Is it Worth Having a Jeep Wrapped, and How Much it Costs?

If you possess a jeep, there are many modifications that you have already made with your jeep, but having a jeep wrapped is a common thing that every jeep user wants. The most important question that arises is the cost that how does it cost to wrap a jeep.

Exclusively there are two kinds of wraps, vinyl or chrome wrap. The price for each type of rap is different and ranges from 1300 to 5000 dollars.

Performing a wrap on your jeep is very easy, and you can do it yourself. There are certain reasons why anyone would want to have a wrap on his jeep. Mostly it is done to change the look of your jeep and give it a more unique look of your own choice.

Secondly, wrapping is done to protect the original paint of your jeep. Wrapping can also be done for advertisement and commercial purposes.

The cost price varies with a vinyl wrap depending upon its quality and durability. An estimated price for a vinyl wrap ranges from 1000 to 6000 dollars. If you are experienced enough to do the process yourself, you can save yourself the technician fee.

A Jeep Wrapped

But if you are not experienced better go to a shop for vinyl wrap rather than getting it done wrong and then fixed again. It would cost you more money than your expected budget.

The expenditure on having a wrap on your jeep depends upon many factors such as the brand of wrap you are using, the design and size of the wrap, the time required in completing the whole process, and the type of tools you are using. Having some air bubbles left with your wrap is something that most people find frustrating, but it is unavoidable even the best expert can leave air bubbles with a vinyl wrap.

Does vinyl wrap damages your jeep?

Another common concern about having a vinyl wrap on your jeep is whether it would damage your jeep paint or body. In some cases, if you use low-quality vinyl, it damages your paint when you remove it.

vinyl wrap damages your jeep

But if the vinyl wrap is done perfectly, it protects your paint and vehicle body. For off-road adventures having a vinyl wrap secures your jeep from scratches and forms a protective layer on it.

Is it worth having a vinyl wrap?

Whether the vinyl wrap saves your money or not depends upon many factors. It saves your money as it is cheaper if you go to paint your whole vehicle. Plus, it also looks very classy and gives a unique look to your jeep. It also helps prevent scratches and damage to your print, so it saves your money on repainting your vehicle.

It can also hide the dents and scratches already present on your paint and give a fresh and new look to your vehicle. If you live in an area of extreme weather conditions such as extreme sunlight, snow, or rain, then having a vinyl wrap on your jeep is for your vehicle protection.

a vinyl wrap

Wrapping is also done for branding purposes, so it says money to create banners for advertisement purposes. It gives you a permanent advertising source as well as protection. Many vinyl wrappings come with easy to remove coatings so that you can scrape them off when you don't require them.

Wrapping never modifies your jeep permanently and does not prevent you from repainting it. Having a peel-off vinyl coating gives you the ultimate protection as long as you want it, and after the removal, it allows you to re-modify your jeep or repaint it.

Vinyl wrappings are generally long-lasting and can protect your vehicle successfully for up to 11 years easily. Allowing a semi or full coverage, they are vaguely your style.

Cost depending upon self-wrapping and professional wrapping

Vinyl wrapping costs less if you do it yourself rather than having it professionally done by a technician. But if you are inexpert, it would cost you much more, so it is better to seek help from a technician.

If you are doing it yourself, then keep in mind that vinyl wrapping is not difficult if you have proper quality wrapped and good equipment with you. There is a wide variety of vinyl wraps; they can either be matte or gloss, patterned or multicolored. The price differs on the kind of wrap you are using. While selecting the vinyl wrap, you should keep in considering the base color of your vehicle.

professional wrapping

Having a vinyl wrap fixed on your jeep is similar to pasting a sticker on the metallic body of the jeep, keeping in care that there are no air bubbles or spaces in the wrapping. The price varies with the area of a sheet of wrapping. Commonly used wrapping sheet is about five by 25 feet rolls. If you choose a matte wrapping sheet, its price is about 250 dollars. For a glossy wrapping sheet, its price is 230 dollars per roll.

If you are doing it yourself, you would need a heating gun and a kit for vinyl wrapping. Also, some scrapers and protective gloves are required. Before you start the wrapping process, it is essential to clean dirt from your body and clear dents as the vinyl wrap does not cover the dents. The presence of any mud or dirt particles on the vehicle body can adversely affect the quality of vinyl wrapping.

professional wrapping your jeep

For a two-door Jeep, you would require two rolls of wrapping sheet, which would cost 400 to $900 based on the company or brand you are using. If you are using your own designed wrapping sheet, its price would be high because you would need two normal wrapping sheets and one customized wrapping sheet. Its price range is from 700 to 1500 dollars.

This is an estimate for the price range if you do the process yourself. The price of the tools would also be included in it, and if you take help from a technician, his fee would also be added, which increases your budget from 500 to 1000 dollars.

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