Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep Jk/JL – Reviews For 2022

If you like to explore places and prefer off-road driving in your jeep wrangler, you must have come across various problems, such as not decreasing the air pressure in the wheels. If you cannot do so, it will result in less traction and breaking of the bead seal that can deflate the tire mid-driving.

To avoid these problems, Jeep Wrangler Beadlock wheels were introduced. The wheels work by adequately sealing the tire bead to the wheel by placing it between an outer ring and an inner ring. This ensures that the tire doesn't deflate even with low pressure.

Read further to know about the various best Beadlock wheels for Jeep JK and JL available in the market.

Best Beadlock Wheels For Jeep JK/JL

Your Jeep needs the best set of Beadlock wheels to ensure your safety off-road. While driving your Jeep on terrains paths, you decrease the air pressure in your tires. When using regular wheels, your tires from slipping out of their bead. This is where Beadlock wheels come into play. They ensure that your tires stay in place even at low pressures.

Below are the best Beadlock wheels for Jeep JK/JL that we highly recommend.

1. Method Race Wheels 305 NV

Method Race Wheels 305 NV

Method Race Wheels manufactures off-road and racing wheels since 2009. The 305 NV black matte Beadlock wheel is highly recommended. These wheels are made of A356 aluminum. It is constructed with T6 heat treatment.

The 305 NV has the iconic 12 window design. It has an amazingly debossed Method logo all over its rims. Its authentic Beadlock features are simulated by the undercut of the Street-Loc V.1 lip. At 31.23 pounds, this wheel has changeable MRW gold zinc lip bolts with color options available. A strong Beadlock wheel with a load-bearing capacity of 4500 pounds.

The 305 NV comes in several sizes, including 16-inch, 17-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch options. The wheel diameter of 16-inch, it is a perfect fit for the Jeep JK/JL. At 8 inch wide, the Method Race Wheels 305 NV comes with a lifetime warranty. It is a 6-holed bolt pattern with a rim width of 8.5-inches. A high-performance Beadlock wheel with a global rating of 4.9/5 on Amazon.


  • Strong and load-bearing wheels
  • Excellent and solid off-road wheel set up
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Replaceable colored bolts to make your truck look awesome 


  • Water settles in the gap of the rim
  • Availability issues if you are not quick to grab yours

2. RockTrix RT109

RockTrix RT109

The RockTrix RT109 is an alloy material Beadlock wheel. It is of -12mm offset size with a 9-inch rim width. Highly compatible with Jeep JK and JL, these wheels are solid and sturdy. They require conical seat lug nuts to be installed correctly and safely.

The RockTrix wheels are 17 * 9 in size and have 2 inches of clearance depending on your Jeep's OEM wheels. With an aggressive offset, these wheels are rigid and have a long life. You will not need any extra spacers with these Beadlock wheels.

With a beautiful matte finish, the RT109 has a durable clear coating to tolerate all terrains. It endures all sorts of weather conditions and is highly safe. These 28 pounds Beadlock wheels have a 5*5 bolt pattern and an amazingly designed twin spoke. It has a simulated Beadlock for your tires to sustain all terrains. These do jut out of your Jeep's fender. So, depending on your state laws, you need to get your fender extended.

The RockTrix RT109 has a global rating of 4.8/5 on Amazon.


  • Aesthetically pleasing Beadlock for your Jeep JK/JL
  • Replaceable bolts
  • Sturdy and rigid and has a long life
  • Affordable


  • Extends the Jeep's fender
  • Need specific conical seat lug nuts

3. Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel

Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel

The Series 31 Wheel from Pro Comp Alloys is made of alloy steel. It has a 5-inch bolt pattern and is 26 pounds in weight. With a 16*8 rim, the Series 31 wheel will fit your Jeep JK/JL perfectly.

A 1-piece cast construction, the wheel has a flat black exterior finish. It is an aesthetically appealing and sturdy wheel for all terrains and weather conditions. These wheels have a massive break clearance and are durable.

These wheels have an excellent counter pressure system to provide strength and value for money. They meet the exacting demands of sports utility vehicles of today. Californian residents should note that the Series 31 wheels from Pro Comp Alloys come with a cancer warning. So, use your discretion when buying these state-of-the-art wheels.

The Beadlock wheel and the LRG rim come with a limited warranty that covers only manufacturing defects. With a 2-year warranty, these wheels have a replaceable center cap and are lightweight. The Series 31 Pro Comp Alloy Wheels have a global rating of 4.9/5 on Amazon.


