10 Best Spark Plugs For Jeep Wrangler – Fits Most Models

When thinking of the best spark plugs for Jeep Liberty to buy, there are a lot of different features and factors that go into the same. A spark plug for a Jeep Wrangler is now manufactured and sold by so many different brands and companies that choosing one becomes extremely difficult.

Therefore, when looking at a spark plug for a Jeep Wrangler, there are certain things that one must keep in mind. Factors like heat transfer, fine wire, plugs, rolled threads, etc. While you might be hesitant about all of these features currently, looking at some good quality spark plugs will definitely make your work easy.

When thinking of spark plugs, the manufacturing industry has really come a long way. There used to be a time when a certain spark plug would only fit one particular mode. However, that is not the case anymore. Most spark plugs that are found in the market today are of a universal fit.

As you read on, you will understand certain essential things to keep in mind when looking for the best spark plugs for Jeep Liberty. Before making your purchase, ensure that you research thoroughly some of the best names in the market, while simultaneously looking at the buying guide.

Best spark plugs for Jeep Wrangler

1. Champion Champion Iridium 9407 Spark Plug

Champion Champion Iridium 9407 Spark Plug

This is one of the best spark plugs for Jeep Wrangler JK. The champion spark plug comes with an iridium center electrode so that its life and efficiency are maximized beyond what is essentially normal. Of all features, this one in the electrode is known to be of utmost importance when choosing a spark plug.

Not only that, but it also comes with a ground electrode that ensures the plug performs its task with complete efficiency and precision. Simply put, this iridium center electrode combined with the ground electrode is perfect for a Jeep Wrangler and is what most people first look for in a spark plug.

This spark plug also ensures that the heat transfer stays to a minimum and therefore the engine is able to stabilize its' temperature even in the most maximum heat range. Therefore, even if you are driving your Jeep in a high heat environment, it will make sure the system is cooled down.

There are certain plugs for 4.0 Jeep while some work best with the Jeep grand Cherokee. Therefore, make sure you are checking and ensuring it is the right model.


  • Compatible with most Jeep models
  • Minimum heat transfer
  • Made of one of the best iridium materials 


  • Reviews about one spark plug missing
  • Does not work well with most of the latest models 

2. NGK LKR7DIX-11S Iridium IX Spark Plug (93175 Iridium Ix), 4 Pack

NGK LKR7DIX-11S Iridium IX Spark Plug (93175 Iridium Ix), 4 Pack

This spark plug has an inventive design that caters to a performance enthusiast. To fulfill this, it uses only the best iridium plugs so that the ignitability levels and ignition system are working at maximum efficiency.

Furthermore, like most spark plugs, this model too comes with a ground electrode so that the electrical quenching effect is kept to a minimum. Not only that, but most iridium spark plugs also promise a great warranty and high durability, and this one is no different.

Most people that use the 4.0 Jeep are also looking for good gas mileage with minimum heat transfer, and this one does just that. This spark plug is known to be compatible with most Jeep models, however, the smart thing would be to check whether the features are the right ones.


  • Great in terms of affordability
  • Good brand image
  • Well established customer service


  • Might cause some issues due to plug

3. Champion Double Platinum Power 7440 Spark Plug (Carton of 1)

Champion Double Platinum Power 7440 Spark Plug (Carton of 1)

When it comes to the best spark plugs for Jeep, nothing beats Champion. This one is a premium v power spark plug that provides maximum performance and ultimate efficiency. What's more, is that it also has a longer life due to the double platinum center material that it comprises of.

As if this wasn't enough, this comes with an electrode that is resistant to corrosion. This platinum power spark plug will most likely fit a Jeep Wrangler, a Jeep grand Cherokee, as well as a 2006 Jeep or a 2001 Jeep. Therefore, finding models that are compatible with your Jeep should not be an issue.

This spark plug also does a wonderful job of ensuring that the heat range stays within the advisable criteria and does not cause an issue when it comes to greater engine loads. This is easily the best spark plug in the market today due to the efficient use of the best features.


  • Works well with all kinds of engines
  • Great resistance to corrosion


  • Not fit for 4.0 Jeeps
  • Heat range could sometimes cross normal

4. Champion Copper Plus 438 Spark Plug (Carton of 1)

Champion Copper Plus 438 Spark Plug (Carton of 1)

This spark plug has been reviewed to work best with the Jeep grand Cherokee, the Jeep Wrangler, and the Jeep Wrangler tj.

