10 Best Off Road Traction Mats in 2022 – Reviews & Guide

It is always a good idea to keep a pair of traction mats when you drive in harsh weather conditions. Even if you have the best tire chains or tires, they are always a possibility that they might get stuck when the mud/sand/snow is too deep.

When shopping for the best off-road traction mats for your vehicle, the problem is that there are so many price, styles, storage options, and brands to choose from.

Lucky for you, we have done that part of the job for you and compiled a list of the best off-road snow traction mats in 2021.

Best traction mats



Calling a tow truck to get your vehicle removed from tough situations is very costly and troublesome. However, Subzero store tire mats are made with high-quality material and have everything you need to retract your vehicle when it gets stuck efficiently.

It is manufactured using rigid plastic and heavy-duty finesse, designed specifically to getting unstuck through its grip from the most difficult environments with the help of tire chains. Holding your car firmly in space during the process is essential to avoid slipping and accidents. The best part is that it does not budge from its position once you have fixed it under the surface wheels.

No matter the weather conditions, the functioning of the tire traction snow and ice mats won't be affected. It makes no difference whether it is sunny, windy, or snowy. You name it; Subzero store mats will perform it.

Correct placement and positioning of these gadget surfaces is the key principle to get the most out of them. The ideal arrangement would be in front and back of your four-wheeler. Go with the store's tire traction mat instruction manual because they have not disappointed a customer before.

The instruction manual is not the only thing that user friendly; the packaging is as well. Payment is cash on delivery, and you get a pair of traction tools for the price of one.

Even though the pros outweigh the cons, it is still worth mentioning that if you don't take care of these tire traction snow and ice mats, they can wear off in a short period. Contacting the store for replacement is easy in such cases. Use these tire traction mats and see how easily your vehicle will be up and running on the road.


  • Plays the role of a portable tow truck
  • Traction mat can be used in the snow/ ice/ mud/ sand.
  • Product dimensions are ideal, with 25.1 inches long x 2.2 inches x 8.2 inches wide.
  • Made with high impact polypropylene


  • Snow traction mat wear off easily because they are made of polypropylene plastic.



These traction boards have been proven to be a reliable emergency tool and travel partner for your four-wheelers when they get stuck. With its double ramp design, the need for excessive pushing, pulling, and towing has been removed.

Bring your car into any possible terrain, be it mud, sand, or snow; these mats work perfectly for all types of tires because of their grip.

Alongside the double ramp design, a unique U-shaped design is also incorporated to increase the product's stability. Your safety is never compromised, and no bruises or cuts occur on your skin in uncalled situations.

Manufacturing is done with the best nylon, which ensures durability and high tensile strength. Rays of the scorching sun don't affect Ecotric traction mats; it is what the company boasts about.

Carry and store these traction mats easily. They occupy little to no space and are provided with a flexible handle that adapts to the shape of your hand. You can hold it easily for unmatched assistance when your car is stuck.


  • Traction mats come in a pair and make for easy storage
  • Material of these traction mats feature a high tensile strength
  • Can easily form a grip to lift tires even in mud


  • The pair may not be available currently



Have you ever wanted to unstuck yourself on a muddy road, wondering who to call out for help? Have your off-road use adventures been a nightmare because of this? If your answer is "yes," we have the best accessory for you!

This set of traction mats by Stegodan store come in a wide variety of colors, including orange and yellow, which can be customized to the interior of your car as per your preference.

Top-quality reinforced nylon that is UV resistant and corrosion resistant has been used in this tire traction snow, mud, and sand mats construction to unstuck yourself from any nightmare.

Heavy-duty nylon gives these mud and sand mats all those qualities you are looking for; tensile and compressive strength free from tarnish or fatigue and thermal stability. You get a bulk of function for a snow traction mat that is as cheap as chips.

The end of the snow traction boards has been designed to act as a shovel for bone dry desserts and muddy terrains. A lower height is attributed to this tire traction mat to be the perfect fit for your car.

Stegodon has made customer safety their top priority. A U-shaped elongated design on these snow traction mats prevents your vehicle from slipping or rotating sideways.

