10 Best Jeep Wrangler Led Headlights – Reviews and Guide

Jeep Wranglers are attractive, rugged, versatile and come with a ticket into the exclusive Jeep owner club.

However, the default headlights that come with the Jeep Wrangler are often frustrating to use because of their low light.

This review covers everything you will ever need to know, including frequently asked questions and a buyer's guide to the best jeep wrangler LED headlights.

Best Jeep wrangler LED headlights



Owners of a Jeep Wrangler are well aware of their difficulties while driving on bumpy and muddy roads, especially at night. The journey can be quite stressful if the lighting system of the Jeep is not well-equipped to meet the potential dangers of the road.

The Round Black Cree LED Headlights are the ideal fit for you because they provide easy navigation and utmost safety! They are inexpensive, trouble-free, and can offer the best solutions even in the worst circumstances.

Proven to be 50 percent more vivid than other Jeep Wrangler LED headlights, these are formulated from CREE chips to make them more luminous.

Hitting another home run, a High Beam of 4500 LM and Low Beam of 3200 LM, make up these LED lx light headlights. Not only are they also waterproof, but they also work proficiently work for 80000 hours above a lifetime.

Installation is super simple and can be finished in 15 minutes or so, with the Plug and Play installation H13 and H4 adapter given along. A fixed and built in anti flicker harness eliminates the requirement of an extra decoder.

Round Black Cree LED Headlights are well-suited for various Jeep Wranglers such as the Jeep Wrangler CJ7 1975-1983, Unlimited Jeep Wrangler TJ LJ (2000-2008), and the Jeep Wrangler JK (2017-2020). There are many more models like the Jeep CJ8 Scrambler 1983-1985 and the Rover Lan Defender 100 & 110. It is not rocket science! These jeep wrangler models use the LX lights for efficient and economical driving.

The lights have a legal affirmation making them legitimate for usage on the roads. They are Dot Approved, and E-Mark Approved. What's more is that they comply with Section 108 of the Federal Motorway Standards for Safety.

Finally, the package encompasses a 2x7 inch wrangler LED headlight, a 2 x H13 to H4 Adapter, and an installation guide giving comprehensive details for the successful insertion of the lights.


  • Low cost.
  • Their temperature is maintained at 6000K.
  • Easy to install jeep wrangler LED headlights
  • These are Dot Approved, and E-Mark Approved


  • Is currently unavailable



Up next in the list for the best jeep wrangler LED headlights are something for drivers who frequently drive at night. The weather conditions play a huge role when you're on the road. Bad weather accompanied by a bad lighting system can be the call of a disaster for many.

The CREE LED Fog headlights provide the solution for this struggle. They deliver enhanced vehicle visibility along with driving alleviation. Getting these lights for your Jeep Wrangler will surely not disappoint you!

The lights are installed with hassle-free plug and play for Black LED Headlights, and Fog LED Headlights simultaneously. The LED headlight also comes with a fixed EMC-Function which avoids flickering and eliminates the need for an extra decoder.

Not only are they waterproof, but they are also formulated with Black die casting Aluminum Housing makes these lights extremely long lasting with a life of 50,000 hours. They can even withstand extreme temperatures and can be kept at an optimum of 6000K.

These jeep wrangler LED headlights are luminous with High Performance Cree Led Lamps along with 4500 and 3200 LM for high and low beams, respectively.

They also offer 1800 LM for both Fog Lights. The feature of the radiant light makes the DOT approved LED headlights unlike any other on the market.

So you don't have to go through the hassle of legal approval; these lights come legalized and permissible to be driven on the road. A Dot approved and E-Mark approval guarantees safety while driving according to Section 108 of the Federal Motor Safety Standards.

Black Led Headlights and Fog Lights are the perfect fit for many models of Jeep wranglers. Some of them include the Jeep Wrangler LJ TJ JKU JK Sahara Freedom Edition, Willys Wheeler & Unlimited Hard Rock Edition.

These versatile Jeep Wrangler LED headlights are also well fitted with Jeep 1997- 2017 Hard Rock. Try the Cree LED Fog lights for up to 30 days, and if you don't like them, you can always send them back in.


  • Provide an artistic look to your Jeep.
  • Easy to install and come with a life of 50000 hours
  • Better comfort and safety is guaranteed because of the dot sae approval


  • Makes vision blurred due to blazing light.



