10 Best Lift Kit For Jeep Wranglers in 2022 – Reviews and Guide

Do you want to increase the performance of your Jeep? There are multiple ways to do so, but the best practice is to install a lift kit. A lift kit can enhance the vehicle's clearance and provide enough space to drive over tree stumps, rocks, and water.

Moreover, it can make your Jeep look more rugged and appealing, along with boosting the overall performance.

Jeep Wranglers make the best candidate for the highest lift kits. The suspension lift makes them perform well, whereas the body lift kits can provide you with an excellent return on the investment. Therefore, having the best lift kit for the jeep wrangler would be excellent!

Now, you can make your riding in Jeep more adventurous and fun with the lift kits. No matter the height or edgy and bumpy road, the lift kits would help you pass any obstacle with ease and convenience. So, if you are looking for the best Jeep Lift kits, we have the top-rated products for you.

Without any delay, let's get you through the reviews and help you make the decision to choose the best Jeep Lift Kit to enjoy the best time outdoors.

Best Lift Kit For Jeep Wrangler - Detailed Reviews

It can be a challenging task to find the best Jeep Lift kit among so many lift kits available in the market. Therefore, we have selected the best ten products based on their performance, features, and customer reviews.

After reading the reviews, you will be able to decide on which Jeep Lift Kit you need to put your money on.

1. Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit 2007-2008 Jeep Wrangler JK

Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit 2007-2008 Jeep Wrangler JK

Do you need to provide your Jeep with additional ground clearance? Why not choose the best suspension lift kit from Rough Country. The suspension lift kit includes brake line brackets, front, and rear coil spring spacer, shock relocation brackets, rear sway bar links, and rear track bar brackets.

With this exceptional lift kit, you can install it to about 35 inches of the tire. As a result, the center of gravity will increase, which can pass through any steep roads or rocky terrains smoothly. Further, you can add 2.5 inch of extra height to your Jeep.

The best part of the lift kit is that it is easy to install. With 100 percent bolt-on installation, you do not need any help to install the kit. Moreover, it comes with detailed instructions to make the assembly process relatively simple. It will take about two to three hours to install.

Besides, the kit balances the front and rear parts of the Jeep so that you can enjoy a smooth journey. Apart from that, it is made with a spring retention design where the coil stays in its places irrespective of the environmental situations.

The kit uses a rear track bar bracket to make sure that rear axles are always centered in their place. Also, it will not let the parts come out frequently. Besides, the fancy look of the lift kit would enhance the handsome look of your Jeep.


  • Straightforward and convenient bolt-on installation process
  • Allow you to use tires of about 35 inches
  • Can offer a lift to about 2.5 inches
  • Offer the Lifetime replacement warranty by Rough Country

2. MotoFab Lifts 3-Inch Front 3 Inches Rear Full lift Kit Jeep Wrangler

MotoFab Lifts 3-Inch Front 3 Inches Rear Full lift Kit Jeep Wrangler

MotoFab Lift kits are well-known in the market for a number of good reasons. The quality of products the company manufactures keeps the customers satisfied all the time. Moreover, the lift kits are usually easy to install.

The 3-inch spacer can give an easy installation lift to 35-inch tires to conveniently drive both on and off the road.

The coil spacers are manufactured with high-grade steel. Additionally, the lift kit includes brake line brackets, two rear shock extenders, two front shock extenders, two rear coil spacers, and two front coil spacers. Apart from that, you will have all the necessary hardware required for installation.

Next, you should know the kit is fully bolt-on, making it easy to install. Further, it provides extra half-inch life to drive smoothly off-road. The components of the kit are covered with a durable coated finish for long-lasting usage. It will also protect the parts from corrosion and rust.

The 3-inch rear left, and the 3-inch front kit is equipped with shock extenders on the rear and front. Moreover, if you take your vehicle more often towards off-road destinations, the kit will provide you about 3 inches of ground clearance. It will protect your vehicle from any roadside rocks or debris.


  • Made with high-grade steel
  • Equipped with complete bolt-on installation
  • Coated with a durable powder to make it corrosion-resistant
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Instructions for installation might not be clear

3. Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ LJ

Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ LJ

If you want to give your vehicle the perfect combination of style, performance, and protection, a Rough country Jeep Wrangler Lift kit is what you need. Now, you can transform your Jeep Wrangler to run on bigger tires and wheels with the exceptional suspension lift by Rough Country.