When it comes to copper plugs, one must know that they are even more dependable than most materials. Therefore, this copper plus core and the center electrode will ensure that the heat range is kept to a minimum and the life of the spark plug is almost forever.

Another extremely important positive attribute here is that this spark plug has a superior quality build that makes it resistant to corrosion. Therefore, when it comes to durability rest assured that you are looking at one of the best spark plugs for 4.0 Jeeps in the market.

When looking at copper spark plugs as opposed to iridium spark plugs, this one is definitely more dependable.


  • Authenticated with certificate
  • Good durability
  • Best quality material 


  • Might have a few heating issues due to copper material
  • Might need a handy replacement

5. NGK (3459) ZFR5N V-Power Spark Plug, Pack of 1

NGK (3459) ZFR5N V-Power Spark Plug, Pack of 1

There are very few spark plugs for Jeeps in the market that promise to live up to all of the oem specifications and actually do the same. Oem specifications ensure that your product is approved and meets the standards that are set for the same.

The main feature that sets this spark plug apart from others is its trivalent metal plating. This ensures that the NGK 3459 spark plug essentially lasts as long as possible and gives the best results in terms of durability. NGK spark plugs, especially the NGK 3459 model are known for the lowest emissions.

Therefore, you should opt for the NGK 3459 spark plug for Jeep. What's more is that it fits the 4.0 Jeep, the 2006 Jeep, as well as the 2001 Jeep. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Jeep specifications.


  • Maximized fuel economy
  • Universal fit
  • OEM Specifications


  • Slightly expensive

6. DENSO # 5349 IRIDIUM Power Spark Plugs -- ITL16 

DENSO # 5349 IRIDIUM Power Spark Plugs -- ITL16

This brand is one of the leading manufacturers of iridium spark plugs, and can therefore be trusted when it comes to quality checks and guarantees. The best part about these spark plugs is that they are pre gapped.

When it comes to a pre gapped spark plug, this feature ensures that the gaps between the two plugs are exact so that they can fire and run efficiently. The double iridium and pre gapped features both guarantee extreme efficiency and durability when it comes to usage for Jeeps.

Most iridium spark plugs can also run up to 30,000 miles, and this one is no different. It makes sure that your Jeep is pushed to work with maximum power and strength without causing any heat-related issues or needing a replacement spark for the vehicle.

Furthermore, this works like a champion due to the iridium based features when it comes to fuel consumption of the spark plug. Most users say it is the electrode gap combined with the iridium materials that ensures this.


  • Great mileage
  • Pre gapped features


  • Not a universal fit
  • Will not work with Jeep Wrangler tj and Jeep Cherokee

7. BOSCH-8116 Double Platinum Spark Plug

BOSCH-8116 Double Platinum Spark Plug

This is an extremely trusted and consistent brand in the market. Therefore, rest assured that bosch spark plugs are one of their kind and cannot be matched. This is not just due to one but several different reasons that we will now look at thoroughly.

The bosch spark plugs usually come with a platinum pin and electrode that result in three times longer service life as compared to other spark plugs for Jeep. Furthermore, the electrode gap is also an original feature that provides the best fit with all different kinds of models.

What's more, is that the fine wire design is great for excellent ignitability and champion performance. This spark plug will give your vehicle great mileage no matter what the conditions or preferences. Furthermore, the welding feature operated by the laser also uses a platinum firing pin for durability.

Most users suggest that this is not compatible with the 2001 Jeep Wrangler or the 2004 Jeep Wrangler. However, it works and fits perfectly when it comes to the 2007-11 Jeep Wrangler and Jeep grand Cherokee.


  • Versatile design
  • Good mileage
  • Longer life service


  • Issue with compatibility
  • Problems with laser

8. Bosch Automotive 9661 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug 

Bosch Automotive 9661 Double Iridium OE Replacement Spark Plug

There is something about this spark plug that sets it apart from a lot of other plugs that are available in the market. This is the fact that this spark plug has a universal fit. What this means is that this spark is compatible with almost all Jeep models. This too can certainly be called the best spark in a lot of ways.

It is the double iridium feature of this spark plug that makes it such a popular choice. This double iridium material combined with fine wiring ensures that the durability is not compromised and lasts long while giving a great mileage.

