leveling kit is to make sure that your vehicle does not gets damaged when you add weight to the backside of your Jeep. However, this process diminishes the overall look of your Jeep and is disliked by most of the drivers.

type of kits

Generally, a leveling kit is cheaper as compared to a lifting kit. It is because of the useless tools and is generally made to improve the balance of your vehicle when lifted. It also improves the ground clearance and protects your vehicle while the lifting process. So it is better that you choose a leveling kit along with your lifting kit.

Leveling kits are generally easy to install and don't require much time. They are ready to use kits and use bolts to attach with your vehicle. They ensure no harm to your Jeep. But it is always better to spend some money on a mechanic for the lifting process if you have bought a lifting kit already.

Why hire an expert for lifting jeeps?

There are certain reasons why you should consider having an expert installing your lift kit into the Jeep instead of doing it yourself.

No doubt a professional costs you more but ensure that your work is done securely, and it is advisable that you should not trust anyone, even yourself, who is inexpert. Lifting, when done improperly, can harm your Jeep forever, reducing its cost price in the market.

Why hire an expert for lifting jeeps

 Fixing a badly done lifting process would cost you much higher. So, it is better to take the help of a technician. If you do the lifting process yourself, you better have an extra $200 in your hand in case you need some help. A professional knows how to work with your vehicle so that it would take less time for the installation process, and quality work will be ensured.

Is lifting a jeep beneficial?

The next common question that arises why you should have your Jeep lifted. Is it for fun purposes only or to improve the look of your Jeep? It can be done if you like to have an uplifting vehicle to change the overall look of the jeep model according to your choice.

Is lifting a jeep beneficial

Jeep lift is beneficial as it gives you improved ground clearance. Lifting the vehicle is different with every model, so you should take expert advice before the process.

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