The only downside of purchasing these tire traction boards is that they will take space in your vehicle as they cannot be folded or rolled up. Since they weigh 16 pounds, movement is laborious at times.

Good thing they're compatible with all vehicles and come with an easy-to-carry complimentary carrying bag storage. These tire traction snow, mud, and sand mats skip not only the bill but also the trouble.


  • Great for vehicle recovery adventures that involve mud or sand/ snow
  • The pair of recovery traction mats come with a carrying bag storage.
  • Each mat pair weighs only 5 pounds with dimensions of 24 inches long x 12 inches wide.


  • The mat cannot be folded or rolled up



Stopping tires from spinning is not a piece of cake since the rotating alarms many drivers because it can lead to destruction. But with these Maxsa escaper buddy mats and their raised tracks, your problems and fears will subside.

Off-road adventures are Maxsa escaper buddy traction mats most ideal target, as they enhance traction and pulling out of spinning tires if placed correctly within the area.

A durable material known as polypropylene plastic has been used to create these mats. It is known for increasing the longevity of products; hence Maxsa escaper buddy traction mats have incorporated these for a one-time investment. Although the raw material is a bit expensive, the finished products have been kept within your affordability range.

With a 48 inches length and 14.5 inches width, they perfectly fit your tires and are not too short or too long for your Jeep. Immaculate dimensions and perfectly built, these are the perfect choice for your expeditions.

Absolutely no extra towing, pushing, or calling up professional assistance is required. Just use these with your hand and see all your thoroughfare problems being solved, one after the other.


  • Traction mats come in a pair which call for easy price and storage
  • Mats made with heavy-duty plastic
  • Recovery traction mats created a strong grip through the tires when you're stuck


  • Currently unavailable



It doesn't matter which type of vehicle you have, a Jeep, a truck, or a car; if it has four wheels, it is bound to get stuck in the snow, especially if you're off-roading. One of the simplest ways to get unstuck is to carry a pair of well-versed traction mats like these by Bunker.

Unlike the others on the market, these traction mats come with bragging functions like their double ramp and sturdy style. You can use them as a shovel to remove debris and any other texture of snow, mud, and sand you encounter on your thousand-mile journey.

You don't have to worry about spinning since it is eliminated through their raised tracks. This unique design protects your vehicle and gives supreme grip plus friction to get you moving in no time.

Heavy-duty manufacturing has been done with the toughest nylon prepared for all kinds of fixes. Flexibility and durability fathom no bound and go to any extent for your ease.

With side handles and 10 pounds weight, carrying them in your vehicle is never an issue. Whenever an uncalled situation advances, you know who to rely on. Just pull the Bunker Traction Boards out of your trunk or roof rack and use them stress-free.

However, the traction boards tend to break when used with heavier vehicles because they are sensitive to cracks. Ensuring that this traction mat can handle the pounds weight of your vehicles is important before making the purchase.

If it is, you're in for a treat because cleaning the traction boards is easier than the previous versions of traction mats from the same store. All the dirt can be rinsed off in one swipe. Anti-corrosive and UV resistant, these transaction mats are made for all Jeep Wrangler owners.


  • Traction mats come with bragging functions like their double ramp and sturdy style, which help get unstuck.
  • Traction mats are designed for an easy to store experience
  • It can be used in the snow/ ice/ mud/ sand because it is made of durable plastic


  • It cannot be used with heavy tires because the plastic material may snap under the weight.



While driving your four-wheelers on fierce roads, you are bound to get stuck somewhere in the sand and snow. Well, there is nothing to worry about when trying to unstruck yourself as long as you have the Yeeoy snow, mud, sand Traction Mats prepacked with you!

The unique hexagonal honeycomb design is what makes these mats reliable. The model increases friction, thus allowing your wheels to get moving again in the shortest period.

Adaptable and highly convertible, they can be placed in the trunk of your car and be used on any roadways regardless of how steep or narrow they may be.

Emergencies come hand in hand with off-road and on-road adventures. Tire traction mats act as levers and helping hands during such catastrophes. Having these with you will prove to be your safest and most reliable course of action.

