The Best CB Antenna for Jeep Wrangler in 2022 – Reviews

It is important to think about accessories, especially when you’re in the world of Jeep Wranglers. Among fans of off-road driving, the CB antenna is one of the most popular purchases, statistically. Unless you’ve also got a good antenna for your radio, the CB radio won’t do you any good. An antenna is not just a piece of metal found in the garage, as many believe and that is why you need to be on the lookout for the best CB antenna for jeep wrangler.

Even though antennas are common on the market today, there are not many that are easy to install, heavy-duty, have quality performance, can detect channels in your location, or are supported by your CB radio and microphone. In truth, there are a lot of requirements that the best CB antenna for a jeep wrangler needs to meet to be considered effective.

We have reviewed and tested pretty much all CB antennas on the market and are bringing you the top 10 CB antennas for jeep wrangler. Once the radio gets working after installing these CB antennas, you will be amazed by the difference in reach and quality.

1. Rydonair Antenna

Rydonair Antenna

Trying to decide which antenna on the market will be the best for your Jeep can be overwhelming to decide. Luckily the Rydonair Antenna model will make your decision easier. This antenna springs back into shape when bent because of its flexible shape memory. It is built to sustain harsh weather conditions because it is made up of premium rubber.

You will no longer need your 30-inch-long metal antenna as this one provides a length of a low profile of 13 inches that give any Jeep Wrangler a stylish look. Even at high speeds, the product does not cause a whistle and retains 95% of its reception quality in country and city applications, unlike its other competitors.

It is also worth noting that Rynodair has introduced a carbon fiber wrap which is guaranteed to go perfectly with your Jeep Wranglers interior. Within seconds, the antenna can be screwed onto the antenna mount and compared with other normal structured short antennas; this one is closer in reception to the OEM antenna.

You even have the option to get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the performance!


  • Picks up channel stations
  • in any location
  • Easy to install
  • Overall, a rugged look
  • Designed for optimized
  • FM/AM reception


  • Currently unavailable

2. AntennaX Off-Road for Jeep Wrangler

AntennaX Off-Road for Jeep Wrangler

This marvelous product from AntennaX has all off-road antenna owners rejoicing because it is one of the best CB antenna for jeep wrangler on the market right now. Fitting into the 2008 Jeep Wrangler up to the 2020 model is just one of this model's many sensational things. The flexible choice for rubber stands this range out from the other traditional metal shafts.

Signals are not lost because the reception on this model is up to par. A recent review indicates that the lightweight quality of this antenna improves reception tenfold after continuous use. The antenna will withstand harsh usage because of its hard rubber technology, which will not bend the stable construction on this antenna for CB radio even while driving at high speeds.

To a greater extent, even though Sirium XB, GPS navigation, Bluetooth and On-Star use different antennas, they will not be affected. After installing this model, you can park your Jeep Wrangler on a mountain or a parking garage and experience what having one of the best CB antenna for jeep wrangler is like.


  • Made with hard rubber technology
  • Great for on-road and off-roading
  • Improves the stock raw metal because it is matte black
  • Strong signal range


  • Looks best against white or black Jeep CB radio

3. 5.7" Black Antenna in Heavy Gauge Billet Aluminum Replacement

5.7" Black Antenna in Heavy Gauge Billet Aluminum Replacement

If you're looking for an antenna that can handle fire, wind, earth and water, then you've come to the right place. This one by MFC won’t break even while driving through dense forest and is therefore tough as nails.

This antenna amplifies the receiving and transmitting capabilities of a CB radio. The smooth black finish is anodized to be durable and is machined with billet aluminum. For installation, no tools are required, and you can unscrew the previous mount and screw on this one. However, signals on mountains are slightly disrupted because of this models reduced height.

If you want to set your Jeep apart from the rest, you may want to consider this one with its stylish and durable unique design.


