10 Best CB Radio for Jeep Wrangler – Buying Guide For Beginners

For any Jeep wrangler trail ride, a CB radio is a vital tool. You always want to stay connected with your friend when you're on the road. Even more important is having a signal for emergency services in direct communication at all times because you never know where you're next jeep adventure may take you. All in all, the CB radio is good for two things: calling for help and getting in contact with your friend.

Finding the best CB radio for jeeps is much more complicated than purchasing a simple radio with a low to mid-price tag.  Before spending money, many factors need to be considered on the must-have features on a CB radio. The perfect CB radio comes with a compact, heavy-duty design, is easy to install, has a strong signal strength, and can perform well in any weather conditions. Sometimes the road gets lonely and long- for that, we have done the work and scanned the market to bring the best CB radio for jeep wranglers.

Best CB radio for jeep wrangler

1. Cobra 29LX Professional CB Radio

Cobra 29LX Professional CB Radio

One of the best CB radio for jeep wranglers on and off the road, the Cobra 29LX makes communication easier by connecting you to forty channels with other fellow jeep drivers. A feature of this Cobra radio is that it enables the transmission of signals as far as 5 miles for smooth channel performance. From keeping you company to letting you know about the weather conditions around you, this CB radio also helps when you're looking for a place to crash for the night after an accident.

The difference between being stranded on your own in an emergency and getting experienced help when you need assistance can be provided through the emergency radio system. This radio system is not dependent on cellular networks or satellites meter.

Another feature of the CB radio is a selectable 4-Color LCD and a fully illuminated front which lets you read data at night or in the day. A fitted SWR calibration meter makes sure that no matter the location, the antenna system in your unit is working in full strength for quality performance.


  • Radio Check
  • Selectable 4-Color LCD
  • Emergency Alert System
  • NOAA Weather Channel
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Frequency Display
  • Alarm and clock


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

2. Uniden PRO505XL CB Radio

Uniden PRO505XL CB Radio

For budget-minded people looking for the perfect choice for a CB radio have come to the right place. The compact design feature by Uniden allows for easy mounting inside Jeeps, whether it be above the rear mirror or at the center of the dashboard.

The strength of this CB radio allows antenna tuning of 40 channels which enables transmission as far as 2 to 5 miles while also playing the role of an automatic limiter for noise. To check the incoming transmission and sound quality, the unit comes with a Signal/RF that acts as a built-in power indicator.

Overall, the radio is easy to use even at night because of its large backlit LCD, which lets you read data easily. This mobile CB radio also comes with other convenient features which will let you gain control of your next adventure. These features include a magnet mount CB antenna kit, volume control, channel display, squelch control, and of course, the public address jack (PA).


  • Comes with Channel down/up buttons
  • Features a magnet mount CB antenna
  • Easy to use
  • Includes antenna mounting hardware
  • RF indicator signal is built-in
  • Durable and compact CB radio for Jee


  • Weak Bluetooth connectivity function

3. Cobra 29LTD Professional CB Radio

Cobra 29LTD Professional CB Radio

Cobra has taken over the industry for CB radio for half a century. Professional users and hobbyists can count on Cobra to produce top-notch units, and this Cobra 29LTD Professional CB radio is no exception. At a reasonable price, this unit provides top-notch features and performance.

Easy to install and mount, the SWR calibration on this CB radio features an antenna system that eliminates background noise while ensuring maximum performance. If any issues arise with the CB antenna, the antenna warning indicator detects them.

What's more, it features an easy to install Bluetooth display which helps connect the channels on your cellphone to the right Channel on the CB radio. Answering calls has also never been easier and safer through the mic on this compact size CB radio.

This Cobra radio also offers 40 channels and has a 4 Watts maximum power output. This unit carries the maximum power allowed by law while giving one the best range of communication. Emergency channels can be accessed immediately in order to ensure that safe driving occurs from the very start of the trip. Some other features of the Cobra 29LTD include an SWR meter calibration and a dynamike boost. Stay connected and keep your Jeep safe with this Cobra CB radio.


  • Easy to reach CB antenna bracket
  • Access to weather channels
  • Powerful speaker and microphone
  • The display type is LED and visible at night
  • Features a CB Antenna Warning indicator


  • No built-in Bluetooth
  • This unit does not have SSB installed

4. Uniden BEARCAT 980 CB Radio

Uniden BEARCAT 980 CB Radio

This Jeep CB is made by Uniden for when you're driving for long and want to stay connected by getting regular updates from weather channels, receiving emergency alerts, and staying in contact with other riders.

This is also a 40-channel unit like the other CB radios. It allows for the right Channel to be switched onto and an instant switch to emergency Channel 9, which keeps you safe on the road. The NOAA weather channel can also be accessed with the push of a button for weather alerts and notifications.

Right out of the box, this radio is easy to use. An easy-to-read display makes up the unit which lets you read in any light conditions easily. For a customized fit with your preference, this display comes in 7 different colors and so the CB radio can be set up so that it matches your dashboard.

