21 Cool Things to Do to a Jeep Wrangler

The fun part about owning a jeep wrangler is that you can customize almost all its parts. From the lights to the front grille, from the fenders to rock sliders, there’s a lot of modifications you can perform on your jeep to make it look cooler than you bought it.

Even better, most of these mods and upgrades you make on your wrangler can magically increase its value. A good thing if you ever plan to sell your car someday!

We have scanned through jeep owners’ forums and online discussions and gathered the following list of the 21 coolest upgrades for a jeep wrangler that you should try today.

1. Increase ground clearance

One of the coolest modifications you can do to an off-road vehicle like a jeep wrangler is increasing its ground clearance.

For this mod, you’ll need a good lift. it will not only raise your car high above the ground but will also improve the approach angle, departure angle, and other aspects of your off-roader.

Increase ground clearance

With such improvements, your vehicle will be effortlessly crawling over rocks, boulders, and other things that might get in your when driving off-road.

2. Upgrade the lights

If you’re always wondering "How can I make my Jeep Wrangler look cool?", perhaps you should get it a new set of LED lights. Many jeep owners don’t know this but the factory lights that come with your vehicle are underpowered.

Upgrade the lights

By upgrading your car lights, you can get twice as much power as you’re currently getting while drawing half less current. These LED lights are highly affordable and come in different types to let you choose the style that’s most suitable for your jeep.

3. Pimp it with more lights

In addition to upgrading your Wrangler with LED lights, you can also pimp it with additional lights as you please.

You can increase the number of headlights or tail lights. You can also equip it with more lighting accessories in the interior and exterior. You can even add light bars and rock lights to give you a clearer view of rock terrains when driving off-road.

Pimp it with more lights

Some jeepers even add lights on the chassis to help create a spectacular nighttime experience with their jeeps.

4. Protect your lights

Now that you have spent a lot of cash in upgrading your Jeep Wrangler lights, you’ll definitely need to protect them to ensure they serve you for longer without suffering any abuse or damage that comes with off-roading.

This is where the light guard comes in. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, these protectors offer protection to your vehicle lights by caging or enveloping them.

Protect your lights

If you plan to drive off-road more often, consider getting the heaviest-duty light guards available to ensure maximum protection.

5. Beef up your jeep interior security

Jeeps with soft tops don’t offer the best security to your belongings. Anyone can easily get access to the interior and get their hands on your belongings if you leave your wrangler.

Luckily, you can improve the security of your jeep’s interior by investing in a 16-gauge steel lockable console. You can fit it under the seats, between the front seats, in the rear cargo area, or overhead.

Beef up your jeep interior security

Besides letting you secure your items, these consoles will also increase the interior cargo space of your Jeep.

6. Add a cargo rack

jeep wranglers have one major drawback: limited cargo space. With this in mind, one of the best tweaks you can do to it is installing a cargo rack to help you easily carry all your luggage when going on big trips.

You can opt for a rear cargo rack that lets you attach a trailer or latch bikes. For this modification, you’ll first need to get a better hitch since the factory-installed hitch in most jeeps isn’t always reliable.

Add a cargo rack

If your jeep features a hardtop, you might also consider adding a roof rack. This will let you conveniently carry a lot of items like mountain bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, and so much more.

7. Increase storage space

Besides attaching a cargo rack, you can also work to expand the limited interior space of your jeep wrangler. To do this, consider investing in the specially designed storage bags that easily attach to the areas around your jeep like tillage, roll cage, or sound bar. Or you can go for the steel console we mentioned earlier.

Increase storage space

8. Set up floor liners

Taking on the off-road means messing yourself up with mud, dirt, grass, etc. You’ll likely step out of your vehicle and mess yourself up with these undesirable elements.

You’d be careful not to bring this mess into the interior of your vehicle because it will definitely affect the aesthetics of your interior while making it hard to clean up.

Set up floor liners

A good solution to this problem would be installing aftermarket floor liners which perfectly fit over your car’s factory or aftermarket carpets. these will protect your jeep floor and keep it looking new.

You can opt for all-weather, heavy-duty liners, stain-resistant liners, rubberized slush floor liners, or trail tough floor liners—whichever fits your needs.

9. Install grab handles

As the name suggests, grab handles simply refer to those things you grip onto whenever you hit a severe turn in your off-road adventure and you don’t feel that your seatbelt I’ll be of much help in keeping you from rolling.

In other words, they offer you added stability during a ride. These grips are quite affordable and come in many types ranging from foam, nylon, and even heavy-duty grips.

Install grab handles

These helpful modifications can go onto the front A-pillar or onto the roll cage for easy grabbing when you’re driving. You can also use these handles to support yourself when getting in and out of your wrangler.

10. Install an entry guard

This add-on does exactly what its name implies—guarding the entry into your jeep. the door frame of your jeep can suffer a lot of wear due to the plenty of traffic it gets.

The lower area of your door where you place your foot when climbing the jeep will look totally worn out with continued use.

Install an entry guard

Luckily, you can get cover this area with an entry guard to keep them safe from wear and tear likely to come with continued trampling with your feet.

These mods are also affordable and readily available. They come in thermoplastic, aluminum, stainless steel options. Since most of them come with strong 3M adhesive, attaching them to your jeep wouldn’t be a hassle for you.

