10 Best Jeep Tube Doors in 2022 – Reviews and Guide

There is no reason why safety should be compromised, even if an open-air experience is all the rage right now. This is where tube doors come into play. Tube doors ring from a six to a nine, with full doors being a zero on the scale of off-road adventurers. Even though there are several constants in a tube doors construction, they still vary in style. Our review of the best jeep tube doors for jeep wrangler will help you make the right and better choice for your Jeep Wrangler.

Best Jeep Tube Doors for Jeep Wrangler



It all comes down to your experience when touring inside a jeep wrangler jk. It's the pleasure and thrill that counts, and for that reason, to make your safari adventure even more memorable, jeep tube doors are worth your purchase. The EAG tube doors feature a long-lasting 1/8 inch steel sheet and a 1 ¼ inches x. 09 inch wall steel tube.

On top of that, a textured black powder coated finish prevents rust and corrosion from forming on the doors. Additionally, they come with a set of side mirrors, granting you utmost visibility when driving.

Although it should be noted that these jeep tube doors offer a better safari experience rather than providing safety, therefore, you should be cautious and attentive to your safety on a bumpy trail even after installing them. On the bright side, with these tube doors, your open-air jeep experience will be one that you will cherish forever.

For installation, all you need to do is mount them on the existing OE door hinges. Overall, these tube doors are great for giving your jeep wrangler jk a sturdy look, and the features on these tube doors make air ventilation possible.


  • Extreme longevity with up-to-the-mark performance.
  • Easy installation and mount directly on OE jeep door hinges
  • Side mirrors will grant you utmost visibility.


  • Compatible only with the four-door jeep wrangler jk.
  • It can only be used for off-road activities.



If you're one of those who enjoy putting on an action on a safari trail, you will be pleased when you get yourself the Ecotric tubular doors. Compatible with the 2006-2018 models of the jeep wrangler JK, these tube doors are made from 1/8 inch steel sheet and 1 ¼ inches x 0.08 inch steel tube, which provides powerful performance on uneven routes.

Ecotric jeep tube doors are designed with elegance with a finish of textured black powder coating. Installation is so simple; it won't take you more than an hour.

They can be used in place of your usual factory doors by removing the nuts on the bottom of the door hinges and replacing them with the new Ecotric tubular doors with the assistance of bolts and other hardware provided.

Although instructions do not come in with the package, which requires instructions when the installation process is this simple? You might want to make this purchase if you want to give your Jeep a bold look.


  • Features a sturdy and robust construction with tremendous performance.
  • Easy installation mechanism.
  • Great to be driven on difficult routes with great visibility.
  • These front and rear sets of jeep tube doors make your open-air experience unforgettable.


  • Does not protect from accidents.
  • It's only meant to be driven off-road.



As the name suggests, the company is competent in supplying superior quality and sturdy jeep accessories to its customers. Off-road driving on intensively complex routes is sure fun but can be uncomfortable if you drive for a longer period.

This is exactly why, to make your jeep JK wrangler rides even more comfortable and to provide you with a commendable experience, the rugged ridge has brought forth a door armrest for tube doors especially formulated for the driver and passenger's seat, allowing them to relax in their jeep wrangler jk four-door conveniently.

Each kit comes in with a pair of armrests which are well suited for 1.5 to 2-inch front or rear tube doors. All of the armrest pads are equipped with injection-molded foam and can be attached with the help of the double-sided adhesive that comes with the package.

Customer satisfaction is imperative to the company, and for this reason, this product comes with a five-year warranty which will surely be long enough to satisfy your inner peace.


  • Gives you a comfortable and convenient driving experience.
  • Features have a sleek and simplistic design.
  • Equipped with injection molded foam.
  • Comes with a five-year warranty.


  • This product is currently unavailable.



On our search to find the best jeep tube doors for Jeep wrangler jk four-door, next up is the EAG tubular side doors.

Making room for extra ventilation with the EAG tubule doors is simple. These doors will allow you to get fresh air throughout your journey and give you the freedom to remove the factory doors. This makes room for extra ventilation.

However, you will have to compromise on safety since these tubular jeep doors do not promise safety in case of an accident, but it's a great buy if you want to make your safari experience worthwhile.

Perfectly compatible with the jeep wrangler JL 4 door of models 2018-2021 and the 2020-2021 gladiator JT, this set of tube doors is constructed with durable 1/8 inch steel tube and 1 ¼ inch x .080 inch wall steel tubing.

In unity and cohesiveness, there is strength. These doors are no exception to that rule since they feature a textured black powder coated finish which gives them inner strength. For convenience, high quality military grade side view mirrors which are manually modifiable, come with the package.


  • Comes with a built-in OE quality latch assembly.
  • Features manually adjustable side view mirrors.
  • Tube door comes with military grade side mirrors
  • Features a black powder coating finish


  • This product is only best for off-road experiences.



