10 Best Jeep Door Hangers in 2022 – Which One To Choose?

What’s better than cruising down the road with tube doors? The answer is knowing that you’re Stock Jeep doors are safely mounted against your garage wall.

If you’re a fan of the tube doors but aren’t sure where to keep your stock doors, then you have come to the right place. Because you will need to throw your jeep wrangler doors out at some point, it means you need to store them.

For the sake of this review, we tested out the best jeep door hanger on the market and have compiled a best jeep door hangers list in 2021

1. Sunluway Jeep Door Hanger for 1956-2020 Wrangler model

Sunluway Jeep Door Hanger for 1956-2020 Wrangler model

With Sunluway, you can always expect good deals at reasonable prices. Almost on par with their competitors, this set of jeep door hangers by Sunluway are indeed quite affordable. The bolts on the door hanger will hold up for a long time and are still made up of cheap material. So, you can combat this; it is best to, whenever possible, get a couple of new ones.

The installation process only takes a few minutes and is as simple as it gets. Heavy-duty 42CrMo grade steel makes up this set of Jeep door hangers and is powder coated and rustproof. They work well with rain guards since they are super sturdy and are designed to fit perfectly on the window channel of Jeep Wrangler’s doors.

A standout feature of the Sunluway jeep door hanger is that this model is backed up by a generous warranty and a month’s satisfaction guarantee. This is a refund policy, essentially. One-year manufacturer and premium support is also part of this deal.

Even though the material is cheap but all in all, you are guaranteed to score a real deal through Sun luway’s set of brackets.


  • Straightforward and effortless installation.
  • You get a good value with a low-budget purchase.
  • Each Sunluway jeep door hanger comes with a generous warranty deal.
  • Steel construction is high quality.
  • Best value for the price
  • Easy to hang and mount on a garage wall.


  • Bolts are made of cheap material.

2. Hooke Road Jeep Door Hanger Bracket for Wrangler and Gladiator

Hooke Road Jeep Door Hanger Bracket for Wrangler and Gladiator

Made in the USA, this great Jeep door set is compatible with all Jeep Wrangler models, including the CJ, TJ, and the all-new Jeep JKU and Gladiator JT. Designed to sit in bars of the door and save space through vertical positioning inside your shop or garage, the rectangle design will neither scratch nor damage your jeep doors.

Construction on the Hooke Road Jeep Door is made with tough welded steel and wheels that only require one of your hands to glide. The racks for the jeep door hanger are cut using CNC and then TIG/MIG welded to fit doors perfectly.

No job is too big with the Hooke Road Jeep Door Hanger because the material used is carbon steel heavy duty alloy which gives a textured black powder coat finish. This is done through a frosted spray-painting process. Using common hand tools, the Hooke Road Door can be assembled and installed easily.


  • Mounting hardware is provided, including hinges that guarantee easy installation.
  • Includes user manual.
  • Sturdy steel quality, which lasts long and is durable.
  • MIG/TIG-welded so it can fit your jeep door perfectly.


  • Limited stock available

3. PROBASTO Jeep Door And Gladiator

PROBASTO Jeep Door And Gladiator

When summer comes around, you need to protect your Jeep door hangers from damage by keeping them off the hard floor in your garage. This set of storage hanger from the brand Probasto does just that- and more.

Designed to be used by the new Jeep Gladiator and other Jeep Wrangler models alike, these door hangers are constructed using heavy-duty steel plates. You no longer have to worry about whether your Hanger bracket is stable enough.

To ensure longevity, each of these jeep wrangler hangers is finished using a textured black powder coat for durability. Installation is easy and fast; it less than 20 minutes to mount one of these to the wall.

The overall quality of these will be up to par because not only can they hold 60lbs worth of Jeep doors, but they can also play the role of a complete door storage system. The quality, construction, and material are something you can count on. As needed, the instructions come with everything and are easy to follow.


  • Easy and fast door hanger installation.
  • Made with high-quality steel construction.
  • Works with all models of Jeep wrangler.
  • Saves space and prevents scratches.
  • Designed and constructed to hold up to a 60lb weight
  • Option of hanging the hangers to the wall.


  • You may need to order two sets if your Jeep comes with four doors.
  • Limited stock available

4. Arc Off Road Jeep Door Hanger for Wrangler

Arc Off Road Jeep Door Hanger for Wrangler

Committed to superior results and quality, reviews on this Arc Off Road Jeep Door Hanger are very positive. Without causing damage or strain to the door, the weight of your Jeep Wrangler Door will be properly supported through the window track. People particularly like the hanging design, but some critics have pointed out that the front doors do not seem to hang as easily as the rear ones do.