11. Hood latch mod for jeep

The Jeep Wrangler hood moves a lot when you’re driving your jeep at high speeds. this isn’t really a big problem and only occurs because the manufacturer utilizes a soft, stretchy rubber latch which leaves enough playroom for the hood.

Hood latch mod for jeep

If you find this jostling around of your vehicle’s hood annoying or disturbing, you can use replace the stretchy rubber latch with a heavy-duty latch that keeps the hood in position when you step on the gas.

12. Get a new set of rims

You might also consider upgrading the rims of your jeep wrangler. here, you’ll have two main options at hand—the steel or alloy rims.

Get a new set of rims

Most drivers prefer steel alloys because they’re durable, heavier, and more uniform. They’re also more affordable.

For lighter and flashier-looking rims, you can’t go wrong with the alloy rims.

13. Get the perfect set of tires

A good set of rims will go hand in hand with the perfect set of tires. BY defining what exactly your jeep wrangler will be doing, you’ll get to choose the perfect tires specially made for that specific purpose.

For instance, if you live in high altitude areas or frequently encounter a lot of mud, then snow tires would be your ideal choice. if you drive your jeep daily, A/T tires would make a more suitable choice. And for rock crawling, consider M/T or A/T tires.

perfect set of tires

You should also consider the right size of tires to get for your jeep. Most 33-inch tires will work with the wrangler. But if you opt for larger than factory tires, you should also be ready to readjust your car’s suspension system.

14. Winch-equip your wrangler

Emergencies happen all the time! You may not know when it shows up, but you can prepare yourself to face it when it presents itself.

When you go exploring adventures with your friends, a winch is probably the single most important piece of equipment you can have by your side. This device will help you easily tow a jeep in a recovery situation.

Winch-equip your wrangler

When one of your friends’ jeep gets stuck, rolls, etc., a winch is the device that’s going to save you and ensure you and your friends get back home safely after a long day seeking adventures.

15. Equip it with a bumper

If you want your four-wheeler to safely and smoothly go over those uneven terrains, you’ll need to equip it with a bumper, also known as a bull bar.

The work of this bar is to keep track of the relation between your jeep’s body and the axles. It helps keep the axle centered even when one side of your jeep bets raised high on uneven, rocky terrains.

Equip it with a bumper

When looking for a bull bar, choose the one featuring a mounting system that offers maximum strength in all directions. This ensures it spreads the load over both your wrangler’s chassis rails to make things all-around sturdier.

16. Add fender flares

Assuming you have added a lift kit and used bigger tires on your jeep wrangler, you should as well add fender flares. These will not make your vehicle look cooler but will also offer a bunch of helpful functions such as protecting your jeep from dings, keeping rocks and dirt off your face in summer, and keeping off mud and grime from your vehicle.

Add fender flares

17. Fender liners

These go hand in hand with fender flares. They complement the fender flares above by making your jeep look even cooler while offering additional prepetition.

The liners do a great job keeping dirt, water, mud slush, environmental toxins, and other undesired impurities from slipping your engine and causing serious corrosion and damage. This is especially driving going off-road.

Fender liners

Fender liners also help keep your jeep wiring and other components inside the wheel well corrosion-free.

18. Rock sliders for rock crawling

Is crawling rocks part of your off-road adventures with your jeep wrangler? If yes, get the rock sliders installed on your vehicle first.

The sliders do more than protect your jeep from the rocks. You can use it as a winch recovery point in case you flip or roll over. You can also use them as a step.

Rock sliders for rock crawling

They also act as a great piece of armor that protects your jeep from trees, and other jeeps or cars in the parking lot that swing their doors open pretty hard.

19. Get a Jeep antenna

Listening to your favorite radio station is a great way to spice up your rides in your jeep wrangler.

The only way you’re going to enjoy clearing listening to music, news, weather updates, etc. from your favorite stations is by installing a good quality antenna for jeep wrangler.

Get a Jeep antenna

You can also install a good quality CB antenna if you want to communicate with your fellow Jeepers, get traffic updates, and so on.

20. Use differential lockers

Differential lockers are a helpful feature to have for your off-road vehicle. While some of the newer jeep wrangler models come with factory-installed lockers, some might not have them.

if your wrangler doesn’t have a differential locker and you plan to do some challenging off-roading, then you’d want to have them installed.

Use differential lockers

for those who don’t know, the job of the locker is to make all your car wheels move identical to each other, improving traction in low traction situations.

Still, on the lockers, you might also consider installing an airlock system to help you easily inflate your tires and run pneumatic tools when it’s necessary.

21. Switch to a soft top

the top of a jeep wrangler is made of either a hard or soft top. While the hardtop is popular for the high security it offers, quieter ride experience, and increased durability.

But you also can’t ignore the flexibility that comes with a soft top. You can easily pull it down or unzip the windows to enjoy the cool natural breeze when riding in the hot summer weather.

Switch to a soft top

Again the market is filled with covers of varying sizes, shapes, and costs to ensure you have varieties when you get down to choosing the perfect one for your wrangler. Installing this type of cover is also an easy task.

Final Verdict

These are some of the top upgrades and modifications you should consider for your jeep wrangler to make it look cooler and even optimize its performance. Most of these mods are geared towards improving your off-roading experience. Most of these mods are DIY and don’t require you to fork out large sums of money. But they end up significantly increasing your car resale value.

What are other cool things to do a jeep wrangler do you think we missed out?

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