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Effect of Jeep Wranglers on the Environment. Are they Really Harmful?

Owning a Jeep Wrangler probably makes you luckier than other people because you can have both on and off-road adventures and can take your jeep Wrangler almost anywhere. Jeep Wrangler can go to places where no other vehicle can. No matter what terrain or weather condition it is, the Jeep Wrangler will continue to give its excellent driving results.

But as you are driving and enjoying its adventures, a common concern that everyone has is that are the Jeep wranglers bad for the environment? Is your fun activity is destroying the lives of others. As the Jeep Wranglers are specifically designed for outdoor activities, the Jeep makers have ensured that your vehicle is environmentally friendly, so it does not cause any potential harm to the environment.

Global warming potential of jeep Wranglers

It is quite surprising to know that Jeep wranglers are environmentally friendly. They have been made for road adventures and being closer to nature.  Generally, the fact of any vehicle being environmentally friendly is determined by its global warming potential. According to the reports, the new models of Jeep Wrangler have been found to be less harmful to the environment as compared to the previous models and have 15% less global warming potential.

Studies have been made regarding Jeep wranglers by FCA show that it is better in performance as well as potentially less harmful for the environment as compared to its predecessors. The gases emitted by the engine of jeep Wrangler are environmentally friendlier, and there is a reduction in greenhouse gases emission for about 14 metric tons.

Effect of Jeep wranglers on the environment

The Jeep Wrangler can be held accountable for carbon seclusion that happens in the 16 acres of forests in the US throughout the year. The ferrous metal content has been reduced by Jeep Wrangler by about 55%. The nonferrous content has also increased up to 20% by the Jeep Wrangler in the environment.

Fuel consumption

While we talk about the performance of the jeep Wrangler on the road and its fuel consumption, it is comparatively less as compared to other cars and vehicles of its competition. Due to its increased transmission at about five-speed, the fuel consumption will dramatically be reduced with the coming generations of Jeep Wranglers, making them more beneficial for the environment.

Fuel consumption

Low depreciation rate

While the other vehicles get deteriorated very easily, the rate of jeep Wrangler depreciation is very low, which makes it environmentally friendly. When the vehicle components are subjected to corrosion and rusting, the metals get accumulated in the environment. Harmful materials such as copper and lithium present in the metallic body of the vehicle are extremely dangerous.

As the jeep wranglers are not decomposed easily, they are safer to use, having strong metallic components. If we compare the Jeep Wrangler with other cars of its generation like Prius and other hybrid cars, we can see that a jeep wrangler is greener.

Low depreciation

According to the research analysis done by FCA, Jeep Wrangler companies has undoubtedly introduced the best technology to make their jeeps cope up with the environment, so it is economically and environmentally feasible to have a Jeep Wrangler you if you are fond of outdoor adventures both on and off-road.

Durability in different terrains

The accident range with every vehicle is also a measure of how safe it is for the environment and mankind. As a Jeep Wrangler is built for riding in all terrains, the features associated are also compatible with the environmental conditions and terrains.

For example, the antilock disc brake is introduced in the latest model of Jeep Wrangler to make them safe for driving on hills. Not only that, it supports different mediums such as rocky and muddy paths. It prevents the jeep from severe incidents like slipping and sliding of the jeep, which is life-threatening.

Durability in different terrains

A Jeep Wrangler is also suitable for driving in extreme weather conditions such as excess rain and hail storms. It does not mean that you try stunts in extreme weather; rather, jeep Wrangler helps to get out of extreme weather conditions safely. Even with all the features present in the jeep, it becomes a little tricky to handle it if you are an inexpert driver.


So, the answer to the question that are jeep Wranglers bad for the environment is no. Rather they are environmentally friendly vehicles made to ensure that your road adventures go safely without disturbing the planet and threatening your life.

With the low fuel consumption, decreased global warming rate, and decrease in the level of ferrous components, a Jeep Wrangler, is really a greener vehicle making it an excellent choice for the buyers. They depreciate at a slower rate and are highly safe for rough terrains. Plus, the smart outlook of jeep wranglers makes them look classy and worth purchasing.

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