These hangers are rugged and reliable, like your jeep wrangler. A powder coated steel is used that is not only high standard but also corrosion and rustproof. Unless the doors are half-height, these Wrangler doors work on all models from 1956 to the present.

Arc Offs Jeep hangers effectively avoid damaging the vehicle through the use of window channel, all the way from paint to the hardware. Besides that, the Arc Offs jeep door hangers are also compatible with jeeps with weather and rain guards on their windows. Add to that a nice satisfaction and a premium 1-year warranty on all stock, and you’ve got yourself a deal.


  • Door hanger made with a powder coated steel and rust-free construction
  • Hangers offer corrosion and rustproof protection
  • Can hold a weight of more than 40 lbs
  • Installation is just two bolts away
  • Hangers come in a set of 4 jeep door hangers
  • Can hang on a garage wall


  • Does not include a rubber guard

5. CTWHAUTO Door Hanger for Jeep Wrangler

CTWHAUTO Door Hanger for Jeep Wrangler

CTWHAUTO door hangers are well made, durable, neat, and close runners-up to our top choice. With a high customer rating on most purchases, the installation is quick and easy, and the design is functional and simple.

The CTWHAUTO Door Hanger for Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator does not waste time with unnecessary add-ons or features. All wrangler owners need when they are looking to buy a hanger for their Jeep Wrangler, or Gladiator is how much space it will take and whether it will get the job done. Tick both these boxes off your list because these hangers are very compact and can hold up to 60 lbs.

The downside? If you don’t want your garage wall damaged, then you may not want to use the drywall anchor mounts that they come with. Instead, you should opt for a stud which may just be lying around your place as we speak. Save time and money because installation is just one stud away.


  • Easy to install and is durable.
  • Designed to hold up a weight of 60 lbs.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Free shipping, depending on your location. 


  • The mounting anchor it comes with is not sturdy for hanging.

6. Sporthfish Jeep Door Storage for Wrangler

Sporthfish Jeep Door Storage for Wrangler

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product of the Sporthfish. Compatible with the Jeep Wrangler JK, JL, LJ, and JKU, the material is made with durable and robust high-quality steel. Each of the storage jeep door hangers is made to ensure a rust-free and long life because they are thoroughly treated with a pitch-black powder coating.

Using nuts and bolts that come with the package, this hanger is easy to install. Although when installing, we recommend using a 2x4 to avoid your doors leaning on the wall and scratching.

If you want your wrangler door safely elevated and out of the way, then you might want to consider this set of 2 Sporthfish door storage.


  • Easy mounting and installation for wrangler
  • Makes for a secure and steady holder for Jeep Wrangler JKU
  • Made using high-quality steel.
  • Can hang on a garage wall rating of more than a 50lb weight
  • You may be able to score free shipping, depending on your location and wrangler model


  • Currently, not in stock; you will have to wait for the next one

7. SEMTION Jeep door hanger for Wrangler JKU, JK

SEMTION Jeep door hanger for Wrangler JKU, JK

You don’t have to be a great marketer when the product is as good as this one is. If you’re on the search for features that are reliable, durable, and top-of-the-line in a set of jeep door hangers, then SEMITON might have just the offer for you.

Before hitting the market, this US-made product was crafted, designed, and rigorously tested multiple times. Another big pro is that the hanger brackets are good at holding the rear and the front doors. To protect your Jeep from scratching, the window channels are armed with gaskets made of thick rubber.

While the installation process is not time-consuming and pretty simple, you may have to make room for groove Holes because the bolts that come with it won’t screw into a tight one. On the plus side, high-quality bolts from the aftermarket won’t cost you much.

Money should not be the most important thing when you’re looking to invest in the best jeep door hangers on the market, especially if you want them to ‘mount’ the test of time.


  • Designed for a universal fit- compatible for all jeep wrangler models, including the JKU.
  • Comes with built-in pads to prevent scratching.
  • Super sturdy and with every purchase comes with expansion rods, hinges, and screws.
  • Scratch-proof protection because of the rubber gasket.
  • Best if you want to mount or hold a weight of 60lbs.


  • Screws may be a little too big for the groove holes.
  • Does not include free shipping.

8. Bolaxin Jeep Door Hanger Rack for Wrangler JKU/ TJ/ JK

Bolaxin Jeep Door Hanger Rack for Wrangler JKU/ TJ/ JK

When the weather is nice, the jeep wrangler doors come off. These jeep door hangers arrive in an impact-resistant and protective foam box. By simply lowering your window, Bolaxin’s wall-mounted brackets will hold your jeep wrangler door up and off the floor.

No damage will be caused by the bracket on the part, along with the window seal. However, unless you have some backing up for these brackets, they may be tricky to install. With jeep door hangers, though, to be fair, that is quite a universal problem.

