10 Best Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares – Which One To Buy?

Don’t big cars like the Jeep seem stylish and royal to you? It is certain parts of the Jeep that make it look so appealing. One such part is its fender flare. So, what exactly is a fender flare and why is it so important?

Most factory vehicles do not come with pre-installed fender flares. Nonetheless, fender flares make an essential accessory for the Jeep Wrangler. It eliminates the dirt or debris to mix with the air while the tires are on the road. The debris like rubble or stone might accidentally hurt the person or vehicle passing nearby.

If you are tired of searching for fender flares in the market, we have the perfect solution for you. Here, we have crafted a detailed review of the best Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares. Along with that, you will find a buying guide and FAQ section to help solve your queries.

Best Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares – Reviews

The role of the best Jeep Wrangler fender flares doesn’t stop at eliminating the debris. The fender flares are available in a variety of styles to allow you to transform the overall look of your vehicle. You can make your Jeep the most stylish in the market.

The market is flooded with numerous options for the best jeep fender flares, which makes it challenging for customers to find the right one. These product reviews will help you understand and find what goes best with your Jeep Wrangler.

1. Hikotor Heavy Duty Front Rear Flat Textured Steel Fender Flare Kit

Hikotor Heavy Duty Front Rear Flat Textured Steel Fender Flare Kit

The first Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares in the list is Hikotor Heavy-duty Fender Flare which is compatible with Wrangler Unlimited & 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler. The kit comprised two passenger side fender flares and two front driver fender flares.

The kit is designed with a unique injection molding technique. It promotes performance and prevents collision. Moreover, the fender flare kit is customized for Dodge Ram with exceptional durability and flexibility.

In terms of material, it offers resistance to war and cracks due to sufficient thickness. It is made from solid stainless steel, which is long-lasting and tough. The black powder coating makes it corrosion and rust-resistant. Further, the tailor-made flares are wide enough to provide optimum protection from splashes of debris and dust on the body.

The kit includes everything for installation. It does not require any drilling or cutting, and you can install the fender flares within one hour with all the basic tools.


  • Highly durable stainless steel construction
  • Exceptional Strength to handle long-term field environment and harsh weather conditions
  • Easy to install with basic tools
  • Compatible with JK Unlimited and 2007-2018 JK models for 4 and 2 doors


  • Might require purchasing of hardware tools for installation

2. Oedro Solid Steel Fender Flares

Oedro Solid Steel Fender Flares

The Oedro Solid Steel Fender Flares are another most recommended fender flares in the market by the users. What most users find best in these fender flares are durability and flexibility.

The best Jeep Fender Flares are compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler models. They come in four pieces to set on all the back, front, and both sides of the Jeep. Moreover, it includes two passenger side fender flares and two front driver fender flares.

To handle the toughest conditions, the fender flares are made with heavy-duty stainless steel coated with black powder. The solid steel will allow them to handle the sharpest flying debris or any tough off-road conditions. Further, the fender flares are not just well-made, durable, and rugged but also relatively affordable.  

The installation process is quite straightforward as it can perfectly fit the OEM fender's factory holes. It only requires you to install the bolts and screw them up. Also, you can install the bigger tires with these fender flares on your Jeep.


  • Easy and smooth installation process
  • Require no drilling or cutting
  • Enable to install bigger tires
  • Protection from all weather conditions 


  • Bolts and nuts might be of low quality

3. YITAMOTOR Steel Fender Flares Kit

YITAMOTOR Steel Fender Flares Kit

For those, who have a passion for affordable auto parts and quality design, YITAMOTOR is there to assist you. The fender flares from YITAMOTOR will offer you improved tire coverage and an off-road look.

The increased tire coverage and the slim design will maintain an off-road appearance. Also, it won't let the wheels rub against the fender flares. Made out of heavy-duty steel and coated with black powder, it is the most durable and long-lasting cheap jeep fender.

The YITAMOTOR fender flares are painted and boast an electrophoretic coating process. The whole process of coating is electronic, making it handle the toughest situations. Further, the heavy-duty construction will protect the vehicle from scratches, mud, and sand.