  • No cables involve, and mounting is easier
  • Vision is not obstructed even with the heavy billet aluminum.
  • Improves reception of AM/FM signals


  • Bad reception based on location
  • Only comes in black

4. JeCar Universal Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

JeCar Universal Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

To correctly replace the rigid and tall factory antenna, JeCar has designed the Universal Antenna specifically for that purpose. To prevent hitting objects like trees on the trail, a lower height is attributed to the antenna.

The flexible and durable design allows this jeep CB antenna to return to its original form and bend without snapping. If that aspect on its own does not secure the top 10 spot for the best CB antenna for jeep wrangler, then we don't know what will.

Weather and scratch-resistant black rubber is coated on the antenna, which provides FM/AM reception. The signal strength is long enough to give a boost and yet short enough so that trees do not impact it. All in all, without blocking your view, JeCar for CB radio provides an optimized FM/AM reception.

For quick installation, the antenna features a threaded adapter. To screw in the new antenna, all that jeep owners must do is unscrew the old antenna from the mount and then directly replace it without the need for jeep modification, welding, or drilling. Now, with the JeCar antenna, you can continue listening to your favorite radio channels anywhere and anytime.


  • Lifetime warranty with every purchase
  • Made from durable material
  • Works well with CB radios
  • Installation can be done with bare hands
  • Coasting is weather and scratch-resistant.
  • Optimized reception even on mountains
  • Simple installation, no cable involved


  • Does not come with instructions

5. Rugged Ridge 17212.11 Antenna

Rugged Ridge 17212.11 Antenna

The next time you're looking for a Jeep antenna, make sure you keep your eye out for the 17212.11 Antenna from Rugged Ridge. Jeep owners believe that this model and its contemporary construction is a great buy, and we know exactly why. The 15-inch antenna length on this model is compatible with Bluetooth devices and with GPS and U-connect.

Similar to the standard OE, in terms of equal reception, when the Rugged Ridge antenna is running, and up, you will not have to worry about signal loss on your radio. The antenna barely weighs anything at less than 2 ounces. Which is why as far as the best CB antenna for jeep wrangler goes, this model is one of the most lightweight ones on the list.

To properly install and replace the traditional antenna, the guidelines ask you to use the screw and adaptor as needed when twisting on the new antenna. In addition, the brand offers a 5-year limited warranty and promises to fix any problems that may arise.

If you want to get serious about your drive finally, then you might want to consider this practical antenna solution for any wrangler TJ.


  • Resilient antenna mount and flexible in construction
  • Works well with a CB radios
  • Antenna length comes in 6, 13, 15 and 22 inches
  • Goes well with Cobra CB radio, Wilson CB radio, and Uniden pro520xl CB radio
  • Strong receptions on radio


  • May be noisy

6. E-cowlboy Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

E-cowlboy Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

Designed for jeeps that support the Rubicon Sahara 2008 to 2021 model, the E-cowlboy antenna is great because not only is it 13 inches long, but it will replace your old-school stainless steel metal shaft antenna. Mount the E-cowlboy all-Terrain model within seconds by just screwing it onto the existing antenna mount.

This model features superior quality in all aspects. The outer construction is matte black and made with advanced rubber. Not only is it durable and flexible, but it is also fade and break resistance. The special rubber on this model allows for the antenna to be sprung back into place after bending. Without blocking your view, this low profile, stylish 13-inch antenna has just the right if not better reception than other jeep CB antennas on the market.

Jeep owners will be pleased to know that any unsatisfactory experiences with this feature model can be changed and fully refunded within 30 days. Furthermore, the brand offers an 18 month and premium support warranty!


  • Best for jeep wrangler JLU JL JKU
  • Installation is easy
  • Low Profile stylish look with a 13-inch antenna
  • 18 months warranty


  • Cannot install into JK models

7. DROGO Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

DROGO Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

Most people can’t enjoy their ride because of a 16-inch antenna coming out of their rear, roofline, or bumper posts from their Jeep body. This is where Dragos famous 2.5-inch Antenna for Jeep Wrangler comes in. Adopted from Germany's fully automatic production line, the Drago Antenna for Jeep wrangler ensures that all Jeep models will be accurately compatible with any and every antenna on the market.