Furthermore, it also comes with a pre-gap electrode that makes sure it is the perfect fit with every sort of vehicle. This is also an indicator of the fact that the spark plug runs well in different sorts of scenarios.

Apart from the iridium material and the gap, these iridium plugs get a fantastic rating when it comes to voltage consumption. They are perfect for heat transfer due to the added advantage of the copper core. It is very unlikely that you will see an iridium material as well as a copper core.

However, do not underestimate the functions of this copper core, as it eliminates all sorts of pre-ignition and fouling. Therefore, if you are looking for a spark plug for your Jeep model and cannot decide which spark plugs are the best as per their value, this is definitely what you should opt for.


  • Fine wiring of the best kind
  • Fits well with most vehicles
  • Low voltage consumption


  • Might need a replacement plug
  • Slightly expensive

9. Dodge Charger Promaster Jeep Wrangler Set Of Six (6) Spark Plugs OEM

Dodge Charger Promaster Jeep Wrangler Set Of Six (6) Spark Plugs OEM

This spark plug too is one of the many spark plugs that come with OEM specifications. This dodge charger spark plug comes in a set of 6 plugs and works with the Jeep 4.0 as well as the Jeep Cherokee. Furthermore, the spark plug can also be checked for other 3.0 models as well.

Besides this factor, this spark plug also comes with a pre-defined gap as well as a champion material coating for maximum life and durability. Like most spark plugs, you can ensure the universal fit factor with this one too.

While it does not have a double platinum feature or the material of different copper spark plugs, it still does its job with utmost perfection and does not let your Jeep heat up quickly.

Make sure you are checking for these features before buying a new spark.


  • Good material
  • OEM Specification followed
  • 4.0 Jeep models compatibility


  • Spark plugs missing
  • Customer service slow to respond

What To Look For Before Buying A Spark Plug For Your Jeep Wrangler?

When you think about aftermarket parts for your Jeep Wrangler, a spark plug may not be the first thing that strikes you. Yet, it is a crucial factor to aid the core driving mechanism of your Jeep. It's why you need to account for a variety of factors before jumping in to make a decision.

It is best to look out for the features below before you buy the best spark plug for Jeep Wrangler JK:

Simplicity Of Use And Compatibility

You must be aware that spark plugs are available in a range of sizes and shapes. The size of the nut or thread is what defines the category of the plug. Due to this, it is vital to keep track of the size you need and buy accordingly.

Best Spark Plugs For Jeep Wrangler

When buying a spark plug, refer to the size of the nut and thread. The engine and model of your Jeep are the final aspects of consideration. If you are not sure of these, talk to your mechanic for clarity. Professional advice is best for all instances, whether you are looking for plugs for Jeep 4.0, Jeep Grand Cherokee, or older versions.


Generally, older Jeeps function best with copper spark plugs and may not be compatible with newer spark plug types. Copper plugs facilitate low-voltage ignition while being highly affordable options. They maintain excellent, steady performance despite any circumstances. The Jeep Grand Cherokee also benefits more from copper replacement spark plugs.

On a parallel, newer Jeep models perform optimally with platinum or iridium spark plugs. These are beneficial for the advanced engines of more recent models. Iridium spark plugs are expensive, but they offer better functioning and greater efficiency than platinum plugs.

Spark Plugs For Jeep Wrangler

Remember that even though platinum and iridium are better spark plugs, they will not yield the results you expect if you have an old model.

The make and model of your engine are at the core of deciding which type of spark plug you need. Take note of the OEM specifications before jotting down your options.

Durability And Lifespan Plus Warranty

The lifespan of a spark plug is of importance as well. The minimum lifespan a spark plug requires is 50,000 miles. A lifespan lesser than 50,000 miles means that the plus does not have a durable build. Some low-quality plugs offer a lifespan of merely 30,000 miles, so you must avoid these.

While 50,000 miles is the lowest bar, the golden standard for longevity comes in at 100,000 miles. Spark plugs that can serve you efficiently for at least 100,000 miles will ensure high-quality performance and extreme reliability.

Warranty is also at the core of deciding the worth of a spark plug. It may not seem like a significant deal while you are buying a spark plug. However, it will matter significantly in the course of the usage of your spark plug.

Before finalizing any deal, make sure the spark plug you are buying comes with a minimum warranty of 3 to 5 years. It will help you attain peace of mind and gain assurance about your purchase. It holds true even if you have a model like the 2001 Jeep Wrangler that has known ignition problems.