The suspension lift features easy-to-install components to provide you with a handsome look and improved ground clearance. Further, the lift kit boasts a set of lifted rear and front coil springs to support off-road ability and a larger profile.

What's more? The factory-tuned and OE spring rate of the coil springs provide you with a factory-like ride experience. Also, the suspension lift kit is upgraded with an N3 shock absorber.

The lift kit is designed for Jeep Wrangler and larger tires up to 31 inches. Moreover, the lifting kit includes easy and patented bolt-on installation. But, it can still fit with off-roaders with six-cylinder engines and trucks.

Apart from that, you will enjoy the quality ride with the suspension lift kits and feel confident while driving any difficult track. Besides, the progressive rate coil springs will offer a secure and stable platform to ride.


  • Offers a ground clearance of 31-inch bigger tires
  • Offers excellent and smooth ride quality
  • Comes with easy bolt-on installation
  • N3 shocks offer unmatchable clearance ability


  • You might need to purchase a transfer case drop kit separately

4. Rough Country JK 4DR- 67930 Lift Kit For 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler

Rough Country JK 4DR- 67930 Lift Kit For 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler

Another excellent addition from Rough Country is the JK 4DR- 67930 Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler. Nothing can beat the smooth and quality ride provided by Rough country lift kits. You will get an ideal blend of protection and performance.

The lift kit includes N3 shocks to protect the Jeep from outside impacts. Moreover, the additional V2 Monotube shocks and Vertex Adjustable Reservoir shocks together offer you to enjoy a smooth ride.

The coil springs are factory-tunes, meaning you have improved ride quality. Moreover, the shock absorbers enable the Jeep to perform and drive smoothly on both off and on-road.

The unmatched ground clearance makes it easy for you to drive your Jeep on steep roads and any difficult tracks or terrain. With 2.5 inches lift, you don't need any exhaust extension. As soon as you install the life, your Jeep is ready to take on the road.


  • Offers to maintain a factory-like and smooth ride
  • Equipped with N3 premium shocks
  • Excellent performance on both off and on roads
  • Backed by lifetime Replacement warranty and 3 years of warranty on shocks


  • Difficult to extend the bracket on the frame

5. American Automotive Wrangler JK

American Automotive Wrangler JK

The best lift kit for Jeep Wrangler is the one that can offer you excellent performance, ground clearance, and protection from external impacts. Further, installing a lift kit should be easy and works for a long time.

The American Automotive Wrangler JK comes with complete bolt-on installation. There are many reasons why the lift kit is best to be placed on any of your vehicles, especially trucks.

The lift kit offers the Jeep extra clearance to fit custom wheels and larger tires along with a more imposing stance. The Road Fury high-performance suspension lifts are made with 1/4 inches of laser-cut US steel. With expensive laser welds, cuts, and high-quality, you get impressive-looking, strong, and better-fitting lifts.

The material is heat-treated and Prime mill certified, meaning it is more rigid compared to Chinese imitation alloy, polyurethane, cast, and aluminum. Apart from that, the leveling kits are made without compromising the ride quality.

The lift kit comes with bolt-on installation and easy-to-follow instructions. You can install the lift kit with essential handle tools, and you would need any spring compressor.


  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Features heavy-duty construction
  • Offers excellent lifts without any compromise in the ride quality
  • Offer 35 inches tires clearance and 3 inches of lift both at rear or front


  • Somewhat difficult to install

6. Rough Country 65730 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

Rough Country 65730 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

Rough Country's high-performance lift kit for Jeep Wrangler is made for both the rear and front of the vehicle fitting 2007-2018 Wranglers. The lift kit provides you with everything you require for a mild body lift, along with some real off-road pedigree.

The suspension lift kit completes a number of checklists. Firstly, it offers a more significant ground clearance and an increased lift height. Secondly, it allows lifting for bigger tires. In addition, you can install the kit on your own.