Next up on our list is everything your Jeep needs to improve its lighting quality and system. With an ample number of users, this company has always met the needs of everyone with utmost responsibility and care.

These SUNPIE ROUND 7 INCH LED HEADLIGHTS and 4 INCH FOG LED LIGHTS will not let you down. An easy-to-use product from a trustworthy company is all that an eager beaver jeep owner needs right now!

One of the most prominent features of these headlamps is their 6000K Daylight Blue light, which masks the natural daylight color and relieves pressure on the eyes. The built-in projector lens assists in keeping you on track on the road, so your eyes are not confounded by the light ahead.

Going the extra mile, the built-in blue light increases the attention and vigilance of coming vehicles.

The installation process can be done in a jiffy by plug and play installation for both the headlights. An added LED Canbus and EMC Function automatically put an end to extra decoders.

Legally authorized by DOT, SAE, and E-MARK, these lights are shock, dust, and waterproof and have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. A black die casting aluminum housing guarantees firmness and stability.

It is safe to say that the operating output on these of 4500 LM for High Beam and 3200 LM for Low Beam is exceptional.

This overall package is made up of 2x 7 inch LED Headlights with LED CANBUS and 2x Fog Lights, and the operating voltage is maintained at 9-100V along with an H4 Connector that is incorporated within the lights.

Besides all these perks, the 4-inch Driving Fog LED Lights work at a power of 30 W and a voltage of 9-32V DC.

If you're looking for a performer that is an all-rounder and is priced competitively, then this overall led headlight package should be at the top of your list.


  • Gives a brilliant light
  • Shows a polished and sleek look
  • Easy to install and have a 50,000 hours power consumption lifespan 


  • They are a bit costly.
  • Condense at low temperatures.



Next up, we have these 7 inch Round Cree LED lights in our search for reliable headlights. Switching to LED Cree headlights is always a good option for your Jeep Wrangler. Sturdy, safe, and easier to use in all aspects, this one is sure to set a benchmark!

'Try it, to believe it' would be a better way to put it.

The SUNPIE 7 INCH ROUND CREE LED HEADLIGHTS are 60% more vivid and intense than other variants. The formulation is done with genuine CREE LED chips, which provides not only style but also longevity.

A built-in Canbus is something noteworthy in these headlights because it manages to solve 99% flicker. These lights are authorized by DOT, SAE, and E-MARK but the Plug and Play Canbus has a one year guarantee. Being waterproof is just another one of its countless features.

The outputs for operating are at 4800 LM and 3600 LM, while the operating voltage is 9-100V DC. These lights are compatible with multiple Jeep Wrangler models, including 1997-2018 JK KJU LJ Freedom Edition, Unlimited Hard Rock and Dragon Editions, Willys Wheeler, and Altitude.

However, out of the two Hummers, i.e., H1 and H2, the latter needs an extra 9007 to an H4 socket for insertion.

Another downside of these LED headlights are that reviews advise putting in higher grade Canbus or built in Anti-Flicker Harnesses to resolve flickering or High Beam problems.

The original package includes two pcs of Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights along with an H13 to H4 Adapter.

The manufacturer ensures a good warranty and also provides service charges in case of any fault. An excellent product and equally commendable customer service can bring you on cloud nine for sure.


  • The light produced does not strain the eyes.
  • Easy to install and control. 


  • A bit costly than traditional lights.



A customer-oriented company like AAIWA will always do its best to provide you with reliable products for your ease. With so many different LED headlight designs, your Jeep Wrangler would be a sight to see in any of the ones that AAIWA offers!

This replacement for the original Halogen headlights sits pretty on Jeep Wranglers. This 7 inches 75W ROUND LED HEADLAMP has a 7500 LM High beam and 5500 LM Low beam, while the temperature comes in at 6000K for each headlight.

You will never be at the edge of your driver's seat because the expected lasting power consumption is over 50,000 hours.

A die casting aluminum sealed housing and PC lens are incorporated within these headlights, which also guarantees temperature reduction.

Three lighting styles: Daytime running lights, high-beam, and low beam lights, are offered to cater to visibility and an improved light protrusion for the driver's feasibility.

The well-matched models of the Jeep Wrangler for this headlight are 2007-2017 Wrangler Unlimited JK 4 Door/2Door, 2004-2006 Wrangler LJ Unlimited, and 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ. They are also fitted for any motorcycle with 7-inch Headlight, which is another distinctive attribute of these headlamps.