Heat Rating Plus Electrode Gap

In a nutshell, the more extensive the spark plug's heat range, the better it is for your vehicle. It means that the plug has the full capacity to handle high and extreme temperatures without succumbing to heat. You will be able to rely upon such plugs even if you end up pushing the limits of your Jeep Wrangler's engine.

Plugs with a high heat rating, also known as cold plugs, can keep up with the heat. These are an excellent investment for you if you are a fan of off-road adventures.

Replacement spark plugs that have a lower heat rating are not entirely a poor option. However, they will work well only if you drive on city streets and highways for the bulk of your time. However, they do last for a considerably longer time.

Spark Plugs For Jeep Wrangler

When it comes to the electrode gap, you must ensure you have the right one. The engine of your Jeep Wrangler will not ignite properly if you use the wrong type. Most plugs are pre gapped, like E3 spark plugs or NGK 3459. Pre gapped spark plugs perform well.

Advanced spark plugs are compatible with most engines, so aim for these when buying and keep a check on OEM specifications.


1. Are NGK Spark Plugs Better Than Champion?

On a fundamental level, NGK plugs and Champion plugs will deliver results that are in close competition with each other. The difference between the two becomes noticeable if you compare the iridium spark plugs for Jeep.

NGK platinum or iridium spark plugs have an edge over Champion ones since they have a long history of reliability. Their customer satisfaction has also been better when it comes to Jeep Wrangler owners. However, in the case of copper ones, Champion comes out on top.

The gap on NGK plugs is consistently set to the accurate gap from the factory. The company's packaging is also better, and the plug remains secure in a cardboard tube. It reduces the chances of any defects or damage during transportation.

Spark plugs for 4.0 are best if you use NGK as your brand of preference. NGK has a better track record with regard to plugs for Jeep 4.0. Even an NGK V Power spark plug has better user reception than Champion plugs of the same range. An example is the NGK 3459.

2. Do NGK Iridium Spark Plugs Increase Horsepower?

Yes, it is possible for NGK iridium spark plugs to boost horsepower. However, this is not limited only to NGK plugs but most such spark plugs.

Iridium spark plugs draw a reduced amount of voltage to fire, resulting in greater coil dwell time. Due to this, there is improved combustion, lower emissions, and better fuel efficiency. These contribute towards more horsepower.

3. Do High-End Spark Plugs Make A Difference?

Yes, high-end, top-of-the-line spark plugs undoubtedly make a difference. However, they do not enhance the essential functioning and performance of the engine. They help the engine maintain its present state for a more extended period instead of deteriorating quicker.

Even high-end copper spark plugs are sometimes coated with a trivalent metal for integrity. An example of an affordable yet plated plug is an NGK V Power spark plug, NGK 3459. E3 spark plugs are also excellent. Several buyers swear by the NGK V Power spark plugs that have higher pricing.

If you install high-end spark plugs, you might be able to smoothen a rough idle and get your motor running immediately. Premium plugs offer greater power, faster throttle response, and better stability.

Additionally, advanced spark plugs are usually compatible with more Jeep models and last longer. Their core performance is consistent, whether you have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler or a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

4. Is Iridium Better Than Platinum For Spark Plugs?

Yes, iridium spark plugs are better than platinum plugs. The element is believed to be about six times harder and eight times stronger than platinum. It also has a higher melting point by 700 degrees.

These plugs have incredibly fine electrodes but uphold more than competent wear characteristics. They can last as much as 25% longer than their platinum counterparts.

Some good options for iridium and platinum plugs include E3 spark plugs and NGK V Power spark plugs. They have beneficial elements for your vehicle’s core.

Final Verdict

Now that you know all about spark plugs for Jeep, it is time to go ahead and get yourself one. Choosing a spark plug for your Jeep is not an easy task, and the buying guide of core features, performance, and vehicle type should be of help.

After analyzing all the different spark plugs, the clear winner is either the ngk spark plugs or the champion spark plugs. It would be rather difficult to find a compatible partner with a Jeep 4.0 or a Jeep Cherokee, therefore make sure you are checking your Jeep model and fit.

Before buying the best spark plugs for Jeep 4.0, make sure about the metal you are choosing. Both the trivalent metal spark plugs and singular copper, platinum, or iridium spark plugs come with their own features and positive attributes.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and fire away with your Jeep with the best spark plugs available in the market.

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