The lift kit provides clearance for 35 inches larger tires with 2.5 inches of lift. Additionally, the kit comes with quality N3 shocks. What does it do? It helps you experience and enjoys a smooth highway ride in your Jeep. Further, the faster-cooling body of the lift enables quick and efficient heat removal. It will also reduce the probability of wear and tear.

The leveling kit makes sure that all the rear and front areas remain balanced and perform exceptionally well on all your adventures. Also, the leveling kit has convenient bolt-on installation. You can also take help from the detailed instruction guide.


  • Allows 2.5-inch lift
  • Ensure that rear and front areas are at the same level
  • N3 shocks dissipate heat
  • Easy bolt-on installation


  • Somewhat lacking in quality

7. Rough Country 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ 4WD

Rough Country 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ 4WD

Not all the Rough Country Lift kits for Jeep Wrangler are the same in features and performance. Just like this Rough Country 2.5 inch Lift Kit for 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler. With this suspension system, you get the best performance, style, and protection to your Jeep.

Installing a lift is not an issue anymore. The lift kit includes bolt-on installation, which means you do not have to struggle with the tools. It requires basic hand tools, and the detailed instruction guide will help you out while installing the lift.

Besides, the lift kit provides about 35 inches of tire clearance. That means you would not have any difficulty crossing any type of terrain or steep roads. Moreover, it increases the center of gravity while leveling the rear and front areas of your vehicle.

The lift kit also includes a solid tubular transfer case drop which can order the driveshaft angles to remove unnecessary vibrations. The vibrations would not let the lift kits compromise the ride quality.

Lastly, the double tapered leaf springs distribute the load equally. The spring retention design makes sure that the coil springs stay in their places in extreme articulation.


  • 100% bolt-on installation
  • Distribute the load evenly with double tapered leaf springs
  • Transfer case prevent vibrations
  • It is a 2.5-inch lift kit


  • Extreme articulation can cause rubbing

8. Rough Country 656 2.5" Lift Kit 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler

Rough Country 656 2.5" Lift Kit 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler

If you want your Jeep to run on larger tires and wheel, you need to buy suspension lift kits. The suspension lift kits by rough country will offer you everything from a killer look to increased ground clearance. Apart from that, the lift kits boast Coil spring spacers for an excellent off-road facility.

The 2.5-inch lift Series II comes with an N3 premium lifted Jeep shocks to provide the smoothest rides on the highways. Moreover, the rear lift includes extended sway bar links and a track bar relocation bracket. Also, the lift kit can fit up to 35 inches tires.

With this highly exceptional lift kit, you will enjoy a rugged off-road style and design enhancing the overall look of your Jeep. Besides, the lift kits include suspension spring retention, which will hold the coil springs when there is extreme articulation.

Like all other Rough Country suspension lift kits, this one also comes with easy bolt-on installation. Also, the detailed instructions will help you out to easily install the kit to your Jeep Wrangler.


  • Improved ground clearance
  • Comes with a spring retention design
  • Offers 35 inches of tires lift
  • Easy bolt-on installation


  • Rubbing might occur during extreme articulation

9. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit For 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler

Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit For 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler

You will not find the best lift kit for Jeep Wrangler TJ than Supreme Suspension. It can provide an additional height of two inches to your Jeep. Thus, you can attach larger tires to your vehicle with no difficulty. By doing so, you can also enjoy a smooth-riding experience even on steep or bumpy roads.

The lift kits from Supreme Suspension can fit a number of TJ Wrangler Jeeps on the models between 1997 to 2002. Therefore, if you have any models from these years, this is the best lift kit for you.

In addition, you will also receive all the necessary hardware tools and accessories in the package. The lift kits also come with a transfer case drop kit and spring spacer. The spacers provide strength to the overall design of the kit. Also, it is corrosion resistant which keeps the look intact for a long time.

On the other hand, the transfer case drop kit keeps the driveshaft alignment parallel. It will also prevent any unwanted vibrations, and it is not vulnerable to wear & tear.

Lastly, Delrin construction provides the body lifts exceptional dimensional stability, high strength, and low friction.