Yeeoy has packed a pair of these mats in one parcel. Everything comes assembled and well kept.

To avail all benefits the traction mat should be used carefully. The grip should be sturdy and directed towards the rolling so that your vehicle starts motion easily.

Versatility knows no bounds. They work well with all kinds of four-wheeled vehicles when you're trying to unstuck yourself, especially the Jeep Wrangler models. A driver's favorite and a family's safety tool, these mats undoubtedly elevate your position on the road and help you get unstuck.


  • Comes in a pair and is designed to play the role of a portable tow truck
  • Made with heavy-duty plastic, which can form a strong grip when you're stuck


  • For storage, they need to be well kept



Nothing can destroy a day like getting jammed in a place you wouldn't like to be. Here is where the ZeSuper Recovery boards Tire Traction Mat acts as an emergency tool and saves the day.

Dimensions of these Tire Traction Mays are 42 inches x 12 inches x 4.7 inches, with a weight of 14 pounds.

The strong nylon used in the manufacturing provides durability and strength to these traction mats. They don't just withstand UV Rays and heavy weights; they also add style to your Jeep.

Zesuper recovery boards offer five amazing colors, including orange to choose from. No additional charges are levied upon the color and customization of choice to show dedication to their customers.

The spinning of rubber tires in inevitable weather such as sand, snow, mud, or ice can cause harsh accidents and fatalities. However, these raised tracks produce better friction and eliminate such injuries from happening. This outstanding safety net provided by Zesuper recovery boards traction mat raises the bar for all other models automatically.

A hole is often needed to be plowed in the earth to unravel your vehicle out of the mud and get it back on its running wheels. This track also acts as a spade and helps you create the much-needed space for your comfort and safety without hassle.

Zesuper also offers returns and replacements of their traction mat accessories every consecutive year. All their representatives are just a call away in case of any confusion or queries. A client-oriented store indeed.


  • Option of customizing your vehicle features through the variety of traction mat features.
  • Diminishes the movement of rubber tires


  • Currently unavailable



Next up in our recommendation list for the best traction mats is the Off-Road Board traction boards. When immediate help is not at hand, if your car is stuck in snow, this can be your ride or die.

Serving multi-purposes, this product can be used as a shovel and with your jack base at the same time. A distinctive tooth-shaped design provides extensive friction to pull your Jeep out of sticky situations. However, there is no rose without a thorn, and polypropylene plastic from the edges of the traction mat can get a bit tough after rough use.

Off-road has put all their efforts into material quality. This specific model comprises the toughest non-corrosive nylon material features that can withstand high temperatures without giving way. Safe to say, it's a friend of your Wrangler.

The U Shaped and Nail shaped design features add to the grip of the mats while making it easier to clean the traction boards. Befitting almost all types of landscapes and vehicles, these boards are a perfect fit for you.

As they say, big things come in small packages; the same is the case with this product. It is quite easy to carry with its petite measurements. All you need is a small black carrying bag storage, and you'll be sure that space does not burden your vehicle it takes up.


  • The U Shaped and Nail shaped design features in the mat add to the grip of the snow/sand mats.
  • This mat is easy to carry and store


  • Polypropylene plastic from the edges of the traction mat can get a bit tough when used in the snow/sand.



This one is the least expensive set of surface traction mats on our list and works almost as well, if not better, than its competitors. Great value for price and matchless strength is what you need in this economy.

This mat has a rather combative tooth design feature that works condescendingly as soon as your wheels lose movement. The great amount of friction produced by these traction mats forces your vehicle out of any situation that involves mud or sand.

Besides this, they are made up of top-notch UV Resistant Reinforced Nylon and polypropylene plastic features which come in impeccable bright colors, including orange. Bearing temperatures as little as 20 degrees below zero, the climate of any particular terrain does not affect their executive power.

The chances of your car getting stuck at night are relatively higher than daytime. Leadracks deliver the traction mats with reflective stickers on the surface. These act as instructions regarding the use of the traction mat in emergencies without panicking. A product that offers a combination of safety and convenience should never be left under the radar.

Although they may be a tad bit heavier than the polypropylene plastic mats, such a versatile product should not be ignored for this price.