The automatic noise limiter on this CB radio for jeep mic sets it apart from its competitors. Annoying background noise is magically reduced so that conversations are crystal-clear. The quality of your broadcast is further improved by integrating the SWR meter, which facilitates fast and easy antenna matching. And that is what makes this one of the best CB radio for jeep wranglers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a 7-color digital display
  • Compatible with wireless mic
  • Enables SSB CB mode

5. Uniden PC68LTX CB Radio

Uniden PC68LTX CB Radio

The highest quality communication device for your Jeep is embodied by the Uniden PC68LTX. It is authorized by the Federal Communications Commission and can function in any of the 40 AM frequencies. The disappearance of the "high-cut" audio option from the CB radio line at Uniden has been reintroduced. The high-quality circuitry CB radios, which made Uniden famous, is brought back into this compact 40- Channel CB.

In a user-friendly package, the popular 2-way radio features are packed and styled elegantly. What's more, is that this CB radio has a bright LED channel display indicator that comes in hand in any light situation. A front panel and an easy to install microphone connector are also featured for an even higher probate design.

The enhanced channel selector and Uniden's classic controls offer reduced drift and the right channel selection. For operator convenience, an extra-long cord for the mic is included that works for even the largest jeeps. Some other cool features on this CB radio include instant access to channel 9, analog s/RF meter, a sturdy mic, and a CB/PA switch- all features that professional jeep drivers have enjoyed for years.


  • Incredibly easy to install
  • Features a sturdy mic
  • Enhanced channel selection
  • Bright LED display


  • Does not come with an SSB
  • Does not come with an antenna coax

6. Midland - MXT115 Two-Way Radio

Midland - MXT115 Two-Way Radio

If you were looking for a radio that would give you the value for your money, then you have come to the right place. Equipped with eight repeater channels and a 15 Low/High Power GMRS, this 15 Watt Micro Mobile radio is built for long ranges and increased communication.

Unwanted transmission and noise are not heard because of the many channel option under the 142 privacy codes provided by this micro mobile radio. The strongest weather channel can be locked onto after you go through the option of 10 available channels through the NOAA Weather Scan. This also features an alert sound through the NOAA weather alert, indicating severe weather conditions in your area.

Not only that, but with little to no obstructions, the full 15-Watts of power has a communication range of up to 50-miles! The mount is detachable and comes with an external magnetic mount. This, along with the Watts of power, allows for ranges beyond those of the average radio GMRS to be reached. Some other features include a microphone holder, a microphone, and mounting hardware.


  • Provides alerts and NOAA weather scans
  • Features a detachable antenna mount
  • Has 143 privacy codes
  • 12V power cord
  • Comes with a USB output
  • Open slotted mounting bracket


  • Requires a license
  • Only ten channels available

7. Uniden CMX760 Mobile CB radio

Uniden CMX760 Mobile CB radio

Designed to provide years of trouble-free service and great for off-road adventures, the Uniden CMX760 is overall an ultra-compact unit made for easy mounting. Due to its palm-sized dimensions, this compact CB is easy to install in any Jeep. Because of the noise in the background, it is recommended to use an external speaker. Authorized by the FCC, this unit can operate in CB frequencies of up to 40. Designed to use in the Citizens Band Radio Services, it features the ability for the highest quality communication to be accessed.

With a press of a button, you can quickly jump to emergency channels with this mobile CB radio. Even with repeated use, the cord on the microphone will remain stiff and strong. To amplify the received audio, connect an external loudspeaker with this radio. Some other features include a built-in speaker mic, NOAA weather with Alert, a full 4W Maximum legal RF Power, and a 2W audio output. All in all, the Uniden CMX760 was designed to give you the best features of a high-end CB radio but with a much lower price tag.


  • Can withstand harsh environments
  • Features a Local/DX RF Gain
  • Comes with an NOAA Weather Radio
  • One-touch Channel 9 19
  • Low/High voltage alerts


  • Requires an external speaker
  • It is not compatible with wireless mic
  • Does not have a public address function

8. President Electronics BILL CB Radio

President Electronics BILL CB Radio

The President Electronics Bill CB radios offer you single-sideband stability while being designed to retain all aspects that are desirable for a jeep CB. Besides the excellent clarity from the SSB, this radio also comes with high-level frequency stability, power output, and unmatched construction quality, and some other high-end features as well.

Jeep JK owners will not be disappointed to know that the display comes in selectable colors. This, needless to say, makes these CB radios in all light conditions easy to operate. So you can have customized amounts of light, this jeep CB radio comes with a dimmer control function. The Multi-functions LCD display also has a roger beep, scan, HI-CUT, NB, and ANL filter function. To amplify the received audio, you can connect this radio to your Jeep.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works well with external speakers
  • HAs a microphone electret
  • Comes with a manual squelch
  • Features a multi-function LCD display

9. Midland 1001LWX CB Radio

Midland 1001LWX CB Radio

Another CB radio for Jeep JK from Midlands is this 40-channel compact radio. Install this unit in the tightest spaces in your Jeep because of its ultra compact design. A brilliant red backlight is boasted through the LCD display. Useful data in any light conditions can be read through this super-useful feature. This jeep radio can automatically find weather channels available locally, thanks to the weather condition functions.