Apart from protecting the vehicle, it is also very simple to clean the surface. You don't have to go through the tight spaces to clean any collected dust or debris. Further, the installation takes about two hours, and the package will provide all the necessary tools. 


  • Easy installation in two hours
  • Comes with a wide tire coverage
  • Stainless steel ensures durability and strength
  • Electronic coating process help withstand tough outside conditions


  • Do not ship hardware sometimes

4. OMIX 11603.01 Factory Style Fender Flare Kit

OMIX 11603.01 Factory Style Fender Flare Kit

Now it's time to upgrade your fender flares with an OMIX factory-style fender flare kit. Each fender flare is made long-lasting and durable as it is made with UV-treated thermoplastic.

The flares are hard-wearing and virtually indestructible. Moreover, they can fit all the factory mounting holes such that it makes the installation quite smooth and time-saving. It also offers stock coverage.

With these stylish fender flares, you can give your Jeep Wrangler an appealing off-road appearance. Further, it protects the vehicle from debris and rock chips. Apart from that, the OMIX will provide you with durable Jeep parts such as brakes, wheels, seat covers, and more.


  • Protect your vehicle from debris and dust
  • Offers a stylish off-road appearance
  • UV treated thermoplastic fender flares for long-lasting durability
  • Backed by five years of warranty


  • Missing hardware in the package

5. Bushwacker 10922-07 Black Jeep 4-Piece Fender Flare Set

Bushwacker 10922-07 Black Jeep 4-Piece Fender Flare Set

Bushwacker is a well-reputed brand in the industry known for manufacturing durability and quality fender flares. The heavy-duty Dura-Flex construction can absorb the impact on different rough terrains.

The best JK Flat fenders enhance the wheel articulation and tire coverage to use for off-road adventures. It can add to about 4.5 inches of tire coverage from dust and debris. Further, the fender flares are easy to install without any cutting or drilling.

Each flare is manufactured with UV-protected Dura-Flex 2000 TPO. Thus, you will get the maximum durability out of the flares. Additionally, the flares do match the OEM bumpers.

The flares are come with mounting brackets which you can directly bolt in your Jeep with easy fitting and additional strength. Further, the design includes fully molded wheel well protection and a factory rocker guard.


  • List ElemeMade with high-quality Abs Thermoplastic
  • Offers wide tire coverage
  • Made with an impact absorption feature
  • 100 per cent UV protected flares


  • Intensive installation process

6. Rugged Ridge 11640.10 Hurricane Flat Fender Flare Kit

Rugged Ridge 11640.10 Hurricane Flat Fender Flare Kit

Do you own a vintage Jeep that offers an aggressive off-road appearance? If yes, you need the type of fender flares that complement your Jeep's aggressive look. Thus, the Rugged Ridge Hurricane Fender Flare makes a great choice.

In addition to the stylish look, the flares provide additional tire coverage by an inch. Moreover, it can increase the tire clearance to keep rolling over roads and rocks for bigger tires. It boasts a double bolt pocket for a modern spin on this classic pocket flare.

In terms of construction, the flares are made with UV thermoplastic which can absorb the impact, fade-resistant, and retain the shape for a long time. The flares come with Stainless Steel and Black trim fasteners to complement all JK exterior. 

Engineered with both function and form, its unique shape is designed to suit all Jeep Wrangler's body. Moreover, the flares can provide additional tire clearance for larger vehicles.


  • Equipped with a unique double bolt pocket
  • Provide additional clearance for larger tires and wheels
  • Protect the vehicle from impacts and other debris or rock chips
  • Backed with five years of warranty and limited lifetime warranties on replacement with certain terms


  • Some users find issues with the bolts and installation process

7. Rugged Ridge 11630.20 All Terrain Fender Flare Kit

Rugged Ridge 11630.20 All Terrain Fender Flare Kit

Another addition from Rugged Ridge is its All-Terrain Fender Flare Kit. With these fender flares, you can get the desired aggressive look as you want. The stylish design will enhance the overall look of your vehicle and protect it from mud and flying rocks.