On the bright side, they are rust-free and scratch-resistant because they are powder coated. To further keep the scratch and rust at bay, Bolaxin includes a rubber gasket on each jeep door hangers.

These hangers are built right and will be money well spent because you’re getting two storage mounts for the price.


  • Make for great storage for Jeep door hangers
  • It can be mounted to the garage wall after installing support hinges
  • Comes in a protective foam box
  • Designed to hold 80lb weight
  • Powder coated for your jeep wrangler vehicle to be protected from rust


  • Some reviews claim to have experienced quality control issues.

9. Xprite Wall Jeep Door Hanger for Wrangler and Gladiator

Xprite Wall Jeep Door Hanger for Wrangler and Gladiator

The main thing you need to know about these hangers? They won’t damage your doors or your walls in any way. No peeling, no scratching- none of that. Even though all the other products are also good in this regard, Xprite goes the extra mile to keep them safe. With these brackets, it is worth mentioning that you will get a free foam protectant. A 160-Gauge Steel Finish makes up the Xprite Jeep Door Hangers which are then, for durable construction, finished off with powder coating.

To avoid any damage, Xprite door storage hangers hold from the insides of the window channel while the door remains protected with the rubber and paint lining tucked against the wall. The Xprite is much of a better option than finding places on your garage floor with blankets. If you’re not looking to pay through the nose, then you may want to contemplate this one.


  • Mounting hardware is included.
  • Comes with a protective rubber lining that supports jeep doors.
  • Holds from inside the window channel.
  • Easy storage and installation process.


  • Does not work with soft or half doors.
  • Comes in a pack of two.

10. Bolaxin Jeep Door Hanger Rack for Jeep Wrangler

Bolaxin Jeep Door Hanger Rack for Jeep Wrangler

Recent reviews about this Bolaxi Jeep Door show that customers are thoroughly impressed. They love the functional and simple design of these door hangers and the fact that they are these are not only lightweight but also make for easy storage.

Not only can these hold 80lbs of weight, but they also look great on the wall while doing it. Bolazin’s Jeep Door Hanger’s match quality and price.

While the price isn’t as high as other competitors, this jeep wrangler door hanger does not feel cheap whatsoever. It’s one of the serious contenders on the market. You might want to order this product today if you’re looking for an easy solution that protects your jeep doors from damage.


  • Rating of up to 80 lbs
  • The finish is scratch-proof
  • Easy to install and can be mounted to garage walls
  • Value for money


  • Comes in a set of two.

What to look for before buying?

Here are some of the most important aspects to consider before making your next purchase.

Rust Protection/ Anti Scratch

Without the proper anti-corrosion protection, regardless of the door, room, or wall, the hangers will most definitely, over time, start rusting. This is why it is important to look for a door hanger that offers anti-rust protection. Another great investment would be a jeep door hanger that also offers a scratch-proof finish on the doors.

 Jeep Door Hangers


Other than the quality, this is the next thing you need to check off your list. The average rating of most of the Jeep doors on this list is 60 pounds, which is more than what you may ever need for your Jeep doors. At the same time, some sets of four can be a little heavier; if that’s the case, then go for something stronger like the Sunluway.

Warranty Deals

A manufacturer’s guarantee is extremely beneficial when looking to make a Jeep door purchase. A manufactures guarantee means that if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you will get your purchase price back. Most companies on this list offer a 30-day refund, while the more generous brands have premium support and even a one-year warranty.

Best Jeep Door Hangers


1. Are door hangers effective?

Yes, Jeep door hangers are effective. The best jeep door hangers protect your jeep doors and will likely stand the test of time.

2. How do you make jeep door hangers?

Take it from us: Do not go DIY! Even the best jeep door hangers don’t cost much, and yet they do carry excellent value. You will end up with damaged jeep doors and buy one that was not worth the nerves or the time.

3. Do all Jeep Wranglers come with removable doors?

All jeep wranglers come as a base option with removable doors. Although some specialized variants may not- like the military.

4. Can I take my jeep doors off?

Not only can you take the top down, but also the jeep doors on your wrangler. Although, we would recommend that before you remove your doors, you take a look at your local law and side mirrors because it is illegal in some regions to drive without doors on your Jeep. If you do not have an alternate set of side mirrors, then this is especially the case.

5. How much weight can a Jeep door hanger handle?

The type of hanger you have and how you install it pretty much determines the weight limit on a Jeep door hanger.

Final verdict

The best jeep door hanger will serve you for years to come, if not decades. Door hangers are of great help, even if they may not be the most exciting purchase for your Wrangler. Here, we checked out ten of the best jeep door hangers that are available on the market. To make the right decision, all you have to do not is pay extra attention to what you’re looking for and then the pros and cons that these brands offer.

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