  • Lightweight alloy wheel
  • Durable black coated wheel with significant offset
  • Includes replaceable center caps
  • Aesthetically pleasing and survive all terrains


  • Cancer warning
  • A limited 2-year warranty
  • Balancing strips tend to fall off due to the texture 

4. Pro Comp Alloys Series 34 Rockwell Wheel

Pro Comp Alloys Series 34 Rockwell Wheel

Pro Comp Alloys Series 34 Rockwell Wheel is a lightweight wheel at 22 pounds. It has a 5-inch bolt pattern and is an 18-inch rim. The wheel has a 9-inch rim width and a backspace of 5 inches.

These wheels are made of 1-piece cast construction in aluminum. With a black satin finish, these wheels are shiny, durable, and aesthetic. Designed using excellent counter pressure systems, these wheels have great brake clearance. Note that these wheels do not come with lug nuts. You need to ensure that you buy the right ones that fit your Beadlock wheel.

Since 2013, these Beadlock wheels have great style and strength to sustain all terrains and weather conditions. They have a limited warranty and are suitable for the Jeep JK/JL. These wheels have the iconic 12 window design and look sturdy. These wheels are made with 0 offsets to fit your tire perfectly.

The Series 34 Rockwell Wheel has a load-bearing of 2200 pounds and is globally rated at 4.9/5 on Amazon.


  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Max load of 2200 pounds
  • Satin finish black shiny wheels
  • 0 offset
  • Affordable wheels 


  • Lug nuts not included
  • Cancer warning
  • Limited warranty of 2-years for only manufacturer defects

5. Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 (18*9)

Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 (18*9)

The Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 also comes in 18-inch diameter with 9-inch rim width. This is also compatible with the Jeep JK/JL. It has a 5 * 5-inch bolt hole size with 0 offsets. Made of alloy steel, this is a 32-pounds lightweight Beadlock wheel. It is of flat black coating that makes the wheel durable and robust.

The wheel made with 5-inch backspacing is a 1-piece cast in construction. The wheels come with replaceable center caps and have tremendous counter pressure. Some reviews show that these wheels rub the tire on reversing through bumps. Otherwise, these tires are incredibly sturdy and have an aesthetic finish that works amazingly on all terrains and weather conditions.

These wheels are resilient, sporty, and stylish. They are a robust construction with a remarkable split 8-spoke design that makes the wheels pleasing to look at and allows you to be free and safe. The wheels are suitable for off-road, pavements, and all terrains.

The Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 (18*9) have a global rating of 4.7/5 on Amazon.


  • Resilient and durable wheels
  • 0 offset with massive brake clearance
  • Stylish with replaceable center caps
  • Lightweight Beadlock wheels for your Jeep JK/JL 


  • Cancer Warning
  • Limited warranty of only two years for manufacturing defects
  • Rub tires on reversing on bumps 

6. Ion Alloy 174

Ion Alloy 174

Available since 2011, the Ion Alloy 174 is made of aluminum and is of 17-inch diameter. It is 9-inch in rim width and has a backspacing of 5-inches. These wheels are designed with precision to guarantee you a safe journey off-road and on all terrains.

With a black exterior finish, these wheels are long-lasting and robust. The 1-piece construction wheel has a 0 offset and will fit your Jeep JK/JL perfectly without spacers. These wheels are simulated Beadlock wheels and will push your tires out by 2 inches. This is a seven-window design and is crafted with the latest technologies.

A simulated Beadlock wheel that will traverse through all terrains and has the highest quality possible. It has a 2500 pounds load rating. It has a beautiful mirror finish that makes it aesthetically pleasing. A fantastic quality wheel with the Ion Alloy embossed onto the wheel's lip, putting benchmark to the standard of the wheels. These have a global rating of 4.7/5 on Amazon.


  • Aesthetically pleasing and stylish rims
  • Traverse through all terrains and weather conditions
  • Support at least 3300 pounds load per rim
  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • Affordable and classy wheels 


  • A limited 1-year warranty for manufacture defects only
  • Your Jeep JK/JL will need spacers to fit this rim perfectly
  • Simulated Beadlock wheel 

7. Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel (17*9)

Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel

Ideal for your Jeep JK/JL, the Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 (17*9) is made of Graphite and has a flat black exterior coating. These wheels are sturdy and made for all terrains and weather conditions. It has a 5-inch bolt pattern and 4.75-inch backspacing on the wheels.