Easy installation is just one of the many other perks. Thirty minutes are all that you will ever need to Plug and Play installation with H4 and H13 Adapters. AAIWA waterproofs all their headlamps, and this one with its refined high performance is no exception.

The overall kit comprises 2 x 7 Round LED Headlights and a 2 x H4 to H13 Adapter. For any concerns regarding high beam or flickers, it is advised to get hold of a built in anti flicker harness, which is easily available on Amazon.

Even though there are brighter options available on the market than the AAIWA Jeep Wrangler LED headlights, if you often drive in the Daytime, these may be the right ones. This company is also one of the few that offer a 2-year quality warranty with every purchase.


  • Light is released in one direction.
  • These factory headlights are energy saving
  • Affordable price and high performance
  • Replacement for halogen lights
  • Easy to install


  • Sensitive to voltage.



Still not satisfied with this list? Not for long because this product has got you covered with its improved and upgraded version of the LED high beam plus low beam plus multicolor RGB LED halo headlights, or to keep it simple, the 7-inch halo headlights LED jeep wrangler headlights.

These LED halo headlights are equipped with the latest technology, which maintains extremely bright luminous flux lights of 4800 lumens at high beams while 3600 lumens at low beams.

White in color, they can hold up to 6000k-6500k in temperature. It's safe to say that this product from AUKMAK is ahead of the pack.

AUKMAK set of headlights come with an instruction user manual and a plug and play easy installation mechanism.

Suppose you're looking for more precise control over the jeep wrangler headlights. In that case, AUKMAK will make your decision even more of a no-brainer with its all-new app version 5.8, which now makes for better connectivity and solves issues to give you a smoother and better experience.

No strings attached, the in-app features include automatic and wireless control, music mode, flashing function, timely functioning, and compatibility with IOS and android.

They are perfectly compatible with jeep wrangler jk, wrangler tj, wrangler jl of models 1997-2017, JK 2 Door, 2 Door and 4 Door (Excludes the Hard Rock Edition), Dragon Edition, X Sport Utility, Altitude, Willys Wheeler, Unlimited Hard Rock Edition, Sahara, Wrangler JK Unlimited 4 Door, and the Jeep Rubicon.

Replacing the original halogen headlights, the HID headlights are maintenance-free and equipped with top-notch IP67 waterproof technology.

They prevent dust, water, and other pollution factors while giving it a better and longer lifespan of 50,000 hours. Moreover, they are manufactured with durable die cast Aluminum, which gives them a sturdier look.

Aukmak ensures customer satisfaction by offering a one-year warranty with a money-back guarantee. The bottom line: If you're looking for a headlight that is user-friendly, then the AUKMAK is a perfect choice.


  • These lights are easy to install.
  • HID headlights Feature multicolor led lights.
  • They are waterproof and maintenance-free.


  • For the jeep rubicon, you might need extra brackets for installation



The Jeep Headlights by LX-LIGHT have been a true and tried favorite jeep owner for many years. Made of durable and high-quality glass, these lights are three times more vivid than the traditional stock headlights and fog lights.

These extraordinarily amazing lights aren't just limited to a two piece headlight but are equipped with a combination of two sets of lights; the headlights and fog lights. For each headlight, the luminous flux is 4800 lumen at high beam while 3500 at low beam.

Likewise, the luminous flux for the fog light is 1600 lumen. One can only envision what a bright combination this can prove to be!

The Daytime running light is equipped with a white light halo ring, whereas for the turn signal, an amber halo ring is used.

Determined to give brilliant high performance, these LED lights are made of premium quality Cree chips and black durable aluminum housing, which is a sturdy material and prevents rust and corrosion.

With top-notch IP67 waterproof technology, these lights can resist water, sand, snow and withstand other pollution factors, ultimately adding to the product's life.

The built-in EMC function has made the installation process easy, which even excludes the need for an added decoder. However, to avail complex features like white light, Daytime running, and amber turn signal, you will have to refer back to the installation manual since their installation isn't a piece of cake.

Various components that are already included in the package include two pieces of 7 inch LED headlights, two pieces of H4 to H13 headlight adapter, two pieces of 4 inch led fog lights, two pieces of 9005/9006-5202(H16), and a conversion Wiring adapter used for fog lights.

It's safe to say you won't be needing professional help when installing these in.

Perfectly compatible with 1997-2017 jeep wrangler unlimited JK (4 doors and 2 doors), LJ and TJ, this product is feature-rich and high in quality with the right price point. As compared to many other models, the LX-light may take a bit more time to learn.