EAG is a reliable client-centric company and will fulfill your adventure needs through their jeep accessory product line.

Adding an unusual and unique new design to the traditional jeep doors, the all-new EAG tubular Spyder web doors come with steel tubing of 1/8 inch steel sheet and one ¼ inch x .090 wall is extremely durable. Its textured black powder coat finish prevents rust and corrosion.

Installation is super easy as these doors mount directly into factory hinges. This set of jeep tube doors is perfectly compatible with jeep JK wrangler four-door of models 2007-2018.

Always keeping the driver's convenience in mind, for better visibility, you get a set of side-view mirrors that can be modified manually.

Although it is worth bearing in mind that these jeep tube doors are only meant for a better off-road experience and safari amusement and therefore don't make for good protection

If you want to make your rides more thrilling, you may want to place your order today. With a whole new ball game and distinct spider web design, we can assure you that this product will have people looking twice at your jeep accessory game.


  • High quality product at an affordable price review.
  • Easy to install and jeep doors mount directly
  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK 4 door mode 2007-2018
  • Steel tube posts are durable 1/8 inch steel sheet


  • This set of tube doors are best with the jeep wrangler JK 4 door only.



Jeep JK wrangler itself is a magnificent invention in the vehicle industry. But with the Rugged Ridge Tube doors, its worth is accentuated through a brilliant new appealing design.

These side tube steps make stepping inside and outside your Jeep easier because the heavy-duty steps can be used on either of the lower sides of your jeep wrangler TJ and JK.

The stainless steel tubes on this product line are perfectly created to fit the enormous size of the jeep wrangler TJ. For customer convenience, they are available in 3 sizes of 3 inches round, 4 inches round, and 4.25 inches oval diameter, which has dimensions of 78 x 13 x 10 inches.

The uniquely built, 0.07-inch steel walls have a powder coating that provides a solid and durable finish while making it tough enough to withstand extreme conditions and looks good while doing it.

With the hardware and brackets that come with this package, you are guaranteed to get effortless installation. You also will not have to worry about your foot slipping with the already installed step pad on the tube.


  • All hardware and other necessary equipment is included
  • Comes with a limited five years warranty
  • Features provide longevity.
  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK 4 door mode 2007-2018


  • This product is temporarily out of stock.



For many of you, unlatched cabin driving is everything. It enables you to enjoy the ride and feel free. However, open cabin driving is not very safe. This is where tubular doors make the entry and alleviate your Jeep's overall look while providing the security you need to drive fearlessly.

It has a matrix design. The doors increase the line of vision, enabling us to drive through tough landscapes. A weather-resistant nylon web made from 1680 Denier nylon fabric is also included with the doors, shielding from random trail wastes.

The Tubular Doors by EAG MATRIX have been constructed exceptionally well. The frame comprises 1/8" steel and 1 1/4" x .080 steel sheet and tubing. The Built-in OE quality latch assures protection, and a textured black powder coat finish leaves utmost finesse. The insertion is done by directly mounting it into the OE door hinge.

The EAG MATRIX Steel Tubular door comes with premium quality side view mirrors. They can be fitted effortlessly and provide an accurate view of the back end.

There is a reason why the EAG MATRIX continues to prove its product line time and time after again in multiple product reviews.


  • Easy installation.
  • Makes for easy storage.
  • Comes with premium quality side view mirrors.
  • Shields from random trail wastes.
  • Made up of 1/8" steel and 1 1/4" x .080 steel sheet and tubing.


  • Debris could still enter the compartments of the Jeep.
  • Not a good for jeep half doors

8. EAG Military Tubular Door with Reflection Mirror Fit

EAG Military Tubular Door with Reflection Mirror Fit

The EAG product line Tubular doors are the newest innovations for your Jeep Wrangler. Easy to install while giving the utmost importance to safety and a commendable driving experience is what everyone can relish with these best Jeep Military Tubular Doors!

A distinctive 5-point Military Star Design is the most attractive feature of the EAG doors. The star is an acclamation to the historical tactical Willy Model. This design escalates vision and gives easy access.

Side view top-notch mirrors are versatile and movable. They provide an effortless view of the road behind escalating the vision.

EAG military tubular door is accessible with 2018-21 Wrangler Jk 4 Door Jeep and 2020-2021 Gladiator JT. They are provided with fixed OE quality latch assembly.

Heavy duty steel is used in manufacturing, which comprises a 1/8" steel sheet and 1 1/4" x .080 wall steel tube. The textured black powder coating finish is the cherry on the cake. It pulls the entire design together and makes the product attractive.


  • Sturdy steel built.
  • Access to outdoor views.
  • Doors feature a black powder coating finish.
  • Best jeep wrangler jk 4 doors for jk tube doors


  • The clasps may need to be altered sometimes.