Made from tough material and an authentic aluminum fighter jet, this product is unsurpassed in its durability, corrosion resistance, and impact protection. However, a downfall of the aluminum body is that fireStik ii, firestik fs and 4 firestik won’t work since there won't be ground clearance. Besides that the reception can be optimized, and the crisp lines of resolution can be tested.

This version is made with premium raw material for improved signal quality and enhanced signal reception on any jeep system.

Suppose you do not love the product. In that case, Drogo allows you to take a couple of months for testing before sending it back in and getting a full refund, but for installation and mounting, make sure to review the booklet that the antenna comes in. This model is also a great choice for those who use different audio entertainment forms instead of relying on their CB radio.


  • Comes in a range of sizes
  • Works on all jeep models from 2007 to 2021
  • Tunable tip for better reception
  • Easy to install, no welding or drilling needed
  • Mounts accurately on cars
  • Works well with a CB radio
  • Comes with a different assortment of screw sizes
  • Perfect for a stainless steel tail light antenna mount. 


  • For international shipments, the warranty may not be valid
  • Even though it is a stylish upgrade, you may have to compromise reduced reception.
  • Does not work well paired with firestik
  • Not adequate for rural areas

8. ONE250Bullet Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

ONE250Bullet Antenna for Jeep Wrangler

Among jeep CB radio owners, there are tons of available accessories on the market, but the popularity of the bullet antenna continues to take jeep owners by storm. The one250bullet rugged antenna style has been around for years not only because it is cool to look at but also because of its quality reception.

This Bullet style antenna will pair well with your CB radio channel and microphone and fits like a glove on the side of your Jeep wrangler. Mounting has never been easier because the installation does not require drilling, cutting or other modifications, and so the bullet can be screwed on and perform well for your CB radio.

It features a basic black exterior and is made with durable and tough high-quality billet aluminum, which will surely stand the test of time. Also, this particular bullet features a thread locking design that is heavy duty and makes for great anti-theft technology. It’s low profile, and tree branches will not phase the antenna mounts if you decide to take the bullet on an adventure.

Although bullet antennas are cool to look at, they must also be long enough to offer better if not the same reception you need for a CB radio channel. Unfortunately, even though this model is a stylish upgrade, you may have to compromise reception signals, especially in rural areas. However, with a bold black design and a miniature logo on the bottom, this is a solid bullet antenna for all your needs, especially if you like the look and want to stand out.


  • It can be installed with bare hands, no need for drilling or welding
  • Crews on top of current antenna mount
  • Goes well with Cobra CB radios, Wilson CB radios, and Uniden pro520xl CB radios
  • Heavy-duty and durable-anti-theft


  • Some users have faced limited reception in the performance of their microphone
  • It may be difficult to remove

9. AntennaMastsRus for Jeep Wrangler

AntennaMastsRus for Jeep Wrangler

Next up, we've got another CB antenna for your CB radio. This time, it comes from manufacturer AntennaMastsRus. If you want an antenna that comes in a custom color and size, then this CB radio antenna is perfect for mounting around your tail light, bumper post, rear or roof line. Apart from customization, you can also mount this onto any Jeep Wrangler model from 1985 to 2006.

Car washes are often considered graveyards for antennas because of how easily they can snap away. AntennaMastsRus' new designed system considers this feature and have since come out with a 6 ¾-inch redesigned CB antenna. Not only does it guarantee a new level of strength, but it also goes well with Cobra CB radios, Wilson CB radios and Uniden pro520xl CB radios.

It is made in Wisconsin with a 304 stainless steel threading and an internal loading coil of copper cable considering construction. It also features a flexible rubber that is formulated specifically for the mounting of an antenna.

While most competitors construct their short CB antenna with steel or aluminum, AntennaMastsRus' uses a highly conductive copper coil. This allows for better channel and microphone performance on a CB radio.