At 31 pounds, these wheels are heavier compared to others and are incredibly durable. Constructed in a 1-piece cast, these are simulated Beadlock rims. These wheels have an offset of 6.35 mm and massive clearance on the breaks. The wheel has an open-spoke pattern that does not compromise the strength. It has a design of 8 windows and looks aesthetically appealing.

 The Pro Comp Alloys Series 31 Wheel (17*9) has excellent resilience and a limited warranty period. They are created with low-pressure casting to ensure maximum safety and utility. The wheels make your jeep spring up to life and look aggressive and unique. These wheels have a global rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon.


  • Graphite wheels that make it heavy duty and sturdy
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable and all-terrain friendly
  • It fits your Jeep JK/JL perfectly
  • Replaceable central cap


  • Limited warranty of 2 years only
  • Cannot use TPM sensors on these wheels
  • Scratches easily
  • You need to buy your lug nuts 

7. Pro Comp Alloys PXA7005-7873 Series 05

Pro Comp Alloys PXA7005-7873 Series 05

The Pro Comp Alloys Series 05, part number PXA 7007-7873, features a black finish exterior. It is made of Graphite and has a rim diameter of 17 inches. The rim width is 8 inches and has an eight spokes design. This simulated Beadlock wheel has the lugs visible on its exterior.

A sturdy and highly durable wheel, it weighs 25 pounds. This is one of the few Pro Comp alloy models to have a lifetime structural warranty. With a backspacing of 4.75-inches, these wheels have a 5-inch bolt pattern. It is constructed in a 1-piece aluminum cast and has a painted exterior. They fit nicely on the Jeep JK/JL without rubbing and spacers.

These wheels make your Jeep look ruggedly handsome, aggressive, and unique. They give your tires the lift it needs to traverse all terrains and weather conditions. With a global rating of 4.4/5 on Amazon, these wheels are sturdy simulated Beadlock wheels. They will prove to make your ride safe and smooth off-road too.


  • Durable and sturdy wheels
  • Aggressive and all-terrain friendly
  • Will fit your Jeep JK/JL perfectly
  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Made of Graphite and is resilient
  • Does not rub your tires and lifts them appropriately 


  • Lug nuts do not come with the wheel
  • Cancer warning
  • Little tough to clean the nooks and crannies
  • Plastic center caps that break easily 

9. Fuel Hostage Matte Black (17*9/5) 

Fuel Hostage Matte Black

The Fuel Hostage, Matte Black tires have a painted exterior and are a 1-piece aluminum alloy construction. This wheel's notable feature is that it comes with a TPMS feature. TPMS is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. You can install this feature on your Fuel Hostage wheels to ensure maximum safety.

With a 17-inch diameter and a 9-inch width, this wheel has 5-inch five bolt holes. Fuel Hostage has a backspace of 4.5 inches. These are all-terrain wheels and will make your vehicle look luxurious and aesthetic. The wheels have an eight spokes design and have visible lugs that add character to your Jeep. Note that wheels above 9 inches and bigger tires will require lifting kits or leveling kits.

Lugs and hub rims aren't provided with Fuel Hostage wheels. These are simulated Beadlock wheels that will lift your tires and prevent rubbing. They come with a free nitrogen fill and a plausible spare fifth wheel. It has a global rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon.


  • Special TPMS feature
  • Money-Back Guarantee minus the restocking fees
  • Free nitrogen fill and plausible fifth wheel
  • Luxurious and aesthetic look 


  • Lug nuts and hub caps not included
  • Availability issues 

10. Dirty Life Roadkill Race (9302)

Dirty Life Roadkill Race

Dirty Life Roadkill Race 9302 series is a Machined Beadlock wheel. This wheel is one of the best choices for your Jeep JK/JL tires. It has a 17-inch diameter and a 9-inch width. Weighing 40 pounds, it is a heavy-duty aluminum wheel. The wheel backspacing is 4.45 inches and is optimum to lift your tires.

The construction of the Dirty Life Roadkill Race 9302 Series is a one-piece cast and has a load index rating of 3400. It has a ten-spoke design in v-shaped windows. With a bolt pattern of 5 inches, this wheel is sturdy, durable, and functional. A proper Beadlock wheel with eight hex mounting beads to alleviate the design.

The wheel has a global rating of 5/5 on Amazon and is an exceptionally designed wheel for your Jeep.