9. Rugged Ridge 11509.20 Tube Doors, Locking; 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Rugged Ridge 11509.20 Tube Doors, Locking; 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ

With so many different and versatile designs of Tube Doors, you will never regret your decision to get one if you choose the Rugged Ridge 11509.20 for your Jeep Wrangler. Providing style and security simultaneously, these are the perfect accessories to have while traveling!

Their products give a 5-year extensive warranty along with a 30-day guarantee for their consumers.

The Front Tube Doors are sturdy and welded, providing the finest execution on bumpy roads. A durable paddle latch and factory-style hooks are given for rapid installation.

In the same way, Off-Road Tube Doors are equally competent in their performance. They are assembled using 1.5 inch mandrel-bent steel tube, which is then double-coated using rough powder, giving an outstanding outlook to your Jeep and making it long-running.

RR has always appealed to refined taste through their wide collection of Off-road, and this one is no exception. Accessories assist in driving and dealing with tough situations. Hooks, hitches, kits, winches, and recovery gears are the only tools you will ever need to mount this set in, and they all come with your purchase.


  • Features durable paddle latch and factory style hooks
  • Doors come with water proof storage bags
  • Best for a two-door jeep system


  • Not a good for jeep half doors

10. EAG US Flag Tubular 2 Door

EAG US Flag Tubular 2 Door

EAG Tube doors have always satisfied people with their top-notch quality and innovative features. If you want your Jeep Wrangler JK to stand out and its efficiency to consistently increase, look no far than this one. These jeep Tube Doors are the perfect choice for you!

If you were looking for a patriotic jeep door on this list, then you have finally arrived at one because the American Flag Design is displayed on the EAG US Flag Tubular 2 Door Jeep to build a sense of devotion and support for your country.

The fitting procedure is hassle-free because of the OE door hinge, allowing the jeep Tube Door to be mounted directly. The EAG US Flag Tubular 2 Door Jeep is suitable for 1972-1986 CJ7 and the 1988-1998 YJ Wrangler.

High-grade and sturdy side view mirrors provide clarified vision for back and front ends.

Made up of tough and resistant parts, including a 1/8" steel sheet and 1 1/4" x .080 steel sheet and steel tubing, this guarantees effective performance. The fastening clasp is also very sturdy. Variety is the spice of life, and with a black powder coat finish, you are sure to make heads turn.


  • Gives the best off-road experience.
  • Provides appreciable visibility.
  • Compatible with Jeep JK wrangler
  • Best for a two-door jeep system


  • Tube doors not suitable for jeep wrangler half doors

What Makes The Right Jeep Tube Door?

Ease of Use

Most if not all the tube doors on our list come with an OE-type of installation. But still, when making your purchase look for one which has 'direct mount' in its specifications.

Jeep Tube Doors

The set

How many doors are included in a set is an important aspect of any kit your purchase. Some brands in their package deals offer four doors while others offer two. It is best to consider your Jeep model before finalizing your purchase.


If you're an inexperienced off-road driver, the best option is steel because it can take a beating and is sturdier. However, aluminum is more resistant to wear, corrosion and rust. The best part is that you might be able to get the best of both worlds with steel if they come with a powder coating.

Jeep Tube Doors

Is it safe to take the doors off a Jeep?

It is legal to take your jeep doors off. But for safety, we recommend installing side mirrors to not only comply with the state law but also to navigate your way around rough terrain.

Jeep Tube Doors

Why are Jeeps allowed to have no doors?

Provided that you are compliant with vehicle equipment standards that the authority has set, it Is legal to remove doors off your Jeep. However, the law requires that a certain number of mirrors be present on your Jeep so that a clearer view is given to drivers on the vehicles behind them.


1. How much longer is a 4-door Jeep than a two-door?

While the 4-door is 189 inches long usually, the two-door is just 167 inches long. Both are 74 inches wide and 73.5 inches high.

2. What are the benefits of tube doors?

While driving, moisture can be clocked out through tubular doors, especially those which have a covering. They are also helpful in providing all passengers with security and safety. In addition, it does not hurt that they help with the legal issues.

3. How do I attach mirrors to my Jeep?

There are a surprising number of YouTube videos out there that guide you on exactly this. All you need is a few bolts because aftermarket mirrors detach and attach pretty easily.

4. What are some extras I need to look for in a Jeep Tube set?

Other than the mirrors, your next focus must be on the storage capacity. Some of the tube doors on our list come with bags for easy storage.

5. What is the towing capacity on tube doors?

For the 2-door, the maximum towing capacity is 2000 pounds, while for most 4-doors in this list, it is 3500 pounds.

Final Verdict

To tube door or not to tube door: now that is the question. While you're searching for the only set of tube doors that will sit in your four-wheeled friend perfectly can be pretty hard, but hopefully, our review helped you in your search for the best jeep tube doors on the market today.

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