This model, linking to, should not be confused with other duplicates on the market. It takes mere minutes to install this model unless you’re counting the ones taken to admire the improved look of your jeep CB antenna.


  • A more conductive loading coil for your fiberglass jeep
  • Improves sound system
  • Comes with a tunable tip mount
  • Works well with a jeep CB radio by Uniden, Wilson, or Cobra
  • Mounts well on Jeep wranglers


  • Currently unavailable
  • Only comes in black

10. AntennaX Super Shorty (1.5 inches) For Jeep Wrangler

AntennaX Super Shorty (1.5 inches) For Jeep Wrangler

Finally, we have one last option for you. This is another one by Antenna X, and with its sleek and 1.5-inch black exterior, it can give any jeep an exclusive feel. If you were looking for a feature on an antenna that was more stylish, shorter and one that mounts better on your Jeep, then this model may be the one for you. Depending on your location, weak stations may be reduced, and strong stations will be fine.

As Sirus XM Radio, GPS Navigation Bluetooth and On-Star use separate antennas, and they will not be affected by the SuperShorty. Like many other options, this one screws right off and on existing antenna mounts. Although this is a plus for most, you may experience theft issues. However, this is one of the better choices when you’re not looking for a heavy-duty fiberglass CB antenna.


  • Makes mounting easy as screws right off and on existing antenna mounts
  • Better reception on channels on CB radio
  • Stylish yet functional


  • Currently unavailable

Things to Check before buying

For the best CB antenna for jeep wrangler, here are some features that you may want to consider:

Reception or Style

Getting reception on your favorite channel is important, but sometimes a feature you may want in an antenna is purely for style. Before making your purchase, make sure you fully understand which group you fall under.

CB antenna for jeep wrangler


An elastic and flexible antenna for jeeps is one that does not break when bent. Flexibility ensures that antennas, when secured on a mount won't fall off or break.


Cheap antennas require frequency replacement- which is why considering the quality is important. The best antennas for jeeps are made with copper, aluminum, and fiberglass.

CB antenna for jeep wrangler


The size of an antenna for jeeps matter. A bigger antenna is needed for higher wavelengths. However, even though a higher range may be associated with a longer antenna, it is also crucial that the frequency of that antenna matches with your CB radio.

CB antenna for jeep wrangler


When making your purchase make sure all your needs are being met while keeping your budget. Establishing your budget before looking for an antenna is important. When online shopping, some companies on this list offer no shipping charges.


1. Is the length of the coax cable important?

For high-performance top-loaded antennas, the coax cable is very important. Some Jeeps require less than 3 foot of coax while others may need more than 20. The safest bet is to get one that is at least 18 feet long.

2. Should a high SWR meter concern me?

Serious damage can be caused to your transmitter through a high SWR. Don't take the chance even if you use a microphone for short periods. It is safe to say that the time spent tuning an antenna is time spent well.

3. How do I use mounting material for the antennas?

If the mounts do not already come with the kit, make sure you get mounting material that already matches the antenna. An antenna can be pivoted bilaterally when combined with a mounting bracket.

4. What kind of antenna is best for jeep CB radio installations?

Unlike center-load antennas, which break easily, a fiberglass one is the best option. This is because a fiberglass antenna can withstand off-road use.

5. Where can I mount my antenna?

One of the most popular places to mount an antenna is the spare tire carrier on the Jeep. On new JK models, it is important to first establish a ground plane on the Jeep. Your CB antenna, without good ground, will simply not work. To make sure there is solid ground, use a multimeter. Other than that, you can also mount an antenna on your jeep tail light or bumper.

Final Verdict

Before settling on the right antenna, make sure you do your research and are patient. There is nothing worse than buying an antenna that is not the right one for you at the end of the day. This is why to make your life easier, we brought you this cheat sheet. Remember, the best CB antenna for jeep wrangler is one that can tackle the rigors on the road and off-road.

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