The surface of these high-impact polypropylene traction mats is designed in a way that can be used as a shovel to get rid of residues in sand, snow, mud, or ice. No need to linger while making extensive phone calls to professionals. Your time and energy are invested the right way and the only way that they should be.


  • Features come in impeccable bright colors, including orange
  • You can use the mat in the snow/ ice/ mud/ sand.


  • Heavier as compared to other mats



Last but not the least, we have the real deal or the Recovery boards Traction Mats from Reindeer. Attractive to the eyes, and promising to their job, these are worth your money and time!

Cleaning these mats is no bother, as they are formed from nylon designed to be light and flexible. Durability and toughness go hand in hand with this high-quality material.

It works best in off-road situations where you can not easily call out for help. A unique U-shaped design reinforces the firmness these were designed to give.

When you are stuck in snow and sand, the mats not only withstand these temperatures with grace, they also act as plows and shovels to clear up the path in front of you conveniently.

Lying hand in hand with the mechanical aspects of your vehicle, their low height on both ends can easily get your Jeep Wrangler unfastened from any particular angle.

Reindeer store has made strong bonds with their customers by providing one-year extensive warranties and replacements on the tip of a button. However, some reviews claim that there has been cracking and breakage of the mats under extremely heavy weight capacity. But that's a given for any traction mat. It is important to use them with care.

These tractions mats are extremely easy to lift and carry. With a feather-like weight, you can place them in the trunk or the roof rack of your vehicle without hesitation.


  • Traction mats are extremely easy to lift even you get stuck in snow or mud
  • Price is right
  • This set of traction mats can withstand high temperatures


  • Plastic on the pair of mats may not be compatible with big rubber tires.

Things to check before buying


Tire traction mats usually come in high-quality plastic or industrial nylon. Some are made with rubber threads and galvanized steel. Although the steel core is more durable, they are more expensive.

Off Road Traction Mats

Plastic and nylon are usually preferred over steel core tire traction mats because they are more durable, and the price is right.


Choose a tire traction mat that comes with a box or a carrying bag. This way, after the mats on the mud, you will have an option for storage. Consider buying storage for your traction mats if they don't come with your purchase.



How useful your tire traction mats will be is determined by their width. Before you pay the price of a tire traction mat, make sure to measure the width of your tire to ensure that you're choosing the right mat.

On our list of the best off-road traction mats, one thing for sure- tire traction mats come in a range of widths.

Off Road Traction Mats

As compared to your tire's width, the length of the mats need to be wider. To handle larger tires, make sure that the traction mats have sufficient width.


Trust us; there will be nothing more frustrating than knowing that the tire traction mats you've purchased are not long enough to get the grip going so your vehicle can be unstuck. With that being said, don't purchase the longest mats on the market.

Longer mats

With front-wheel drive vehicles, very long traction mats underperform because they do not make for a strong grip. When you're at a steep angle, they may also be difficult to place.

Off Road Traction Mats


1. Do I need a pair of tire traction mats?

You may need a pair if you drive along a lot and in extreme conditions. However, all four wheels of your vehicle getting stuck is not so common.

2. Should the traction mats be put under the back or the front wheels?

Mats should be put under the wheel that needs traction. For instance, if the front tires are stuck, you would put the traction mats on the drive wheels.

3. Can I store my traction mats on my roof rack?

To avoid prolonged exposure, it is better to keep traction mats covered unless they are UV-stabilized.

4. Can traction mats bridge gaps?

Consider purchasing a bridging ladder instead If you need to drive over a gap. This is because traction mats are designed especially to unstuck your vehicle.

5. Do traction mats come with a mounting storage system?

Some models have a pair of mounting pin sets, while others can be purchased. The mounting pins can help hold a pair or even two of traction mats.

Final Verdict

Here are our top picks for the best off-road traction mats. You never know when your vehicle will give way, and you are going to get stuck. It can be on an ill-fated beach drive or your snowy driveway.

A good pair of durable traction mats could be the difference of you getting stuck for 15 minutes rather than a few hours.

To see the best off-road traction mats for you, evaluate your driving habits and needs.

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