  • Have four modern light modes which are easy to install
  • Three times more vivid than the traditional stock headlights
  • DOT approved and certified.
  • An amber halo ring is used for the turn signal


  • To install the fog lights in some 2013-2017 jeep wrangler hard rock, rubicon X, you will separately have to purchase mounting brackets.



AUDEXEN continuing its legacy of delivering premium quality products to its customer, has yet again come up with a brilliant new innovative product; the AUDEXEN DOT approved 7 inch round headlight for your Jeep.

Manufactured and equipped with the finest constituents, these headlights bring something to the table while giving you ease as you search for obstacles on your way to a smooth driving experience.

Tried and tested, the AUDEXEN headlights are superior in quality because they use Cree chips, which make this line 50% brighter than the ordinary 7-inch headlights.

On low beam, these lights give a power of 30 watts, whereas if you put them on high beam, they emit power of 60 watts with an overall voltage of 12 volts. What's more, is that these lights offer a luminous flux of 3000 lumens at low beam while 6000 lumens at high beam.

Installation is extremely easy with the H4 to H13 adapter that comes with the package. With the built in anti flicker harness, you will not even require an additional decoder. The entire installation process will take hardly 20 minutes and no longer than that.

All you need now is to plug the headlights in and be ready for action. Imagine how easy and smooth the entire process will be.

Ensuring safe and sound transportation, these headlights for legal issues are DOT certified, so you no longer have to worry about getting a ticket.

They not only come with a whopping life span of 50,000 hours but are also waterproof IP67. Just in case water is trapped inside your jeep wrangler LED headlight, all you have to do is remove the waterproof value located at the back of the headlights, switch on the light for about 1-3 hours and install the value back in once all the moisture is dried up.

However, you should not forget to reinstall the ventilation breather cap back.

Compared to our budget entries, the AUDEXEN headlights may be the more expensive choice, but positive reviews attest to the quality of the products.


  • They are compatible with most jeep wranglers and are better than most stock lights.
  • Refund or replacement is offered with one year warranty.
  • Even though it comes with an affordable price tag but the quality is up to the mark.
  • Offers plug play installation.


  • Plug-in adapter is not included with hummer H1 and H2 (2003-2009).

9. Xprite 7" 90W CREE LED Headlights 

Xprite 7" 90W CREE LED Headlights

Led lights are always an appropriate, environmentally friendly option for your Jeep Wrangler. If you like traveling at night and want an unmatched experience, these led headlights for Jeep will be the perfect option for you.

Made with sturdy Aluminum and polycarbonate lens, they are extremely thin and light, and a ribbed design guarantee a powerful cooling system.

Combined with the element of being rust and shockproof they offer the best jeep wrangler LED headlights solution as any other headlights in the LED market.

Installation is very simple because it won't take more than 20 minutes to insert these in your jeep mount. If that was not enough, the LED Ballast and LED Canbus to make your work easier than ever. However, it should be noted that 2017-2018 JKs will need a headlight bracket sold individually.

The lights work exceptionally well. Being more vivid and flashing than the original Halogen headlights gives these CREE LED Headlights an edge of their own. Because of their Angel Eyes Halo, which is a blue-colored bright light, these offer more features than the traditional lights.

A 50,000 hours lifespan accompanied with DOT approval makes these lights legal for use on the road. The four lighting methods that they provide are high beams, low beams, a Daytime running light, and an amber turn signal light.

Xprite 7 inches CREE LED Headlights can be used with quite a several Jeep Wranglers according to their models and requirements. Some noteworthy models are the 97-06 Jeep Wrangler LJ Unlimited, 07-18 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK 2 & 4 Door, and 03-09 Hummer H1 & H2.

Keeping a vigilant check of your local laws is mandatory before purchasing.

The good news is that the company takes responsibility through their two-year warranty.


  • The light produced is easy on the eyes.
  • Makes heat dissipation possible.
  • Head light made with sturdy Aluminum and Polycarbonate lens
  • Guarantees powerful cooling system


  • They are costly to install in the beginning.

10. Vouke H6024 LED Headlight 

Vouke H6024 LED Headlight

Vouke is known to make innovative products. These 7- inch Round LED Headlamps are in a class by themselves, an upgraded version of their former headlights.

