How To Get A Cheap Jeep Wrangler? Get To Know In Details

Jeep Wrangler is so freaking expensive. You’ll need to part with a few thousand dollars if you were to buy a brand new Jeep Wrangler today. And you might even spend more if you fall victim to the games dealers play.

Well, spending the high amount of money on Wrangler is well worth it, due to their rugged and durable construction and unparalleled off-road capabilities. But you don’t have to pay all that cash to own a Wrangler.

In this post, we have outlined some great tips and hacks that will help you get a cheap Jeep Wrangler with all the features and capabilities of a Jeep Wrangler while helping you save a good amount of cash.

Compare different dealership prices

The most common mistake new car buyers keep repeating is enquiring about the process from just one dealership. Make this mistake and you’ll never a good deal on a Wrangler.

Thanks to the internet, it’s now possible to get multiple dealership prices for comparison without necessarily leaving the comfort of your house. Simply visit multiple dealership websites, spark up discussions with the online sales managers, and request offers back and forth.

Even if you come across a dealer with the perfect model of Jeep, with the exact trim and color you’re looking for, don’t let this hold you from comparing other dealers.

Compare different dealership prices

Go ahead and ask for that specific vehicle configuration from other dealers. You might not know this but dealers tend to trade vehicles and you could be buying the same car from multiple outlets.

TIP: Letting salespeople know that you’re comparing different dealerships can give you leverage in your negotiations.

Arrange your own financing beforehand

If you plan to go the car loan way when purchasing a jeep wrangler, then you should be wise not to let a car dealership arrange the financing for you. If you do, you can be sure they’ll dictate terms that make them more money as opposed to giving you a good deal.

Approaching a dealership with your pre-approved offer is a smart move for you, whether it’s from a credit union, bank, or any other sender. This way, you can get more competitive interest rates.

jeep wrangler

Regarding the loan duration, we suggest that you keep it 48 months or lower. Also, the repayment terms should not be more than 15% of your take-home monthly income.

Know the real cost of the car

Assuming you’re getting the car on loan, we caution you against focusing on the monthly payment alone. The salesmen understand the trick of keeping you focused on the monthly payment really well. When you fall into this trap, it’s easy for you to believe you’re getting a good deal.

Know the real cost of the  jeep wrangler

The secret here is to keep in mind the final cost you’ll be paying for the car in total. That is, you multiply the monthly figure by the number of months in the loan. Add the financing fee, taxes, add-ons, etc. to get the real figure you’ll pay for that vehicle. This is a sure way to avoid falling victim to horrible deals.

Get your timing right

Another often overlooked trick for getting a good deal on a jeep wrangler is knowing when to buy one. Similar to other businesses, car dealerships and salespeople offer commissions and bonuses at the end of months, quarters, and even years.

You might also try showing up late; an hour or less before they close. This is likely to get you the fastest car buying experience you’ve ever had since everyone wants to go home!

The  jeep wrangler

If you base your purchase on these specific periods, the chances of bagging a good deal become pretty high for you. However, keep in mind that this usually works when the dealership or car salesmen haven’t already hit their goal.

Whatever you do, don’t miss this timing, else a good deal with be gone forever. Prepare in advance and have your finances ready so that you’re ready to go when that time comes.

Know what others are paying for the Wrangler

Since you already have a specific jeep wrangler model you want in mind, you should also try looking for information on how much others are paying for it.

This information is readily available from your close friends, colleagues, or even online jeep wrangler forums and communities. You can then use these numbers to negotiate for a good deal.

 jeep wrangler

BUT don’t stick it in your mind that just someone else got a really good deal from a vehicle, you must get it too. Also, just because someone bought a Rubicon at $4000 off, doesn’t mean you’ll get the same for that Jeep Wrangler Sport you plan to buy.

Negotiation is key

Purchasing a jeep wrangler is a similar case to other business transactions. You (the buyer) want to buy the vehicle at the lowest prices possible, but the seller (salesman) wants to get their dealership as much money as they can.