Not only do you get weather conditions that are up-to-date but also features on this radio to provide you with the best route alert for Jeep JK. This mobile radio also comes with clear communication that can be optimized. For noise to be eliminated, this unit features an RF Gain control that is adjustable so that conversations can be clear. For weaker signals, an automatic noise limiter is present so that the quality of sound can be enhanced even further. If you're still looking for a bang for buck CB radio, then consider getting the Midland 1001LWX.


  • Ultra-compact design
  • Sends route alerts and channel updates
  • Noise limiter
  • Does not require a license
  • Open mounted slotting bracket


  • Comes in only one color

10. President MCKINLEY USA CB Radio

President MCKINLEY USA CB Radio

Saving the best one for last, the President McKinley is one of the best CB radio for Jeep Wrangler on the market. The McKinley guarantees long-range communication while offering 40 channel operations along with LSB, USB, and AM modes. The alert feature and weather band offer up-to-date information so you too can stay safe on the road. The signal-sideband can be utilized for far away communication while also not compromising the reception of the CB radio.

Fine-tuning on CB radios has never been easier with the built-in feature of the SWR. Bad SWR and good SWR's can be identified easily through beeping tones and long solid tones, respectively. Three memory channels, channel 19 and channel 9, can be scanned, which helps comrades on the go being monitored.

The LCD makes reading easier, and it comes with customizable colors from blue, green, and amber to suit your Jeep's interior the best. Other great additions are the front-firing speaker, the ANL/NB noise reduction circuit, and an automatic squelch control which altogether do a great job in ensuring communication is of the maximum quality. The rugged design on this CB radio front is guaranteed to stand you out from the crowd.


  • No calibration required
  • Channel 9 19 can be scanned
  • Comes with a squelch control
  • CB jeeps radio performs well with a firestik


  • The power chord is short

What makes the best CB radio for a jeep wrangler?

In order to ensure that you bag a great deal, pay attention to the following factors which make up the perfect CB radio for jeeps.

Built-in meters

Built-in meters make or break a dependable CB radio for a jeep wrangler. In order to ensure functioning is smooth, one meter that should be present in your radio is an SWR that checks the radio and antenna system. Other convenient meters include transmission meters and signal strength meters.

CB Radio for Jeep Wrangler

Backlit display

The backlit LCD display is another essential feature that ensures that even in low light conditions, the radio control on your Jeep is visible. A good backlit display allows you to read useful data.

Radio size

When looking for a CB radio for a jeep wrangler, size is crucial. Because jeeps have limited space, it is best to choose a radio size that is most compact while also being heavy-duty.

CB Radio for Jeep Wrangler

Channel scan

For a citizen band radio, the standard number of allowed stations is 40 channels. In order to navigate through these channels easily, it is important to get a radio that has a built-in function for channel scan.

Other features:

Compatibility for PA

Your CB radio, through this function, can be used as a system transmitter for public address. Communication with a larger group of people can be easier through PA compatibility.

RF Gain

The type of transmission is filtered through the single strengths signals received by your radio. This feature improves the reception of signals.

CB Radio for Jeep Wrangler


To ensure high output for sounds, undesired noises are eliminated through the automatic noise limiter function.


Bluetooth connectivity means that your CB radio can connect to your smartphone, which can be a cool feature to have.

Squelch control

When there is a transmission, the radio speaker is activated through this control. Weak signals and annoying statics are therefore reduced.


1. Where can a larger CB radio on a jeep be mounted?

In order to ensure that not a lot of space is occupied, mount a larger radio on the rearview mirror inside the Jeep.

2. How far do the best CB radios for jeep wranglers transmit?

Approximately, a radio can transmit up to 2-5 miles. Transmission can be done even further if the unit comes with an SSB mode built-in. If an SSB mode is present, then the distance can go for more than 15 miles.

3. Where can I fit these units in a Jeep Wrangler?

A jeep CB radio can be mounted on the platform, on the rearview mirror, at the backside of the car, gloves, on the dashboard, and so on. The size of the unit and the ease of access basically decide the best place for mounting a radio.

4. How can a CB antenna be ground on a Jeep?

For optimal performance, grounding the CB antenna is crucial. To ground your antenna, connect the ground wire on a metal chassis inside your Jeep.

Final Verdict

It’s a tough call looking at the features that the above CB radios possess and deciding on which ones the best overall. Although, it becomes much easier when we look at the ones which offer the best value for your money. An invaluable investment for your Jeep comes in the form of a CB radio. The CB radio lets you know what's happening around you inside the comfort of your driver's seat.

A CB radio provides peace of mind, and if you have been considering getting one for a long time, then you definitely should. Take your time when looking for the best radio for jeep wranglers. Make sure you get a radio that is rugged, so it withstands off-roading adventure. Getting the perfect radio on the market should now be a breeze because of all the top-rated units that have been highlighted in this article.

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