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What Happens If You Don’t Change The Oil of Your Jeep For So Long?

While driving a vehicle, there are many things that the driver has to worry about, including the tires, brakes, shocks, and suspensions, but it does not mean that oil changes should be at the very end of your maintenance list. The exact concern of how long a jeep can go without an oil change depends upon your usage.

The more you drive your vehicle, the more fuel consumption it would have, and you need to change the oil regularly. However, for your convenience, the vehicle experts have made an average regarding mileage and fuel consumption that when you should change the jeep oil.

A general estimate suggests that you should change the vehicle oil every three to five thousand miles. This varies with the type of oil. Remember that there is a variety of oils available that differs in composition, so being a user, it depends on which oil you choose.

It is essential that you change your vehicle oil for the proper functioning of the jeep engine. Because as the jeep runs, the oil is rotated throughout the engine body, and the dirt accumulated in the engine is automatically transferred in the oil.

When this crude oil passes through the components of the engine, it clogs the engine and as a result brings a decline in the engine functioning. It does not mean that your vehicle ceases to work instantly. Rather it would not work properly or cease if you continue this habit of not changing the oil regularly.

jeep oils

The estimate of how long your jeep can run smoothly even if you don't change the oil depends upon many factors, the prime being the age of the vehicle. If the engine is new, it can run smoothly over 7000 miles without changing the oil. Depending upon the type of oil you are using, its changing time can be determined.

But even if you don't change the oil regularly, never think about running your jeep without engine oil. It can be extremely dangerous. Contrastingly there is another opinion that you should change the oil every 3000 miles. Many people stick to it but changing the oil too quickly is nothing but mere foolishness.

It does not improve the efficiency of your engine; rather, it is a wastage of money and oil. Throwing the oil away would harm the environment. So, maintaining a balance in the oil changing process is advisable.

Types of oils and their lifespan

Different companies introduce different kinds of motor oils having various specifications. It becomes quite difficult to select a specific engine oil. But if you want to improve your per mileage efficiency, it is highly suggested that you use synthetic oil. For a good quality synthetic oil, the oil change needs to be done after 10000 miles. It saves your time and money.

For an old car, you need to change the oil after 7500 miles. If you use conventional oil, its life span would be short. An average rate for an oil change is about 3500 miles with conventional oil. With this range given, you can also exceed the limit of oil change if your car engine is new.

Types of oils

The exceeding limit of an oil change can be from 3000 to 5000 miles depending upon the type of oil and jeep condition.  With changing the engine oil, oil filter changing is also essential. If the oil is not changed for too long, it might permanently damage your vehicle engine and cost you another car or a new engine.

Expertise advice and where to go for an oil change?

The research on engine oils is made for the benefit of users to prevent them from heavy loss, so you should follow it while keeping the condition of the vehicle and fuel in consideration. Theoretically, you can also drive your vehicle without an oil change, but it is strictly not favorable.

You can contact the oil change dealers for this purpose, but they may charge you extra dollars for it. So it is better if you purchase the oil directly and get the oil change from any service station near you.

Oil of Your Jeep

If you don't have a local service station near you, you should contact the dealers who provide door-to-door services. You will have to pay some extra dollars, but you will get the quality work done. According to the experts, jeep wranglers are highly reliable and can help you move several thousand miles without an oil change.

It can be said that a jeep wrangler is at 26th number in terms of reliability. The average cost of maintenance is about 700 dollars per year. It includes all types of expenses tire expenses, oil change expenses, and components change expenses.

Why changing the oil is important?

The purpose of oil is to make the jeep engine work properly by absorbing the excess heat generated when the jeep is turned on. The oil moves throughout the jeep engine, flushing through all its components. The good the oil quality is, the better would be your engine efficiency and vice versa.

If you have a sufficient amount of oil in the engine, its parts would be well lubricated, and the friction produced due to engine functioning will be reduced. It also increases the mileage of gas. When the oil quality is remarkable, the gas mileage is reduced from 2 to 4 percent.

Why changing the oil is important

If you change the engine oil regularly, sludge formation is discouraged. Due to the accumulation of dirt and dust particles when the jeep is driven, corrosion occurs in the oil with eats up the engine components decaying them. So, to promote the health of your jeep engine, regular oil changing should be done.


Like all the other physical and external components of the jeep, its internal parts, like an engine, are equally important. How long a jeep can go without an oil change is determined by the type of oil you choose and the age of the engine installed in your jeep.

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