Each flare is constructed with durable UV-treated ABS thermoplastic. Therefore, the flares are made to be long-lasting with corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners. Also, these fasteners will provide a more rugged edge.

In terms of coverage, the flares can provide about 0.75 inches of extra coverage for TJ fender flares. Moreover, the flares can fit in the factory mounting holes to make the process installation quite smooth.

The fender flare comes in four pieces, including two for the rear and two for the front. You wouldn't have to spend too much time installing the flares. For each flare, it would take about 4-5 minutes to place and tighten the screws.


  • Can handle different and tough terrains
  • Constructed with UV treated ABS
  • Provide a stylish and aggressive look
  • Protect from mud or flying rock


  • Rubber edge takes a little more time to install

8. ECOTRIC Fender Flare Compatible with 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler

ECOTRIC Fender Flare Compatible with 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler

If you want to improve your travel experience, you should turn to ECOTRIC for automotive parts and products. In addition to auto parts, the company also manufactures electric bicycles and motorcycle parts.

The black textured finish of these cheap jeep fenders flares will compliment your Jeep Wrangler's body and give an elegant look. The flares are made with special poly material that is fading, cracking, and chipping resistant.

The fender flares are made from high-quality injection molding that offers precise edge cutting and a smooth finish. Apart from that, the flares are UV stable to prevent sun damage and also heat resistant to avoid warpage.

The fender flares come with rubber gaskets and hardware to help you install them without any issues. Moreover, it performs its duties very well to protect the Jeep's body from debris, stones, and rocks.


  • Compatible with 2004-2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ and 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ
  • UV stable and heat resistant to ensure durability
  • Built with strict quality control standards
  • Highly affordable fender flares


  • Not suitable for larger tires

9. Rough Country 10511 Inner Fenders (fits)

Rough Country 10511 Inner Fenders (fits)

Now, it’s time you change the look of the inner fenders with none other than Rough Country Inner Fenders. The jeep metal fender flares come with an upgrade to protect the sensitive areas of your vehicle from debris, dust, and mud.  

If you want the best articulation and clearance from flares, this Rough Country inner fender is a great choice. It protects all the crucial parts of the Jeep along with the engine bay from destructive elements.

The jeep metal fender flares are made with three-piece construction, which can cover more areas than any other fender in the market. Also, each flare is coated with corrosion-resistant powder to ensure durability.

The quiet operation is another interesting thing to mention about these fenders. It does not make any vibration or rattling noise. Further, it boasts a bolt-on installation process that can be done with basic hardware tools.


  • Boasts a paintable and removable logo plate
  • Black powder coat makes the fenders corrosion resistant
  • Three-piece construction for overall protection
  • Easy Bolt-on installation


  • Minor drilling during installation

10. KBD Body Kits Compatible with Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018

KBD Body Kits Compatible with Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018

The last addition to the best Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares is KBD Body Kits Off-Road Fender Flares. The fender flares are made with Polyurethane, meaning the parts are totally unbreakable.

The other fender flares made with steel, aluminum, and fiberglass do not stand against Polyurethane fenders' flexibility and durability. What makes it unique? Each Flare is without any dings, dents, rusting, and cracks.

If the flares are compatible with your vehicle's model, there is no chance that they won't fit. All the flares from KBD are made with advanced injection molding and high-quality molds. It makes sure that it will precisely fit the desired model.

The flares are made with personalized style. You can choose from a variety of styles according to the look of your vehicle. Also, the flares allow an easy installation process as they come pre-drilled.


  • Comes with installation hardware and pre-drilled fenders
  • Offer precise fit to the vehicle
  • Virtually unbreakable Polyurethane made fenders
  • High durability and longevity


  • Front fenders are 2 inches narrower compared to standard fenders

Things To Consider Before Buying A Fender Flare

Do you often get stressed out thinking about how to find the suitable cheap Jeep fenders? What if you end up buying the wrong product that doesn't fit your vehicle? To save you from all the stress and, of course, spending unnecessary money, we have made the buying guide for you.