  • Sturdy and strong wheel
  • Actual Beadlock wheels with machined Beadlock exteriors
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy wheel
  • Hex Head Mounting Bolts and Beadlock ring come with the box
  • Fit the Jeep JK/JL perfectly
  • DOT-approved wheels 


  • Need the expertise of a mechanic to install these wheels
  • No cap or lug nuts provided 

Things To Check Before Getting One

Selecting the best jeep wrangler Beadlock wheels for your Jeep after going through some of the Beadlock wheels mentioned above can be complicated and confusing.

Therefore, to help you choose the best Beadlock wheels for your jeep wrangler, we have created a list of specific points and that you should keep in the back of your mind while buying any Beadlock wheel.


While selecting any Beadlock wheel, you should be able to identify the type of wheel that would suit your Jeep wrangler the best. The following are three types of Beadlock wheels available in the market for you to choose from.

Beadlock Wheels For Jeep

Standard or Outer Clamp-on

Are you looking for a wheel that can be installed with ease? Then a Standard or Outer Clamp-on wheel is the one for you. It's the most common type of Beadlock wheel available in the market as it makes use of an additional outer ring to lock the tire along with the inner rim.

However, the only drawback about this wheel is that it requires a lot of maintenance as you would need to keep a regular check on the bolts and their torque.

Double Inner Beadlock

It's one of the best Beadlock wheels if you're interested in off-roading your jeep wrangler. The Double Inner Beadlock is made up of two rings, inner and outer, respectively. Additionally, rubber is inserted between the two rings to provide support. The rubber ensures that both of the rings stay in place.

However, you might face difficulties while assembling it and installing it in your jeep wrangler as they tend to be quite heavy in terms of weight.

Single Inner Clamp

This type of Beadlock wheel is not used frequently but is very effective in its way of working. The Single Inner Clamp makes use of inner plates to lock the beads with the rim. It also makes use of cotter pins to ensure that the bolts stay in place.

Even though this type of Beadlock wheel requires minimal maintenance, its installation takes a long time and can be done by professionals only.

Weight And Durability

Jeep Wrangler is a heavy vehicle that has the potential to carry a lot of weight as well. Therefore, it's suggested that you should get a Beadlock wheel that is light and at the same time durable enough to carry the load of your Jeep Wrangler.

Beadlock Wheels For Jeep

Moreover, there are more chances of you facing difficulties while changing a heavy tire, as compared to that of a tire that is lightweight and easy to carry.

Legal Issues

The most crucial aspect of buying Beadlock wheels is the legal issues surrounding them. In most states, Beadlock wheels of any type are not permitted because they are not approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

In addition to it, many states don't allow wheels that use multiple pieces for construction and are not approved by DOT in any way. So, before buying Beadlock wheels, you should always check their legal status in your state.

Technology Used

There are different types of technologies used in Beadlock wheels, like that of Low Cast Pressure Technology. Always check which technology is being used in the deadlock wheel as it would determine if the deadlock would be able to prevent your tire from deflating in low pressure or not.

Beadlock Wheels For Jeep

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are some FAQs about the Jeep JK Beadlock wheels and their compatibility with other models.

1. Our Jeep JK And JL Wheels Compatible?

Yes, JK and JL wheels, tires, and nuts are compatible with each other.

2. Why Are Beadlock Wheels Illegal?

Beadlock Wheels are not strictly illegal, but they aren't legal either. They are not permitted in various states because certified by the Department of Transportation (DOT), United States, because of their unsafe construction.

The unsafe construction means that there are chances of two or more deadlocks breaking together simultaneously, resulting in the whole Beadlock ring coming off the wheel. This is also known as blow-out and could result in severe accidents.

3. Do Beadlock Wheels Need Special Tires?

This depends on the tire that you are using. The majority of tires can be adjusted along with the Beadlock wheels with ease. However, before buying and placing beadlocks, you should ask your mechanic or any other experienced person about it.

4. Will JL Fender Flares Fit On A JK?

No, JL fender flares will not fit on a JK because JL's front is much longer than JK’s. If you want to fit the flare, you'll need to modify it.

5. Can I Put 33 On Stock Jeep JL?

Yes, you can easily fit a tire of size 33 inches on your Jeep JL. However, you would need to take extra care of the tire's width as it depends on the wheel's width.

Final Verdict

The Jeep Wrangler Beadlock Wheels have become a popular choice amongst people who like to off-road because of the rugged yet aesthetic look. To help you choose the best Beadlock wheel, we researched extensively and created a list for you.

Prioritize checking its legal status in your state and if the Beadlock wheel would be compatible with your Jeep Wrangler's tires or not, before buying it.

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