To find a common ground, negotiation must come into play to enable both the buyer and seller to meet somewhere in the middle.

When negotiating, remember you’re dealing with someone with great negotiating skills. Someone who has sold hundreds of cars in years and mastered the art of negotiation.

Focus on the total out-of-the-door car price, which includes the fees, add-ons, taxes, etc. This will ensure you don’t negotiate your car, only to spend your savings on the hidden costs.

Negotiation is key  jeep wrangler

Don’t let the salesman trick you into an impulsive buying decision. In fact, try to give them an impression that you don’t really want that Wrangler.

Let the salesperson make it clear about any additional freight charges they might try to bring up in the total car cost. You should also discuss other costs such as adverting, documentation, and other miscellaneous.

Check whether the dealer has added anything to your car that you don’t need and request it to be removed. This can help bring the price down.

But remember you can’t negotiate registration costs and taxes.

TIP: If you don’t think you can hack it in the negation part, consider bringing with you a skilled negotiator to ensure you get the best possible deal for the Wrangler.

Go through the paperwork carefully

Before driving out with your new jeep Wrangler, you ought to sign a whole bunch of paperwork. Take your time to read and understand every paper put in front of you before signing it.

If you’re feeling anxious, let your friend, spouse, or the one accompanying you do the reading for you.

Jeep wrangler

Ensure the car pricing is correctly indicated, the loan terms and trade0j values are okay. keep a hawk-eye for any add-on or unexplained fees that show up at the last minute.

NEVER sign anything you don’t understand. Correcting a document becomes harder once you append your signature.

Don’t pay for what you don’t need

After you’ve agreed with your dealer on a price for a jeep wrangler, the next is working with the financing and insurance (F&I) office. And they can really hustle the hell out of you.

They’ll pressure you to buy extras, some of which may be cheap while others will cost you thousands of dollars. The goal of the dealer is to include these extras in your deal and ultimately in your financing.

Your easiest way out of this tricky affair is to ONLY get what you need. Carefully read the fine print to see everything they offer and only take what you believe will pay out in the long run.

Jeep wrangler

Keep in mind that you can get some of the things they offer you from third-party companies at a lower price.

If you must buy these parts from the dealership, they’ll be more than happy to sell them to you even after you come back months or years later.

Don’t hesitate to walk away

Don’t be afraid to walk away from a bad deal. You might feel embarrassed to walk away or you really like the salesperson and think walking away will hurt them. But the truth is that this is just a business transaction and you shouldn’t let your emotions take over.

Even if you feel that you have instead a lot of time in a deal, it’s still a good idea to walk if you don’t think it serves your needs. that’s how you keep regrets of a lousy deal in the end.

Jeep wrangler

Plus, walking away can be a powerful weapon in your negotiation; many buyers tell stories of how they get a call or text from the dealership agreeing to offer them a vehicle at their preferred price.

Other times, the deal ends with the seller running to you in the parking lot, obviously, agreeing with your deal.

Consider buying a used car

Our final tip, and a proven way of getting a reliable Jeep Wrangler at a budget-friendly price is going for a used model. Even if you feel you could afford a new car, you should keep in mind that a showroom deal will never beat a used car in terms of price.

Consider buying a used car

But before buying that car, do plenty of research to discover the best years for a used jeep wrangler, what’s considered a good mileage, common issues associated with these vehicles, and so on. Having all this info will give you leverage when you finally get down to negotiations.

Final verdict

Don’t let the common knowledge that "Jeep Wranglers are so expensive" hold you back from owning your dream Jeep Wrangler. By wading through various dealerships and salespeople and doing your homework well, you’ll surely come out with a good Jeep deal. Combine this with the information provided in this guide, and finding a jeep wrangler for cheap will be easy for you.

Our final tip for you: Play patience. You won’t get a good deal right after contacting the first dealer or the second one. A lot of effort and time goes into finding the perfect Jeep Wrangler model for you at a price you’re comfortable paying.

Good luck!

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