The buying guide will help you understand what factors you need to look out while buying Jeep Wrangler Fender flares. So, let's begin with the discussion.

Types Of Fender Flares

Fender Flares comes in three types, including OE or Street Style, Bolt Style, and Extended Style. You can choose what you find suitable for your vehicle.

The extended flares tend to extend outwards so that they can offer total protection from debris getting mixed in the air from underneath the wheels. On the other hand, OE or Street Style flares focus more on improving your vehicle's overall look.

Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares

Lastly, the Bolt-style flares come with a bolt line outlined to provide an extra aggressive exterior. Moreover, this type of flare style is best for Jeep with grille guards and raised suspension.


Why do you need fender flares? Some people tend to buy fender flares after noticing the vehicles around them. So, they don't want to be missing out on something. However, that's not what fender flares are for!

Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares

If you are investing your money, you should know how useful it can be to your vehicle. The fender flares are used to provide an enhanced look as well as protection. For aesthetics, you can look for metallic or plastic fender flares. And for protection, choose aluminum, steel, or wider fender flares.

Vehicle Model Type

The next crucial thing is the compatibility of the model with fender flares. The fender flares are designed for vehicles within a model or year range. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the fender flares would fit your vehicle or not before buying.

Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares

Most Fender flares are only compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler models. However, some are only compatible with the 2017-2018 Jeep Wrangler model.

Fender Flare Coverage

You must consider checking the coverage of your selected fender flare. You need to check the height of the fender if you want to protect your vehicle from damage or rust. Moreover, you should consider tire size to know about the coverage.


1. How Can You Install Fender Flares?

If you want to properly install the fenders, you need to follow all the instructions carefully. As different fender flares require different installation hardware and manuals, the steps mentioned below will help you start the process.

  • Loosen the bolts to remove the old flares from the wheel well.
  • Keep the bottom edge of the flare aligned with the fender's bottom. Similarly, the front fenders and bumper would require to have a gap-free connection.
  • If your vehicle does not have holes for mounting, you will have to drill holes. However, some fender flares come with factory mounting holes to make the installation process relatively smooth.
  • Now, apply the adhesive tape that comes with most flares before mounting.
  • Before you tighten or insert bolts, line the holes properly.
  • Tighten the bolts, and you are done.

2. How To Avoid Rust Under Fender Flares?

In every vehicle, the wheel arches are usually exposed to mud, saltwater, and rain, making them vulnerable to rust. However, you can show proactiveness and take all the required precautions to protect the wheel arches from rust before installing the flares.

You need to thoroughly inspect the vehicle and spray the rust-resistant sealant in the areas prone to rust and corrosion.

3. Do Fender Flares Affect The Paint Of Your Jeep Wrangler?

Fender flares do not affect the vehicle's paint. However, the flares can result in water concentration if the paint is already affected by rust or worn out. In that situation, it will increase the damage to the paint. So, you should install the fenders properly to avoid paint damage. 

4. What Material Are Fender Flares Made Of?

You will find Fender flares in a variety of materials. But, the best materials which boast quality and durability are carbon fiber, heavy powder-coated steel, and thermoplastics.

5. Is It Legal To Install Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares?

Yes, it is legal to install Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares. Also, you have to legally install the fender flares if you have a certain tire size of your Jeep as per the law of some states. You will protect the nearby vehicle or passerby from casting or throwing over debris by installing the fender flares.

Final Thoughts

The Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares allow you have a wide tire coverage area, protect the vehicle’s body from outside impact, and change the overall appearance.  So, fender flares are a complete package to have, making it worth buying for your Jeep Wrangler.

Among the ten options, we recommend the Rough Country 10511 Inner Fenders as the best pick. This is the best Jeep Wrangler Fender Flares because it uses high-quality material and provides more protection than any of the flares on the list. If this fender flare is compatible with your Jeep Wrangler, it is definitely a deal to get hold of.

Apart from that, all other fender flares are great in terms of protection and overall quality. Make sure to check the compatibility with your vehicle before purchasing a fender flare.

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