  • Delrin constructed a spacer for durability
  • Add additional two inches of lift height
  • Transfer care keep the driveshaft alignment parallel to reduce vibrations
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware tools for easy installation


  • Bolts might be of different size

10. Rough Country PERF693 3.25" Lift Kit Jeep Wrangler JK 2DR

Rough Country PERF693 3.25" Lift Kit Jeep Wrangler JK 2DR

The last addition to the list is another model from Rough Country. The brand is trusted for manufacturing durable vehicle equipment. This particular lift kit is compatible with the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2DR and is designed with N3 shock components.

The Jeep Wrangler leveling kit provides easy installation at home, and it doesn't require any supervision by an expert. Also, the factory-tuned coil springs are installed to offer smooth ride quality.

Furthermore, the company offers a lifetime replacement warranty on these body lifting kits. However, it offers three years of warranty on components like struts and shocks. Still, it is worth trying if you want to experience an altogether different experience on different terrains.


  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Simple and easy to install kit
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Highly rated brand known for the quality and durability of the product


  • Takes time to install

What Should You Consider Before Buying The Best Lift Kit For Jeep Wrangler?

Buying a Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler, which is within your budget yet offers high performance is a daunting and tedious task. It might be simple for a seasoned mechanic to find suitable lift kits. But what about the new drivers? How can they choose among so many options?

Lift Kit For Jeep Wrangler

For that reason, we have listed down the essential factors you should know before buying the best lift kit for Jeep Wrangler.

Types Of Lift Kits

There are two basic lift kits in the market available for Jeep Wranglers. These include frame lift and suspension lift. However, there is one more lift known as leveling lift designed especially for some vehicles.

Body Lift Kit

The body lift kit improves the clearance area such that it can accommodate a larger wheel. It also comes with essential parts that can adjust the linkages and angles that are affected during the lift installation.

The body kit allows the frame to raise higher to prevent the rubbing of tires on the frame and provide an aesthetic appeal to your Jeep. However, body kits do not include shock absorption or suspension.

Body Lift Kit

Besides, the body lift kits are usually available in lower-level heights but can change your Jeep's overall function and appearance. Most importantly, the body lift kits are easier to install.

Suspension Lift Kits

The suspension lifts provide effectiveness and value to the Jeep Wranglers. It pushes down the wheels of the vehicle from the frame to keep all the components and angles efficient and safe. Moreover, the lift kit uses shocks and impacts the handling of the vehicle in a positive way.

The suspension kits offer more responsiveness for off-road driving. It can provide lifts up to 6 inches with increased ground clearance and greater articulation. Also, it includes high-performance parts to provide efficient ride quality.

Apart from that, some manufacturers use extended control arms and steering components to make it more professional.

Leveling Kits

Leveling Kits also used to serve a similar purpose, like suspension lifts and body lifts. However, leveling kit lifts the vehicle to stock height back and front.

Leveling kit does not have any suspension components. Nonetheless, its primary goal is to accommodate larger tire sizes. If you find that the rear end of the vehicle can accommodate large tires, but the front end does not, you need leveling kit for that purpose.

It will balance the height of the front and rear to provide you with an equal level of clearance.

Control Arms

You need to consider the control arms while searching for lift kits carefully. For example, you should choose a right lower control arm for the vehicle if you want to lift the Jeep to 3.5 inches. Similarly, you should go for a long arm if you are trying to lift your Jeep to about 4 inches.

Lift Heights And Tire Size

To raise the height of the tires to about 33 inches, a lift kit of 1.5 inches might be suitable. It usually includes longer sway bar links, brake line extension, shock spacers, and spring spacers.

On the other hand, if you require to raise the height to 35-inches, you can use a suspension lift which can lift to 2.5 inches. Also, make sure that the suspension lift involves front control arms, brake line extension, track bars, shock, and springs.

Lift Kit For Jeep Wrangler

Lastly, If you are challenging 37-inch tires or more, you should look for a lift kit that can provide 3.5 inches of lift. Such kits would include sway bar links, control arms, brake lines, track bars, shocks, and springs.

Hardware And Warranties

The next thing you need to consider is that the package includes all the necessary hardware. The parts such as springs and shocks are required to fix the lift kits. Therefore, you won't have to spend extra money on the hardware.

If you have the company's warranty, it will ensure that you are investing your money in the right place. Most people buy the best jeep lift to enhance off-road performance. However, the situations like rough terrain and steep roads can harm the internal components.