With Plug & Play features and H4-H13 Adapter, the installation can be done in a jiffy. By opening the ventilation breather, any signs of moisture can be eliminated and cleaned, which certainly increases the lifetime of these headlights and provides better visibility.

The 7 inch Round LED Headlamp is supplied with an EMC Function. Its preservation does not require much hard work, and it is also water, shock, and dustproof. The LED headlight has DRL, which replaces the original Halogen lights.

Any vehicle with 7 inch Round Sealed Beam Headlamps can carry these headlights efficiently. Some of those vehicles are the 2007-2017 Wrangler Unlimited JK 4 Doors/2 Door, 2008-2009 Wrangler LJ Unlimited, 1976-1986 CJ-7, and 1991 to 2003 General Hummer including Hummer H1 and H2 from 2003-2009.

Although the 2009-2013 Trike models, 1994- later Softail models, and the 2006-2010 FLHTCUSE models need an Adapter plug and a wiring harness for easy installment, the original package includes two pieces 75W 7-inch LED Headlights.

This version of the LED Headlights are also suitable for various motorbikes, including the Yamaha Road Star 1600 and the Roadstar Midnight, and Silverado 1600. The V star 1100 Classic and the V star 650 Classic and others are also fully equipped to use these headlights.

The selling point of Vouke is that they offer a good warranty and repair system in case of any mishap, the satisfaction of customers is always their top priority.


  • Affordable price with high performance
  • Offered in a number of shapes and sizes. 


  • The beam pattern is uneven at times.

What Makes The Right LED headlights for Jeep?


When you're looking for the best jeep wrangler LED headlights, it is important to choose one with the best material. The best jeep wrangler LED headlights are made with good quality material that is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof.

Whether it's your first-time upgrade or you have been looking out for the best Jeep wrangler-led headlight, this review will surely help you in the nick of time.
Jeep Wrangler Led Headlights


If you are planning to set up a LED headlight on your own, then the installation process is important. A plug and play system is usually the simplest and easiest as very little hassle is needed.

Jeep Wrangler Led Headlights

Some of the headlights on this list for the best headlights for jeep wrangler come with adapters that directly connect the source to the headlights.


When you're looking for the best jeep wrangler LED headlights, you must know the fit before making the purchase.

It will save you time and money knowing that the headlight you're purchasing is compatible with your ride.

Shipment policies

Most manufactures ask customers to adhere to specific shipment policies if they're aware of online shopping.

Jeep Wrangler Led Headlights

Some of the policies are returning policies, pick-up options, payment options, and the number of days of delivery.

Policies should be read and understood thoroughly.


1. Will Jeep JK headlights fit a TJ?

Apart from the wiring harness, the TJ and JK LED headlights are pretty much the same. All in all, 7-inch round headlights are used in Jeep Wrangler TJ's.

2. How do I aim my Jeep TJ headlights?

If you're unsure about aiming your Jeep TJ headlights, we would strongly advise you to take your ride to the mechanics.

Although, you will be surprised at the number of YouTube videos that show you how to aim your Jeep Wrangler TJ headlights, especially if your adjusters are in good working condition.

However, a lot of them don't tell you that when you aim at the cross, even on a low beam, you end up with a hot spot with tones of light above the cross.

3. Can you get pulled over for LED lights?

Depending on the State and the dot sae approval, not all LED lights warrant a warning. It is also worth checking the legislation in the State you are in before making any purchases.

4. Which is brighter 6000K or 8000K?

In exchange for visibility, you get more color in the headlight the higher you go in the Kelvin Rating. As compared to 8000K, 6000K will be slightly brighter.

5. How long do LED lights usually last?

As compared to regular halogen lights, the LED lights last longer and also emit less heat.

Most of the LED headlights on this list for the best jeep wrangler LED headlights can last up to 50,000 hours on average.

6. Is it economical to switch to LED headlights?

For both lower prices and efficient lighting, LED technology has evolved.

The advantage of LED headlights economically is that they have a regulated power consumption and a longer lifespan which elongates your Jeep life.

7. What makes the best headlights for Jeep?

For raised jeep wranglers, a projection style headlight is best, especially for a stronger beam that is needed for the J models.

As long as you buy a reliable package, both fore-facing headlights and reflector headlights are a suitable choice.

Final Verdict

When you're investing your money into any accessory for your Jeep Wrangler, you want it to be the best. To select the best Jeep Wrangler headlights on the market, check for visibility, consider your budget, and of course, the quality of the material.

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