So, if you have a warranty from the company, you can easily replace or repair the component whenever you find it necessary.

Performance Impact

The performance of your Jeep can be affected even with the slightest lift. It can have a negative effect on the overall performance. Therefore, if you mess with the suspension of your vehicle, you will cause it to rub against the frame and other issues in handling.

You need to identify what kind of accessories can affect the performance of your Jeep Wrangler. It is important that you use only the suitable tools as suggested by the manufacturer while installing the lift kit.

Reasons For Lifting

Before you order or purchase the kit, specify for what reasons you want to lift the Jeep. Investing in a lift kit is a wise decision if you enjoy driving a four-wheel vehicle. It reduces the overall impact on the frame, and the suspension will provide responsiveness off-road.

 Lift Kit For Jeep Wrangler

In addition, lifting the vehicle will help you pass through difficult tracks as traction seems to increase while you try to keep the vehicle on the ground.


The suspension lifts or body lifts kit should be made with high-quality materials if you want to enhance your Jeep's performance. Also, it will offer an excellent resale value.

At any moment you feel to resell, the rugged tires and heavy-duty suspension kits will add more value to your Jeep.

Required Equipment

The lift kits usually need only the basic installation tools. However, some projects might require you to purchase power tools to finish the task. So, you need to decide the type of project you are working on before buying the kit.

You can ask the manufacturers to help you in listing the tools. Also, DIYers might say that you need power tools, but they are not required in most tasks.

Budget Boost Or Economy

Lift kits increase the visual aspect of Jeep Wranglers. However, the budget boost or spacer lift can keep your Jeep at its place. It places a 0.75 to 2.5-inch thick polyurethane coil over the coil springs of your stock Wrangler.

Some of the lifts include many other parts such as brake line extensions, aftermarket shocks, and other items that you would need for the budget boost. Also, it provides additional height to accommodate bigger tires without compromising off-road performance.

Thus, it is the most economical way to make your Jeep Wrangler appear aggressive without needing to add anything to improve the performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind Of Lift Kit Should I Get For My Jeep?

For most purposes, you will require 3.5-inch lift kits. You will be able to correct the geometry of the Jeep with front and rear track bars. Also, you can realign the front axle or lower the front or upper control arm.

However, a 2.5 inch will also offer a positive impact on the Jeep's performance. It must include read and front springs.

2. Will A JK Lift Kit Fit A TJ?

No, a JK lift kit will not fit a TJ. The mounting style of both JK and TJ are identical, but they have different collapses and extended lengths. A 2-inch lift shock for JK will not be the same as that of TJ.

3. Does Lifting A Jeep Cause Problems?

You need to be careful while lifting a jeep with lift kits. If you have to raise the Jeep higher than usual and haven't replaced the shock control arms, it might shorten the wheelbase and cause vibrations. With a taller lift, you will face bigger issues when you use the stock control arms.

4. Can You Put 35-Inch Tires On A Stock Jeep JL?

Yes, it is possible to put 35-inch tires on a stock Jeep JL. You can do it until you are not planning to take your Jeep on a gravel road. In those conditions, the tires will get in contact with the fenders.

On the other hand, if the unlimited JL has a 118-inch wheelbase, you can rise it up to 2 inches to improve the ground clearance. It will also help you back up the amount of travel you have lost so far.

5. Can I install a lift kit myself?

Installing lift kits yourself can be a time-consuming process. Also, you should only go ahead with the process if you have complete knowledge of how to go about it. However, doing it yourself can save you money.

On the other hand, if you are not equipped with the process, it's better to hire a professional. A professional will do a better job in a lesser amount of time.

Final Thoughts

Jeep Wrangler comes with various performance and aesthetic upgrades, out of which lift kits are the most popular. Whether you choose body lifts, suspension lifts, or leveling kits, your Jeep Wrangler will look the way you want. The best part is that all of them are available at a fair and reasonable price.

So, if you want to go on a bumpy road or highway and improve the off-road performance of your Jeep, you need to choose the best lift kit for jeep wrangler.

That is where you will find this article highly useful. From our top ten recommendations, you can find the one best lift kit that will fulfill all your requirements.

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